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Well when the promise speaks,

Sweet words of peace to thee;
Well when thy soul with sorrow breakı,

And thou no Christ can see.

'Tis well when Zion's breast

No consolations give;
But better far by faith to rest,

And on the promise live.


2 Cor. y. 4. When languor and disease invade

This trembling house of clay, "Tis sweet to look beyond our cage,

And long to fly away.

Sweet to look back, and see my name

In life's fair book set down; Sweet to look forward, and behold

Eternal joys my own.

Sweet to reflect how grace divine,

My sins on Jesus laid :
Sweet to remember that his blood,

My debt of suffering paid.

Sweet in his righteousness to stand,

Which makes my soul secure; Sweet to experience day by day,

The Spirit's quickening power.

Sweet on his faithfulness to rest,

Whose love can never end; Sweet on the covenant of grace,

In all things to depend.

Sweet in the confidence of faith,

To trust his wise decrees; Sweet to lie passive in his hands,

And know no will but his.

Sweet to look inward, and attend

The whispers of his love;
Sweet to look upward to the place

Where Jesus reigas above.

If such the sweetness of the stream,

What must the fountain be? Where saints and angels draw their bliss

Immediately from thee?

Rev. iii. 4.

In Sardis was found, reserved unto God,
A remnant the Lamb redeem d with his blood;
By right of creation He calld them Bis own.
Ordain'd to salvation, belov'd, and foreknown.
This remnant elect, their garments appear
Out-shining the sun, inore bright and more

fair; Accepted in Jesns, as free from all blame, Deem'd worthy the honour to walk with the


When Sodom of old was deluged by fire, God's mercy and grace saved Lot from Ilis

ire; And still his great mercy and goodness to

shew, This renant in Sardis was precious, though


Herein we can trace, and easily prove.
His care of his Church the etřects of his lore:
In times of declension, iu peril, or war,
Ilis hand shall defend them, he knows illere
they are.

Hold, patience and faith, till Jesus shall rise, And bid thee possess thy seat in the skies : The King in his beauty thine eyes shall survey, And walk with the Lamb in the regions of day

1 Sam. xiy, 8.

Tax lion that on Sampson roar'd.

And thirsted for his blood,'.
With honey afterwards was stor d,'.

And furnish'd him with food.

Believers, as they pass along,

lions meet ;
But gather sweetness from the strong,

And from the eater, meat.

The lions rage and roar in vain,

For Jesus is their shield :
Their losses prove a certain gain,

Their troubles comfort yield.

The world and Satan join their strength :

To fill their souls with fears ;
But crops of joy they reap at length,

From what they sow in tears.

AMictions make them love the word,

Stir up their hearts to prayer, And many precious proofs afford

Of their Redeemer's care.

The lions roar, but cannot kill,

Then fear them not, my friends; They bring us, though against their will,

The honey Jesus sends.


*. Thou hast been my defence and refuge in the day of

my trouble."-Ps, lix. 16. God is our triumph in distress : His children's privilege it is

To smile at tribulation :Jesus, to thee we lift our voice, By grace enabled to rejoice,

In hope of thy salvation.

Ready to hear, O Lord, thou art,.
Mighty to take thy people's part,

And help them in affliction :
Creation kneels to thy command,
Toe saving strength of thy right hand.

Shall be our sure protection.

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