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in acknowledging thy goodness, bring forth the fruite of what thou hast done for me. Let me not boast myself for what I have received; for from thy mercy, and not my own deserts, do they proceed. Let no riches make me ever forget myself, no poverty ever make me forget thee. Let nor hope nor fear, nor pleasure nor pain, no accident without, no weakness within, deter me from my duty, or turn me from the ways of thy commandments. O let thy spirit dwell with me for ever, and make my soul just and charitable, full of honesty, full of religion, resolute and constant in holy purposes, and inflexible to evij. Make me humble and obedient, peaceable and pious: let me never envy any man's good, nor deserve to be despised myself. Teach me to regulate my whole conduct by the tenor of thy gospel; to pay the debt of gratitude which I owe for all thy mercies and loviagkindness, and to dispense, according to my power, a portion of that good which thou hast bestowed upon me to my fellow-creatures; and make the sacrifice of my heart and devotion of my soul to the service of heaven, acceptable to the Almighty Ruler of the universe; through thy mediation, O Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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By Me same.

O Almighty God, Father and Lord of all the creation, who hath disposed all things and all chances so as may best glorify thy wisdom, and serve the ends of thy justice, and magnify thy mercy, thy secret and undiscernible ways bringing good out of evil; I most humbly beseech thee to give me wisdom from above, that I may adore thee, and admire thy ways and footsteps, which are in the great deep, and not to be searched out. Teach me to submit to thy providence in all things, to be content in all changes of person and condition, to be temperate in prosperity, and to read my duty in the lines of thy mercy; and in adversity to be meek, patient, and resigned; and to look through the cloud", that I may wait for the consolation of the Lord,and the day of redemption; in the mean time doing my duty with an anwearied diligence, and an undisturbed resolution, having "no fondness for the vanities and possessions of this world, but laying up my hopes in heaven, and the rewardsef holy living, and being strengthened with the Spirit in the inner man; through Jesus Christ «ur Lord. Amen.

By the same.

O eternal God, merciful and gracious, vouchsafe thy favour and thy blessing to thy servant: let the love of thy mercies, and the dread and fear of thy majesty, make me careful and inquisitive to search thy will, and diligently to perform it; and to persevere in the practices of a holy life, even till the last of my days. Amen.

By the same.

Bless me, gracious God, in my calling to such purposes as. thou shalt choose for me, or employ me in: relieve me in all sadness and sickness, give me patience in my sorrows, confidence in thee, and grace to call upon thee in all temptations. O be thou my guide in all my actions, my protector in all dangers: give me a healthful body and a clear understanding, a sanctified and just, a charitable and humble, a religious and a contented spirit: let not my life be miserable and wretched, nor my name stained with sin and shame, nor my condition lifted up to a tempting and dangerous fortune; but let my- state be blessed, my conversation useful to my neighbours, and pleasing to thee; that, when my body shall lie down in its bed of darkness, my soul may pass into the regions of light, and live with thee for ever; through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Three Prayers, written by Dr. Johnson, on his Birth-Day.

Almighty and most merciful Father, who yet sparest and yet supportest me, who supportest me in my weakness, and sparest me in my sins, and hast now granted me to begin another year; enable me to improve the time which is yet before me to thy glory and my own salvation. Impress upon my soul such repentance of the days misspent in idleness and folly, that I may henceforward diligently attend to the business of my station in this world, and to all the duties which thou hast commanded. Let thy holy Spirit comfort and guide me, that in my passage through the pains or pleasures of the present state I may never be tempted to forgetfulness of thee. Let my life be useful, and my death be happy; let me live according to thy laws, and die with just confidence in thy mercy; for the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Almighty and most merciful Father, wfio hast granted me to prolong my life to another year, look down upon me with pity. Let not my manifold sins and negligencesavert from methyfatherly regard. Enlighten my mind, that I may know my duty; that I may perform it, strengthen my resolution. Let not another year be lost in vain deliberations; let me remember, that of the short life of man, a great part is already past in sinfulness and sloth. Deliver me, gracious Lord, from the bondage of evil customs, and take not from me thy holy spirit; but enable me so to spend my remaining days, that, by performing thy will, I may promote thy glory; and grant, that after the troubles and disappointments of this mortal state, I may obtain everlasting happiness; foe the sake of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O God, the Creator and Preserver of all' mankind, Father of all mercies, I thine unworthy servant do give thee most humble thanks for all thy goodness and lovingkindness tome. I bless thee for my creation, preservation, and. redemption, for the knowledge of thy Son Jesus Christ,for the means of grace,- and. the hope of glory

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