Bibliographisches lexikon der gesammten litteratur der Griechen, Volume 2

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Page 329 - ... grec dans l'ordre naturel des idées; l'autre, conforme au génie de la langue française, précédée du texte pur et accompagnée de notes explicatives, d'après les principes de MM. de Port-Royal. Dumarsais. Beauzée et des plus grands maîtres ; par J. (îenouille. — Paris (A. Delalain) 1834, 8°. 49 pp.— = [Par.. 8».
Page 203 - Ethiopian adventures ; or, the history of Theagenes and Chariclea. Written originally in Greek, by Heliodorus, in ten books. The first five translated by a person of quality, the last five by N.
Page 495 - Vindication of the Primitive Christians in point of obedience to their prince, against the calumnies of a book entitled ' The Life of Julian the Apostate,'
Page 467 - The Speeches of Isaeus, in Causes concerning the Law of Succession to Property at Athens ; with a Prefatory Discourse, Notes Critical and Historical, and a Commentary, by Sir William JONES.
Page 55 - s Elements of Geometry, with a supplement of divers Propositions and Corollaries. To which is added a Treatise of regular Solids by Campane and Flussat ; likewise Euclid's Data and Marinus his Preface. Also a Treatise of the Divisions of Superficies, ascribed to Machomet Bagdedine, but published by Commandine at the request of J.
Page 330 - Homère, second chant de l'Iliade : texte en regard , avec deux traductions l'une interlinéaire , et l'autre correcte. Par E. Boutmy.
Page 375 - Minéralogie homérique ou essai sur les minéraux dont il est fait mention dans' les poèmes d'Homère , par A.-L.
Page 366 - A Dissertation concerning the War of Troy;};, and the Expedition of the Grecians, as described by Homer ; shewing that no such Expedition was ever undertaken, and that no such City in Phrygia existed §, 1796.
Page 495 - Animadversions on Mr. Johnson's answer to Jovian, in three letters to a country friend ;" and a Latin translation, with notes, of a small tract, written in the Saxon tongue, on the burialplaces of the Saxon saints, which Dr. Hickes published in his " Septentrional Grammar,
Page 561 - Burlesque upon Burlesque, or the Scoffer Scoft, being some of Lucian's Dialogues newly put into English fustian, for the consolation of those who had rather Laugh and be Merry than be Merry and Wise, vellum, 8vo.

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