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the Loganian

kept apart

dant of James

may and shall, from time to time, make such by-laws, rules and regulations, for the preservation and management thereof, as consistently as may be with the meaning and instructions of the said donors, as occasion shall require. Provided always, That the said The books of books and other property now in the said messuage, and such ad- Library to be ditions thereto as may be made, shall always be kept separate and from those of apart from the books belonging to the Library Company of Phila- the Library Company. delphia, and to be called by the name of THE LOGANIAN LIBRARY, agreeably to the intention of the donor, and for continuing a succession of trustees, composed of the descendants of the said James Logan, the elder, or of persons appointed by such descendants. SECTION III. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, What descenThat upon the demise of the said James Logan, son of James Lo- Logan shall be gan, the elder, the next heir male of the said James Logan, the trustee : elder, if resident in the city of Philadelphia, or within seven miles thereof, preferring the issue of the eldest son to the issue of the second or other son, and the male line to the female line, and in case of the extinction of the male line, then the eldest heir male in the female line, shall always be one of the trustees of the said institution, and shall have power to supply vacancies, in case of the his power. death or resignation of any of the said associate trustees; and in in case of his case such male heir shall not be resident in the said city of Phila- minority or delphia, or within seven miles thereof, or shall be in his minority, absence. the survivor or survivors of such associate trustees shall supply such vacancy, as it shall happen.

may sell, and

tain estates,

the rents

SECTION IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, The trustees That the said trustees shall have power to dispose of, at public sale, apply the prothe said messuage and lot of ground in Sixth street aforesaid, the ceeds of cerproceeds whereof shall be applied to the general purposes intended and recover by the donors, and to demand, and by all lawful ways and means levy, recover and receive all and every the arrears of the said rents charge, whether the same accrued before the passing of this act, or shall hereafter accrue, by distress or action, in the corporate name of THE LIBRARY COMPANY OF PHILADELPHIA.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Approved, March the thirty-first, 1792.

Speaker of the Senate.


Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.




The deed of trust requiring that a record of the names of the descendants of the Founder should be kept," as long as any of them remained,” for the purpose of ascertaining who is the appointing trustee, the following is deemed appropriate to accompany the present publication.

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1. William, left one son, who died without issue. 1. Sarah, married John Dickinson, author of 2. Sarah, married Thomas Fisher.

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the Farmers Letters," and left two daughters, 1. Sally Norris, 2. Maria, married Albanus Logan, son of Dr. George Logan.


1. Sarah Logan Smith, married William Dillwyn, and left one daughter, married to Samuel Emlen.

2. James Smith, Jr. married Hester Hulings, and left sons, John J. Smith and *James Logan Smith. The sons of John J. are, 1. *George Roberts Smith, 2. *Alexander and, 3. *Harry. Hannah, daughter of James Smith, married Henry Drinker, and left sons, *Henry and *Sandwith. *Sarah, married Hugh Roberts. Elizabeth married Mordecai Lewis, and has sons, James, Joseph, *Charles, *Henry and Mordecai.

3. Hannah Smith, married to John Cox; died leaving one child, a daughter, married to Dr. Isaac Davis.

4. John Smith, married Gulielma M. Morris, and left sons, 1. Richard M. Smith, who left a son, Dillwyn Smith, 2. *John J. Smith, Jr. who has sons, viz. Lloyd P. *Albanus, *Robert P. and *Horace J. 3. Morris Smith, who left one child, Richard M. Smith. The daughters of John Smith, married to Samuel Hilles and George Stewardson, have also each "male descendants.

For a complete family Tree, see record kept in the Loganian Library.

* Those having this mark attached to their names are living, September, 1837.




I. The Library shall be open daily (Sundays excepted) at the same hours as those of the Library Company of Philadelphia.

II. The Librarian shall deliver books to such persons as shall come to the Library in order to read them, and receive them again, previous to shutting up the room, first examining whether they are damaged. At the time of delivering a book to the person desirous of reading at the Library, he shall require his name, and enter it in a book to be kept for that purpose, together with the name of the book so delivered to him, which entry shall be cancelled when the book is returned. No person shall be permitted to take a book out of the room, before he has signed a promissory note to return the same, undefaced, within the time limited, viz. five weeks for a Folio, three weeks for a Quarto, and two weeks for those of smaller size, and shall, also, deposit double the value of the book with the Librarian until the same is returned. The borrower may, on producing the book to the Librarian, renew his note for the like time.

III. Any person keeping a book beyond the limited time shall pay to the Librarian, for the use of the institution, twenty-five cents, per week for a Folio, eighteen cents and three-quarters per week for a Quarto, and twelve cents and a half per week for any book of smaller size, to be deducted out of his deposit; and if the book shall be kept out so long, as that the fines shall amount to more than the sum deposited, then the signer of the note, shall be liable to the payment of the surplus; which terms shall be expressed in the form of the note.

IV. Any person injuring a book, and refusing to make compen. sation for it, or otherwise infringing the rules, shall be excluded from future access to the books, until the next meeting of the trustees, when it shall be the duty of the Librarian to report, and of the trustees to take order, thereon.

V. All persons residing out of the city of Philadelphia who wish to take any book out of the Library, must first obtain permission in writing, from at least one of the trustees; if they reside more than seven miles from the city, they may retain a book double the time allowed an inhabitant within the city, without incurring a fine.

VI. The trustees shall, from time to time, determine what books shall not be permitted to be taken out of the Library.

By-law of the Loganian Library adopted February 14, 1833.— The members of the Library Company of Philadelphia shall be permitted to take out books from the Loganian Library upon signing a promissory note to return the same undefaced within the time limited by the existing by-law, and upon pledging at the same time their respective shares in the Company as security for such return

in the manner and form hereafter presented. Provided that no such pledge shall be received, if at the time of applying for a book in the Loganian Library he shall have a book out of the other institution or that the books so applied for shall in the opinion of the Librarian exceed the value of forty dollars.

By-law of the Library Company adopted February 14, 1833.No member shall be entitled to take out a hook upon his or her share who at the same time has a book out of the Loganian Library upon a pledge of the same share.

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