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Jer. xviii. 3, 4.
BEHOLD, the heavenly potter takes
A lump of lifeless clay, and makes
A vessel by his power and skill,
Perfect in nature, free of will.

Alas! this vessel, made so grand,
Is quickly “marred in the hand;"
Perverted, broken, and unclean ;
Marr'd by the cruel hand of sin,

But, O, what love does God display! The vessel is not cast away ; "Tis in his hand, and by him made “ Another vessel," without ajd.

He purifies the marred clay,
And takes sin's bideous form away;
A vessel in his likeness moulds,
Which in his hand he ever holds.

Fill’d with the incense of his love,
"Twill offer praise to him above;
It shall no more be marrd by sin,
For heaven's pure gates shall shut åt in.


Prov. xxv. 4.

The silver ore in nature's mine,

Is mingled with the dross; It must be melted to refine,

But it sustains no loss.

Thus sin is mingled in my heart,

And makes the whole impiire: Dear Lord, perform the finier's part,

And help me to endure.

Melt me, and try me as thou wilt,

Only my dross remove;
Blake me a vessel free from guilt,

And fill me with thy love.

With heavenly lustre make me shine,

Like those around thy throne; Make it appear that I am thine, Renew d by grace

alone. Employ me, while on earth I live,

To testity thy grace:
Then in thy heavenly temple give

To me a vessel's place.

Eph. i 16, 19, and John Xvü. 14
ETERNAL Spirit, let me know

The love of Christ to me;
Its conqu ring quick'ning power beston,

To set my spirit free.
I long to know its depth and height,

To scan its breadth and length;
Drink in its ocean of delight,

And triumph in its strength. It is thine office to reveal

The Saviour's wondrous love;
O, set upon my heart thy seal,

And bless me from above.
Thy quick'ning power to me impart;

And be my constant guide;
Remove my sorrows-warm my heart,
And be ihou glorified.


1 John, iv. 16. What air is that which saints inhale,

And angels feel above ? Jehovah breathes the sacred gale;

"Tis his own essence love.

What holy bond will best unite

The Church of God in one, And till believers with delight ?

'Tis love and that alone.

What gentle power constrains our soul

In wisdom's ways to move, And all our enmity controuls ?

Jehovah says 'tis love.

What fire is that which warms the heart,

And can't destruciive prove; But life and comfort does impart ?

"Tis the sweet flame of love.

O! that this God-like grace may fill

My soul, while here below, And guide me safe to Zion's hill,

Its noblest charms to know.

Cant. vi. 13, and Gal. v. 17.
In yonder Shulamite
What wonders do I see;
The same which, day and night,
Disturb sweet peace in me;

Two armies meet, and each can boast, The conquest of a num rous host.

Troops of corruptions strong,
Claim thousands as their prey,
And o'er the captive throng,

Their cruel sceptre silay;
Till heavenly graces enter in,
And take the prey from hell and sid.

The conflict thus begun,
Will every day increase,
Till victory is won,-

Till sin and sorrow cease ;
Our inbred sins will give us pain,
But graces shall triumphant reign.

The struggle, though severe,
Cannot continue long;
Ye saints, dismiss your fear,

Begin the conqu ror's song;
Our hosts of sin shall all be slain,
And Christ iv us for ever reign

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