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Ist. They contain about one third more reading matter, than any other series.

2d. They are bound in the strongest and most durable manner. The first three in full cloth binding; the sheets being held together by metallic plates (process patented). It is impossible, therefore, to have loose sheets. The Fourth and Fifth have cloth sides and leather backs.

3d. Great pains has been taken to give the greatest possible variety of reading matter.

4th. The books embody the methods used by the most successful teachers of reading.

5th. The Phonic Elements of which familiar words are composed, are presented one element at a time.

6th. The script letters are introduced one by one.

7th. New words are printed in black-faced type at the head of each lesson, in the First and Second Readers.

8th. Memory Gems" are introduced into the Second and succeeding books; Elliptical Exercises in the Fourth.

9th. A vocabulary of all difficult words used is placed at the end of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Readers.

Toth. They are free from extremes of all kinds, and present the best methods of instruction and choicest selections.

IIth. In elegance of manufacture they cannot be surpassed. The illustrations are more elegant than those in any other series.

12th. Their price is very low, considering their size, and the elegant and durable style in which they are made. SHELDON & COMPANY,


PROF. CALVIN PATTERSON'S BOOKS: 1st. Patterson's Common School Speller. 2d.

Speller and Analyzer, or Test Words and School Etymology. 3d. Patterson's Elements of Grammar, with Prac

tical Exercises.

Patterson's Common School Speller has had and is now having an enormous sale, for the reason that it is the best Speller ever published in this country.

1st. It has the Choicest Selection of words.

2d. Its arrangement, and concise and practical rules for spelling are unequaled.

3d. It has admirable Dictation Exercises, and is adapted to the most improved methods of instruction.

Patterson's Speller, and Analyzer, and School


This is an enlarged edition of the SPELLER AND ANALYZER. A new section on the “ Derivation of Wordshas been added, which, it is believed, will take the place of the large and expensive etymologies now in use. The book as first issued met with such universal approval and is so extensively used that the author did not feel at liberty to make any changes other than to add a new part. As the work has been simply enlanged, and not revised, the books now in use need not be exchanged for new ones. The price remains the same.

Patterson's Elements of Grammar with Practical

Exercises. By Prof. CALVIN PATTERSON, author of “Patterson's Common School Speller,” &c., &c.

Prof. PATTERSON has spent about 2 years in preparing this book. It is an effort to make the study of Grammar attractive, and to embody that which is really good in the Language Lesson System with the older and more rigid rules of Grammar. We believe that the effort has been successful, and that this is the best teaching book on this subject ever published.

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