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1835, O. 1. Considerations on the Measures carrying on with respect to the British Colonies in North America. Philadelphia, 1774.

1835, O. 2. A Letter from Freeman of South Carolina to the Congress at Philadelphia. Charleston, 1774.

1835, O. 3. Friendly Address to all reasonable Americans, against opposing the King's Troops, &c. New York, 1774.

1835, O. 4. Strictures on the Address to all reasonable Americans, &c. against opposing the King's Troops, &c. Philadelphia, 1774.

1835, O. 6. Lettre addressée aux Habitans de la Province de Quebec, cidevant le Canada. De la part du Congrés Général de l'Amerique, tenu a Philadelphie, Oct. 26, 1774. Philadelphia, 1774.

1835, O. 8. Great Britain's Right to tax her Colonies, placed in the clearest light, by a Swiss. Philadelphia.

1835, O. 9. Candid Examination of the Mutual Claims of Great Britain and the Colonies: with a Plan of Accommodation, &c. New York, 1775.

1835, O. 10. Sentiments of a Foreigner on the Disputes of Great Britain with America, &c. Philadelphia, 1775.

1835, O. 12. Address of the People of Great Britain to the Inhabitants of America. London, 1775.

914, Q. 2. Common Sense: in Nine Conferences, between a British and an American Merchant in their private capacities as friends, &c. London, 1775.

1807, O. 4. Letter to Dr. Johnson on his late Political Publications, with an Appendix, &c. London, 1775.

1836, O. 9. An answer to the Declaration of the American Congress. London, 1776.

1845, D. 2. Rights of Great Britain asserted against the Claims of America, &c. London, 1776.

1845, D. 3. Civil Prudence recommended to the Thirteen United Colonies, &c. Norwich, 1776.

1845, D. 4. Reflections of a few friends of the Country upon several Circumstantial Points, and on a Looking Glass for the Americans. Philadelphia, 1776.

1836, O. 4. Observations on the Reconciliation of Great Britain and the Colonies, &c. By a Friend of American Liberty, Philadelphia, 1776.

1836, O. 6. Plain Truth, &c. in Answer to ditto, by Candidus. Philadelphia, 1776.

1836, O. 7. The True Interest of America stated, in some Strictures on a pamphlet entitled Common Sense. By an American. Philadelphia, 1776.

1901, O. 9. An Affectionate Address to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies in America. Philadelphia, 1776.

1836, O. 3. The Plea of the Colonies on the Charges brought against them by Lord Mansfield and others, &c. By a Native of Pennsylvania. Plate, &c. Philadelphia, 1777.

2043, O. A collection of interesting authentic papers relating to the dispute between Great Britain and America. London, 1777.

1837, O. 8. Considerations on the Mode and Terms of a Treaty of Peace with America. Philadelphia, 1779.

1837, O. 9. Anticipation. Containing the Substance of his Majesty's Most Gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament. With the Debates, &c. and Notes. Philadelphia, 1779.

1837, O. 12. The Crisis extraordinary. Philadelphia, 1780.


1845, D. 6. Strictures on the Philadelphia Mischianza; or Triumph upon leaving America unconquered, &c. Philadelphia, 1780.

A Letter from Cicero to the Right Hon. Viscount Howe. Lon

2034, O. 2. don, 1781. 2034, O. 1. Free Thoughts on the continuance of the American War and the necessity of its termination. London, 1781. 721, O. 1.

A collection of State Papers, relative to the acknowledgment of

the sovereignty of the United States of America, by the States-general of the United Netherlands. Hague, 1782. L.

1839, O. 5. Circular Letter addressed to the State Societies of the Cincinnati, &c. Philadelphia, 1784.

Essay on fixing the Seat of the Federal Government. Phila

1827, O. 12.

delphia, 1789.

1825, O. 3. The Politicks and Views of a certain Party displayed. New York, 1792.

1817, O. 8. 2228, O. 5. 1812, O. 1. the Insurgents, 1817, O. 4. South Carolina.

The Political Register. Part II. vol. I. Philadelphia, 1794.
Marcellus on the State of Parties. Richmond, 1794.

Proceedings of the Executive of the United States, respecting
1794. Philadelphia, 1795.

French Minister's Letter, and Proceedings of the Legislature of
Philadelphia, 1794.

1852, O. 7. Chemin's Morality of the Sans-Culottes. Philadelphia, 1794. 1273 & 1813, O. 10. The American Remembrancer; or, an impartial Collection of Essays, Resolves, Speeches, &c. relative, or having affinity to the Treaty with Great Britain. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1795.

1812, O. 3. Official Notes of the French Minister and the Secretary of State, &c. Philadelphia, 1796.

1812, O. 4. British Honour and Humanity, &c.

Philadelphia, 1796.

1812, O. 8. Letter to General Washington, &c. By Jasper Dwight. Philadelphia, 1796.

2208, O. 6. A Brief Consideration of the important Services and distinguished Virtues and Talents which recommend Mr. Adams for the Presidency. Boston, 1796.

2531, O. Remarks, occasioned by the late Conduct of Mr. Washington, as President of the United States, 1796. Philadelphia, 1797.

1824, O. 6. A Letter to General Hamilton. By Aristides. Philadelphia, 1796.

1848, O. 10. Case of the Poor Emigrants recommended by Dr. Priestley. Philadelphia, 1797.

1824, O. 8. Review of the Controversy between the Federalists and Republicans, &c. Philadelphia, 1800.

1824, O. 11. Serious Considerations on the Election of a President, &c. New York, 1800.

2019, D. 14. Some Account of an Existing Correspondence between the Inhabitants of the Moon and the Natives of Old England. New York, 1800.

2513, O. Letters to Thomas Jefferson, Esq. President of the United States, concerning his Official Conduct and Principles. By Tacitus. Philadelphia, 1802.

1819, O. 4. Examination of the Charges against Aaron Burr, &c. By Aristides. New York, 1803.

2208, O. 5. An Address to the Government of the Uhited States, on the cession of Louisiana to the French. Philadelphia, 1803.

1802, O. 1. Inquiry into the present state of our Foreign Relations, &c. Philadelphia, 1806.

1846, O. 11. A Vindication of the American Character, in Reply to Thomas Moore. Philadelphia, 1806.

1801, O. 6. Address to the People of New England. By Algernon Sidney. Washington, 1808.

2513, O. 5. Analysis of the Correspondence between our Administration and Great Britain and France. Boston, 1808.

2226, O. 9. Extract from a Protest against the nomination of Candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. Washington, 1808.

2226, O. 3. A Letter Addressed to the Hon. James Madison, Secretary of State of the United States. Philadelphia, 1808.

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1803, O. 1. The New Crisis, &c. By Pericles. Philadelphia, 1809. 1803, O. 2. Sketch of the Motives of the Party in Power. Philadelphia, 1809.

1803, O. 3. Address to Congress on Restrictions upon Foreign Commerce, &c. Philadelphia, 1809.

1802, O. 2. The British Treaty. Philadelphia, 1809.

1802, O. 3. Further Suppressed Documents, &c. Flatbush, 1809.

1803, O. 6. View of the Policy and Resources of the United States; with Strictures on Walsh's Letter. Philadelphia, 1810.

1818, O. 1. A Drum for the Ears of the Drowsy. Philadelphia, 1814.

1800, O. 1. Letter from the Secretary with Statements of the Expenditure and Application of Monies by the War Department, for 1817. Washington,


1800, O. 2. Correspondence of the Secretary of State and Don Luis de Onis, Ambassador of Spain. Washington, 1818.

2226, O. 5. A Candid Appeal to the Present Ruling Party of the United States. Alexandria, 1816.

2226, O. 1. An Address to the People of the United States on the subject of the Presidential Election. New York, 1828.

2254, O. 3. Address of the Citizens of the City and County of Philadelphia, to the Roman Catholics of Ireland.

Philadelphia, 1828.

2214, O. 2. A Review of Mr. Cambreling's Report from the Committee of Commerce. Baltimore, 1830.

1832, O. 7. A Brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania, &c. London, 1756.

923, F. The Charters and Acts of Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania. Vol. I. Philadelphia, 1762.

950, F. Journal of the fifth House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1795.

834, F. Journal of the Senate of Pennsylvania. 2 vols. Philadelphia and Lancaster, 1798-1800.

835, F. Journal of the House of Representatives, from 1776 to 1781. Philadelphia, 1782. Gift of John J. Smith, Jr.

1909, O. Journal of the Senate of Pennsylvania, 1802 to 1826. 21 vols. Lancaster and Harrisburgh, 1802-1827.

1910, O. Journal of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, 1803 to 1826. 22 vols. Lancaster and Harrisburgh, 1803–1826. Gift of John J. Smith, Jr.

1832, O. 8. The Christian's Duty to render to Cæsar, the things that are Cæsar's, considered; with regard to the payment of the Tax of £60,000, &c. Philadelphia, 1756.

1832, O. 9. & 1860, D. 2. The Plain Dealer; or, Remarks on Quaker Politicks in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1764.

1832, O. 10. A Looking-Glass for the Presbyterians. Philadelphia, 1744. 1832, O. 11. Declaration and Remonstrance of the distressed and bleeding Frontier Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, &c. Philadelphia, 1764.

1832, O. 12. Cool Thoughts on the present Situation of Affairs. Philadelphia, 1764.

1860, D. 3. The Conduct of the Paxton-Men, impartially represented, &c. &c. With Remarks upon the Narrative of the Indian Massacre, Anecdotes of the Military Genius, &c. of the Quakers, &c. Philadelphia, 1764.

1845, D. 1. Earnest Address to the Quakers. Philadelphia, 1775.

1827, 4. & 1837, O. 3. Address to the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, by those Freemen now confined in the Mason's Lodge, by virtue of a General Warrant. Philadelphia, 1777.

1827, O. 5. Remonstrance of the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, &c. to the President, and Council of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1777.

1827, O. 6. Remonstrance of the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, &c. to the Congress. Philadelphia, 1777.

1827, O. 7. Remonstrance of Israel Pemberton, John Hunt and Samuel Pleasants, to the President and Council of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1777.

1837, O. 7. A Serious Address to such of the Quakers as profess Scruples relative to the present Government, &c. With an Appendix, &c. Philadelphia, 1778.

1845, D. 8. Considerations on the Bank of North America. Philadelphia, 1785.

1845, D. 9. Remarks on a pamphlet, entitled, Considerations on the Bank of North America. Philadelphia, 1785.

1845, D. 10. Address to the Assembly of Pennsylvania on the Abolition of the Bank of North America. Philadelphia, 1785.

1817, O. 5. Address to the Electors of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1794.

1817, O. 6. Enquiry into the Principles and Tendency of Certain Public Measures. Philadelphia, 1794.

2232, O. 8. & 2234, O. 9. Proceedings of a meeting to commemorate the landing of Wm. Penn on the shore of America. Philadelphia, 1824.

2226, O. 7. To the people of Pennsylvania on the election of Governor. Philadelphia, 1808.

2226, O. 8. The Secret Customs and Revenue of the Sheriff's Office. Philadelphia, 1819.

2207, D.

The Massachusetts Register, for 1822. Boston.

2017, D. 2. Entertainment for a winter's evening, being an account of what took place in Boston on the 27th December 1749, at noonday. Boston, 1750.

2531, O. 7. An impartial statement of the controversy respecting the election for Governor. New York, 1792.

2248, O. 8. A description of the grand fete given by the citizens of France to Gen. La Fayette. New York, 1824.

1858, D. 1. Ways and Means for the Inhabitants of Delaware to become rich, &c. Printed by S. Keimer, Philadelphia, 1725.

1827, 11. & 1865, O. 4. Considerations on the Act of the Legislature of Virginia, for the establishment of Religious Freedom. Philadelphia, 1786.

2226, O. 3. The warning of an old Kentuckian on the danger of electing partisans of the old Court of Appeals. Louisville, 1825.

721, O. 2. Observations and reflections on an act, passed in the year 1774, for the settlement of the province of Quebec. London, 1782.


London, 1798.

2035, O. 2. The present state of Nova Scotia and Canada. 2332, D. Histoire geographique de la Nouvelle Ecosse.

A Londres, 1749. 397, O. A just and modest vindication of the design of the Scots, for establishing a colony at Darien. 1699. L.

911, O. The Histories of Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent's, Dominico, Antego, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Christopher, Anguilla, Jamaica, Providence and the Bermudas. London. M.

1835, O. 7. Petition and Memorial of the Assembly of Jamaica to the King, Dec. 28, 1774. Philadelphia, 1775.


Adam, 418, O. Vitæ Germanorum Theologorum, Philosophorum, Jurisconsultorum, Politicorum et Medicorum seculi XVI. & XVII. A Melchioro

Adamo. Tomi IV. Francofurti & Heidelbergæ, 1653. L. Agricola, 1706, D. The Life of Agricola. By Tacitus. With a translation, by J. Aikin. Latin and English. Warrington, 1774. Aikin, 1175, O. Memoir of John Aikin, M. D. By Lucy Aikin. With a Selection of his Miscellaneous Pieces, Biographical, Moral and Critical. Philadelphia, 1824.

Alden, 2205, D. A Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions. By the Rev. T. Alden. 5 vols. New York, 1814.

Alembert, d', 1827, D. 1. Eloge de M. d'Alembert lu dans l'Assemblée publique de l'Academie des Sciences, le 21 Avril, 1784. A Paris, 1784.

1586, D. Histoire des Membres de l'Academie Françoise, morts depuis 1700 jusqu'en 1771. Par M. d'Alembert. 6 tom. A Paris, 1787.

Alexander, 100, 1762, O. & 643, D. Quinti Curtii Rufi de Rebus gestis Alexandri Magni, qui supersunt libri. Mannhemii, 1790.

1084, O. & 422, D. Quinte Curce, de la Vie et des Actions d'Alexandre le Grand. De la Traduction de M. De Vaugelas. Avec les Supplemens de J. Freinshemius, traduits par feu M. Du Ryer. A Amsterdam, 1665.

VI., 1558, D. La Vie du Pape Alexandre VI. et de son fils Cesar Borgia. Contenant les Guerres de Charles VIII. et Louis XII. Avec les Pieces originales, &c. Traduite de l'Anglaise d'Alexandre Gordon. Avec Portraits. 2 tom. A Amsterdam, 1751.

482, F. The Lives of Pope Alexander VI. and his son Cæsar Borgia, comprehending the Wars in the Reigns of Charles VIII. and Lewis XII., Kings of France, and the Revolutions in Italy, from the year 1492 to the year 1506; with an Appendix of Original Pieces, referred to in the work. By Alexander Gordon. London, 1729. L. Alfred, 140, F. Vita Elfredi Magni à Joanne Spelmano, ex Anglico sermone


latina reddita, ab alumnis in Collegio Ælfredi. Oxoniæ, 1678. Amory, 1409, D. Memoirs :-containing the Lives of several Ladies of Great A History of Antiquities. Observations on the Christian Religion. By Thomas Amory. 2 vols. London, 1769.


Ancillon, 1548, D. Memoires concernant les Vies et les Ouvrages de plusieurs Modernes celebres dans la Republique des Lettres. Par M. Ancillon.

Portrait. A Amsterdam, 1799.

Anne d'Autriche, 1351, D. Memoires d'Anne d'Autriche. Amsterdam, 1550. Apollonius, 1352, D. Vie d'Apollonius de Tyane, par Philostrate; avec les Commentaires donnés en Anglois par Charles Blount, sur les deux premiers livres de cet Ouvrage. Le tout traduit en François. 4 tom. A Amsterdam, 1779.

Apuleius, 420, Q. Apuleii Madaurensis apologia, ex recensione Isaaci Casauboni.

Heidelbergæ, 1594.

Arnold, 721, O. 7. An Account of the Attack made on the Character of General Arnold, by Robert Morris, of London; and the dispute which ensued, in consequence thereof, between Captain Battersby and Robert Morris. London, 1782.

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