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Holy, holy, holy Lord !
Heav'n and earth thy name record :
Pow'r and praise to thee belong;
Lord, accept our feeble song.

Rich in glory thou didst stoop,
This is now thy people's hope:
Thou wast poor, that they might be
Rich in glory, Lord, with thee.


Rev. y. 8, 14.
HARK ! how the choir around the throne

Adore their glorious King!
They drink full draughts of bliss unknown,

And Hallelujah sing.

They range thro' heaven's unmeasur'd plain,

And find new cause for praise; See more of Jesus, and again

Loud Hallelujahs raise.

Anon, the pearly gates unfold,

An heir of bliss draws nigh;
Again they strike their harps of gold,
And Hallelujah cry.

Another sinner born of God,

Makes heaven's vast concave ring, Again they Jesus' love record,

And Hallelujah sing.

At last the ransom'd throng, complete,

Is glorified throughout: Again they bow at Jesus' feet, And Hallelujah shout.

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Ere long I hope to join the throng,

Who bow before the King; And in one everlasting song,

My Hallelujah bring.


Heb. i. 3.

There's not a ray of glory known,
Around the great Jehovah's throne,
Which my Redeemer does not wear,
Proclaiming his own Godhead there.
The Father's glories, all divine,
In Jesus meet-in Jesus shine
Expressly like and truly one,
Is God the Father, and the Son.

All pow'r and wisdom, love, and grace,
Are seen in our Immanuel's face;
All glorious in the Father's view,
The brightness of his glory too.

The fulness of the Godhead dwells
In Jesus—and heav'n's chorus swells,
With hallelujahs to the Lamb,
While saints on earth adore his name.


Job ix. 33.

CHRIST as my Days-man deigns to stand

Between my soul and God; Upon both parties lays his hand,

Presenting precious blood.

He drew salvation's wond'rous plan,

He did his work alone;
He, therefore, must be God and man,

This all his saints will own.

This is the Days-man God approves,

In whom he's satisfied-
Whom ev'ry ransom'd sinner loves,

E'en Jesus crucified.

God trusts his honor in his hand,

And there I trust my soul ; For both, responsible he stands,

To guard and save the whole.


Gen, xxxvii.
BEHOLD in Jacob's darling son, -

What wonders are reveal'd;-
In him the great Redeemer shone,

Whom God the Father seal'd.

His brethren hate without a cause,

And seek to shed his blood;
But he obeys-bis father's laws,

And does his murd'rers good,

See'! he is sold just like a slave,

And into prison cast, -
He rises to the throne, to save

All Jacob's sons at last.

Hungry and anxious, lo! they come

To buy of him they sold ;
He sends them richly laden home,
And will not take their gold.

His answers rough, and angry tone,

Their deep repentance prove
But when he makes his person known,

He melts their hearts with love..

In Goshen's land of gospel light,

He gives their souls a place,
Till Canaan opens to their sight,

And glory perfects grace.


Luke ix. 20.

Thx church triumphant round the throne,

Redeem'd with precious blood; In scenes of glory here unknown,

Adore the Christ of God.

The church on earth, renew'd by grace,

Confide in Jesus' name;
And as they run the heav'nly race,

The Christ of God proclaim.

Vy soul shall gaze upon his face,

In whom all glories shine;
This precious truth just suits my case,

The Christ of God is mine.

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