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Lord we'll sing, the wondrous story

Of the Saviour's cross and shame;
Lord we'll sing, eternal glory
Be to God and to the Lamb,

Saints and angels
Give ye glory to his name.


Rom. i. 16–Rom. v. 5. ASHAMED of Jesus !-can it be? A mortal man ashamed of thee! Scorned be the thought by rich and poor; O may I scorn it more and more! Ashamed of Jesus - just as soon Let morning blush to own the Sun. Asham'd of JESUS! sooner far Let ev'ning blush to own a star. Ashamed of Jesus !—yes ; 'tis plain We love him not till born again; For all, by nature, scorn his ways, Oppose his truths and slight his grace. Ashamed of Jesus!- of that friend On whom my hopes of heaven depend ! No ! when I blush be this my shame, That I no more revere bis name.

Ashamed of Jesus !-yes, I may,
When I've no sins to wash away;
No tears to wipe, no joys to crave,
And no immortal soul to save.

Till then-nor is the boasting vain-
Till then, I'll boast a Saviour slain;
And O! may this my portion be,
My Saviour not ashamed of me.


Acts, iv: 27-Prov. viii. 23-Ps. xviii, 50.

Jesus is the Lord's anointed,

Come, eternal life to bring ;
Lamb of God, to death appointed,

Israel's prophet, priest and king;
Object of his people's trust,
God, and yet allied to dust.

Ere created thing existed

Blessed in himself alone, Jesus was--and unassisted,

Made the world, by power his own ; "Tis the building of his hands, And by Him upheld it stands.

This is He whom man despises,

He with whom the world contends, Till the light of heaven arises,

Then its opposition ends;
What the sinner scorned before
Rendered wise, he scorns no more.

This is he, whom heaven confesses,

"King of Kings, and Lord of Lords ;' They are blessed whom he blesses,

Sweet the joy his smile affords;
Jesus is the God of grace,
And 'tis heaven to see his face.


Is. xxviii. 16- Pet ii. 14.

Behold the sure Foundation-stone,

Which God in Zion lays,
To build our heavenly hopes upon,

And his eternal praise !

Chosen of God, to sinners dear,

And saints adore the Name :
They trust their whole salvation here:

Nor shall they suffer shame.

"Though foolish builders may despise,

And treat it with disdain ; Yet on this rock thy Church shall rise, And foes shall


in vain.

What if the powers of hell withstood,

Yet must the building rise: "Tis thy own work, Almighty God,

And wond'rous in our eyes !

John xix. 4.

Hail thou once despised Jesus;

Hail thou Galilean king! Thou didst suffer to release us,

Thou didst free salvation bring.

Hail thou glorious God and Saviour,

Thou hast borne our sin and shame; By thy merits we find favour,

Life is granted thro' thy name.

Paschal Lamb, by God appointed,

All our sins on thee were laid ; By almighty love anointed,

Thou hast full atonement made.

Worship, honour, power, and blessing

Thou art worthy to receive; Loudest praises without ceasing

Meet it is for us to give.

Come, ye bright angelic spirits,

Bring your sweetest, noblest lays; Help to chaunt the Saviour's merits,

Help to sing Immanuel's praise.

Rev. xix. 16.


King of kings and Lord of lords !" These are great and awful words; "Tis to Jesus they belong, Let his people raise their song.

Hark, how angels sound his praise ! Filld with transport while they gaze: Glory, honour, praise, and power, These are thine for evermore,

Crown him then whom angels sing !
Crown him everlasting King!
Jesus reigns enthron'd above,
Jesus is the God of love.


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