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When from the tomb w

Triumphant o'er his f
He bore his members to

With Jesus they arose.

Great God this union can

By which all things ar
Long as eternal years relva

Or Deity endures.


"By Grace ye are saved."-
GRACE 'tis a charming s011*

Harmonious to the ear,
Heaven with the echo shall

And all the earth shall li**
Grace first contrived a way

To save rebellious man; nd all the wondrous steps cry

That Grace, which drew the Twas Grace that wrote my na

Ia life's eternal book; was Grace that gave me to the 'ho all my sorrows took.


bondmen." -Deut. vi. 21. at Satan's yoke

long opprest; ing fetters broke, Yeary rest.

portant hour,
n made known;
by price and pow'r,
is for his own.

bondage, sin, and death, Wisdom's ways; md our ev'ry breath ve, and praise.buda

pe with him to dwell rld above; ily live to tell his love. De


Eph. ii. 13. No more a child of wrath

Father thy face I see; And praise thee for the work of faith:

Which thou hast wrought in me.

With me thy Spirit strove,

Almighty to retrieve;
Thou saw'st me in a time of love,

And said unto me, live.

By thee made free indeed,

I felt thy gracious words;
Thy mantle over me was spread,

And I became the Lord's.

Jesus, thy son, by grace,

I to the end shall be; Made perfect through thy comeliness

Which I receiv'd from thee.

I drink the living stream

To all believers givin
A fellow citizen with them,

Who dwell in.yonder heav'n..

With all thy chosen band

I trust to see thee there,
And, in thy righteousness, to stand

Undaunted at thy bar.


“Ye were Pharoah's bondmen.”-Dent. vi. 21.

BENEATH the tyrant Satan's yoke

Our souls were long opprest;
Till grace our galling fetters broke,


weary rest.

Jesus, in that important hour,

His mighty arm made known;
He ransom'd us by price and pow'r,

And claim'd us for his own.

Now, freed from bondage, sin, and death,

We walk in Wisdom's ways;
And wish to spend our ev'ry breath

In wonder, love, and praise.

Ere long, we hope with him to dwell

In yonder world above; And now we only live to tell

The riches of his love.


Ezek, xvi. 314.

ONCE perishing in blood I lay,

Creatures no help could give; But Jesus pass'd me in the way,

He saw, and bade me live,

"Though Satan still his rule maintain d,

And all his arts employ'd; ' That mighty word his rage restrain'd,

I could not be destroy d.

At length the time of love arrivd,

When I my Lord should know; Then Satan, of his pow'r deprivid,

Was forc'd to let me go.

Oh can I e'er that day forget,

When Jesus kindly spoke! “Poor soul, my blood has paid thy debt,

And now I break thy yoke.

Henceforth I take thee for my own,

And yive myself to thee;
Forsake the idols thou hast known,

And yield thy heart to me.”'

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