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took the chair; and immediately after
the reading of the fourth clause.
Mr. Mitford observed, that having
a variety of new clauses to move,
which could not be conveniently de-
bated till they were before the house
in a connected form, he should,
therefore, propose to adopt them
in the Committee, without debate,
and to order the bill to be reprinted
with the amendments, and re-com.
mitted on a future day.
The Mafter of the Roll, was of
opinion, that if any • her gentleman
had amendments to propose, it would
be proper to move and adopt them on
the present occasion, as far as that,
could be done without debate, that
the house, on the recommitment,
might have as much of the whole be-
fore them as possible. -
Mr. Fox #. that he had an alter.
ation to propose in the oath, and that
he wished to know whether it would
be better to introduce it immediately,
or to wait for the re-commitment of
the bill. -
Mr. Mitford, answered, that the
oath had been agreed to as it now
stood, by the persons whom the bill

was intended to relieve, and that he

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ted to be complete, he should prefer them, on that account, to any other. The amendment was adopted. Mr. Chancellor Pitt, adverting to that part of the oath which declares, “That no person can be absolved from any fin, nor any fin whatever be forgiven, without sorrow for past offences, and resolution to avoid future guilt,” here remarked, that the House, as a legislative Assembly, might very properly exact a declaration, that no man can be absolved from moral obligation and obedience to the law ; but it was totally beyond their province to require a declaration concerning points of doctrine which included the forgiveness of sins. The propriety of this amendment was also admitted. Mr. Mitford's clauses were severally brought up, and agreed to, pro forma. The Chairman left the chair, the report was brought up, ordered to be printed, and farther considered on the ensuing Friday.

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