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respects the New England Government was a Theocracy, and the works of thefe old Divines had much to do with fhaping its inftitutions; at all events, they are books fought for with avidity and at high prices by the collectors of "Americana,” and, if only for that reason, have a right to appear here.

I shall not attempt to anticipate the many other points which may be criticised. I fhall be glad to have errors pointed out and improvements fuggefted, and respectfully folicit the co-operation and affistance of any gentlemen who may have given their attention to any or many particular authors.

I conclude this preliminary notice with the remark, that, whenever poffible, I have examined the books for myself, and have described them with all neceffary minuteness. Of those not within my reach, I have been compelled to content myself with fuch descriptions, as have come under my notice in the lift of authorities quoted, on the cover of Part One of this work, or sometimes from a less trustworthy fource-a Bookfeller's Catalogue. Had I waited in all cases to reach those points of an exact and careful bibliography, which I truft will have been generally accomplished in this work, I should never have completed it.

It will, perhaps, fave inquiry, if I here ftate that the number of parts of which the work will confift is a question I cannot answer; yet while I defign to make it as complete as poffible, my own re


marks on the books will be diftinguished by their brevity.

The Parts will be iffued with all convenient speed, and subscriptions will not be received for anything less than the entire work.

Part I will be ready on January 1ft, 1867, and fubfcribers are requested to be particular in defignating how the work may be fent, as, in the event of loff, Separate parts cannot be supplied.


NEW YORK, December 5th, 1866.




(B.) See A[ntrobus] (B[enjamin]).

A. (G.) The Young Traveller in South America. A popular Introduction to the History and Resources of the Country. London, 1835. 12mo.

A. (G. A.) Tecumseh; or the Death of the Shawnee Chief. With other Original Poems. By G. A. A. [ynge]. Weymouth, 1830. 12mo, pp. 78.


"The poem which furnishes the title to this little work occupies ten pages."-RICH.

A. (P.) See Sharp (Bartholomew).

A. (T.) See A[sh] (T.) and Allen Thomas.

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[AA (P. VAN DER)]. Naaukeurige versameling der gedenkwaardigste Reysen naar Oost en West-Indien, Mitsgaders andere Gewesten gedaan; Sedert De Jaaren 1246. tot op desen tijd. Alles breeder te fien, in, en agter het Voorberigt. [This is the half title preceding Engraved Frontispiece, and a very long descriptive Title, finishing thus]: In het ligt gegeven Te Leyden, Door Peter Vander Aa. 1707. 8vo, 30 vols.


This collection of the most memorable Voyages to the East and West Indies, from 1246 to 1696, contains translations of all the early voyages to this continent, and is illustrated by a profusion of copper plates. As each voyage has a separate pagination, the work is sometimes found bound up in 28, 29 or 30 volumes, and is worth about $20. There is also an edition in folio, 8 vols. Leyde. This indefatigable publisher, who united within himself the functions of author, editor and publisher, also issued the plates to the above work separately, under the following title: "Atlas nouveau et curieaux des plus celebres itineraires; ou rec eil de nouvelles cartes geograph. des voiages modernes de long cours, de depuis l'an 1246 jusqu'a l'an 1696." 2 vols., folio. Leyde. He also published "Grand Theatre Historique, ou Nouvelle Histoire Universelle tant sacrée que profane." 5 vols., folio. Leyde, 1703; and "La Galerie Agréable du Monde." 66 parts bound in 33 or 22 vols. folio., of which Vol. XVII. relates to America.

ACOSTA (Christoval). Tratado de las Drogas, y medicinas de las Indias Orientales, con sus Plantas debuxadas albivo. Por Christoval Acosta, Medico y Cirujano que las vio ocularmente. Burgos, 1578. 4to, Title, &c., 12 leaves, pp. 448; Table, &c., PP. 39.


ACOSTA. Trattato di Christoforo Acosta . . . della Historia, Natura e Virtv delle Droghe Medicinali, & altri Semplici rarissimi, che vengono portati dalle Indie Orientali, in Europa Nuov. rec. della Spagnuola . . . In Venetia, F. Ziletti, 1585. 4to, 26 p. l., pp. 342.

A. 114

ACOSTA. Histoire des drogues, épiceries et de certains médicamens simples qui naissent ès Indes, mis en franc. du latin de Ch. l'Écluse par Ant. Colin. Lyon, 1602. 8vo.

Another Edition. 1619. 8vo. For a Latin Translation, see Garcia d'Orta.


ACOSTA (Francisco). Vida de Maria de Jesus de Puebla de los Angelos. 1648. 4to.


ACOSTA (Joaquin). Compendio historico del Descubrimiento y Colonizacion de la Nueva Granada en el siglo decimo sexto. Paris, M. de Beau. 8vo, pp. 460. Map.


ACOSTA (Joseph de). De Natvra | Novi Orbis | Libri dvo,| et de Promvlgatione | Evangelii, apvd | Barbaros, | sive de Procvranda | Indorvm salvte | Libri sex. Avtore Iosepho Acosta presbytero societatis Iesv. Salmanticæ, Apud Guillelmum Foquel, M.D.LXXXIX. 8vo, 8 p. 1., pp. 640.


The original Edition. Mr. Rich observes of Acosta, that he is one of the earliest writers who have treated philosophically of America and its productions. Dr. Robertson pronounces him a standard authority, and Backer, in his Bibliothèque des Écrivains de la Compag. de Jésus, observes: "Joseph de Acosta, né à Medina del Campo, vers l'an 1539, passa, après avoir professé la théologie, à Ocana, en 1571 aux Indes occidentales, et fut le second Provincial de l'ordre des Jésuites au Pérou où il séjourna pendant 17 ans. Il mourut recteur à Salamanque, le 11 février 1600. Son ouvrage, estimé à juste titre, a été réimprimé assez souvent et traduit dans presque toutes les langues." Pinelo, however, alleges that the work is taken from the MSS. of Diego Duran, a Dominican Monk. See, also, Camus, p. 103. Clement Bibl. Curieuse. Priced in the Nuggets, £2. 2. 0. Salva, Ios. od.


Editio Altera.

Salmanticæ, M.DXCV. 8vo.


ACOSTA. Iosephi | A costa, | societatis | Iesv, | de natvra novi orbis libri dvo. Et de promvlgatione | evangelii apvd | barbaros, | siue, de procvranda indorvm | salute, Libri sex. || Colonia Agrip3

pinae, In officina Birckmannica. Cɔ.1.xcvi. 8vo, 8 p. l., pp. 581.

Sumpti- bus Arnoldi Mylij.|


This text was changed, and inserted without the Author's name, in De Bry's Collection. The first two books of this work are nearly the same as the same books of the "Historia Natural." The other six are different.

ACOSTA. Historia | natvral | y | moral delas | Indias, en que se tratan la cosas | notables del cielo, y elementos, metales, plantas, y ani- males dellas: y los ritos, y ceremonias, leyes, y gouierno, y guerras de los Indios. | Compuesta por el Padre Ioseph de Acosta Religioso de la Compañia de Iesus. | Dirigida a la serenissima Infanti Doña Isabella Clara Eugenia de Austria. ¶ Con Privilegio. Impresso en Seuilla en casa de Iuan de Leon. Año de 1590. [Colophon.] Hispali, | Excudebat Ioannes Leonius. | Ano, 1590. Sm. 4to. Title and Tabla,' 18 1., pp. 535. N. 121

First Edition in Spanish. fr.; Huzard, 22 fr.

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Quaritch, £1. 5s.; Nuggets, £1. 11. 6.; Fleurieu, 20

Barcelona, Coudret, 1591.

ACOSTA. El mismo. Sm. 4to. +Seville, 1591. Sm. 4to. + El mismo. Año 1608. | Con Li| cencia. Impresso en Madrid en casa de Alonso Martin. 4to. Title, Il Tassa y Errata, 1 1. Licencias, etc., 5-12. Text, 13. 535. Tabla, 21 1. + El mismo. Madrid, 1610. 4to. 122 Priced: Nuggets, 1. 11. 6.; Brunet, 8 c. 10 fr.

ACOSTA. El mismo. Data a luz en esta sexta edicion. D.A.V.C. Madrid, 1792. 4to. 2 vols. N. 123

This is the best Spanish Edition. $12 to $15.

ACOSTA. Historia | Natvrele, e Morale delle Indie ; | Scritta | Dal. R. P. Gioseffo di Acosta | Della Compagnia del Giesu; | Nellaquale si trattano le cose notabili del Cielo, & de gli | Elementi, Metalli, Piante, & Animali di quelle : |i fuoiriti, & ceremonie: Leggi, & gouerni, & guerre degli Indiani. | Nouamente tradotta della lingua Spagnuola nella Italiani | Da Gio. Paolo Galvcci Salodiano Academico Veneto. | Con Privilegii. | In Venetia, | Presso Bernardo Basa, All 'insegna del Sole, M,D,XCVI. 4to. 24 p. 1. Text, 173 leaves.

N. 124

The only Italian version, printed with the types of Aldus. Priced Nuggets, £1. 11. 6. Sold in New York, 1865, for $5.

ACOSTA. Histoire | Natvrelle et Moralle des Indes, tant Orientalles qu' Occidentalles. | Où il est traité des choses remarquables du Ciel, des Elémens, Métaux, Plantes & Animaux qui sont propres de ces pais. Ensemble des mœurs, cérémonies,

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