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Soon I shall join the heav'nly throns,

And in their pleasures share; Shouting in one eternal song,

The Christ of God is there.


Prov. viii. 23.

Ordain D of God, ere time began,

Jesus in office stood; The great High Priest for sinful man, Presenting

precious blood.

Upon his sacred breast, he wears

The names of all his saints; For them within the veil appears,

Presenting their complaints.

In outer courts he deigns to meet

The subjects of his grace, And brings them to the mercy seat,

To see Jehovah's face.

See! 0, my soul, his merits rise,

Like inceuse to the throne;
And his atoning sacrifice,

Brings full salvation down.


Heb. x. 14.

All hail! atoning Lamb,

Whose off ring once for all, Appointed by the great I AM,

Redeem'd us from the fall.

Thy efficacious blood,

By power divine applied, Makes perfect all the Church of God, —

All that are sanctified.

No condemnation now,

Against the chosen race, Perfect, for ever, Lord, we bow,

And triumph in thy grace.

Here then my soul shall rest,

With Jesus' blood applied : I'm ever perfect, ever blest,

And ever satisfied.

Yea more, I'll make my boast

In Jesus crucified,
And perfect with the heav'nly host,

I shall be glorified.


Heb. xiii. 3.
Ene time began, my Saviour stood

e for meThe same when calld to shed his blood,

Upon th' accursed tree.
My everlasting cov'nant Ilead,

Who was, and is the same,
Before all time--when time was fled

All glory to his name,
My Head and Husband, when I lay

Deep sunk in guilt and shame---
He changes not through endless day,

For ever he's the same.

On me he set eternal love

For me he shed his blood-
In me by grace--for me above,
He is th' unchanging God.


Rom. i. 16.
I'm not asham'd of Jesus' name,

He's my Redeemer, God;
He bore my guilt, and took my shame,

And sav'd me with his blood.

I'm not asham'd of gospel news,

The records of his grace ; Which saves the Gentiles, and the Jews,

And meets my ruin'd case.

I'm not asham'd to tell his love,

To Adam's fallen race;
He's not ashamid of me above,

For there he pleads my case.

I'm not asham'd to bear the cross,

While men and devils rage;
Since Cbrist is mine all else is dross, -

He lives from age to age.


" Without shedding of blood is po remission.”

Heb. ix, 22.

WITHOUT blood is no remission ;

Thus the Lord proclaims from heaven; Blood must flow-on this condition,

This alone, is sin forgiven; Yes, a victim must be slain; Else, all hope of life is vain.

But the victim, who shall find it,

Such a one as sinners need;
To the altar who shall bind it?

Who shall make the victim bleed?
Such a victim as must die,
All the world could not supply.

God himself provides the victim:

Jesus is the Lamb of God: Heaven and earth, and hell, afllict Hiin,

While He bears the sinners load. *Tis His blood, His blood alone, Can for human guilt atone

Joyful truth! He bore transgression

In his body on the cross; Through his blood there's full remission

For the vilest, even for us. Jesus for the sinner bleeds, Nothing more the sinner needs.

CIX. " The wages of sin is death."-Rom. vi. 23. Death is sin's tremendous wages

This we never should forget; Tis the Lord himself engages,

To discharge the awful Jebt.

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