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Joshua xvii 12. JEHOvan's tribes, redeem d hy might,

In cov'nant with him stand, But still the cursed Canaanite

Will dwell within their land.

In God's own house they dare intrude,

And with his saints resort;
But in his strengt'i they are subdued,

And under tribute brought.
What comfort, confidence, delights,

Would christians daily share;
But for their in-bred Canaanites,
Alas! they still are there.


Jer. xxxi. 3.
On us Jehovah's love was set,

Before the world began ;
In us he works, and none can let,

Or interrupt his plan.
His work begun by sov reign grace,

Upon the sinner's heart,
The powers of hell can ne'er deface,
By malice, nor by art.


This work the sinner's heart concerns,

It gives him life divine;
And, when creation's fabric burns,

'Twill in perfection shine.

The plan was drawn by cov'nant love,

The structure cannot fall;
God has enroll d each saint above,

And he will save them all.


John viii. 36.

ETERNAL praise to Jesus' name,

Who makes a sinner free; Let saints his sov'reign grace proclaim,

To all eternity.

As free from wrath and hell, we'll sing,

No condemnation now;
As free to love and serve our King,

We'll to his sceptre bow.

As free to walk, and work, and fight;

And take what grace bestows; We'll use our freedom with delight,

and every sin oppose.


“ Shew mo thy glory."--Exodus xxxiii. 18

“ Shew me thy glory," dearest Lord,

Which shines in Jesus' face; A view of cov’nant love afford,

To subjects of thy grace.

“ Shew me thy glory,“ in the plan

Which makes salvation free; “ Shew me thy glory," in the man

Who liv'd and died for me.

Within that rock where thou art seen,

Thy glory, Lord, unfold, Until without a cloud between,

Thy glory I behold.


John xxi. 15.

Do not I love thee, dearest Lord?

Behold my heart, and see; And turn each cursed idol out,

That dares to rival thee.

Do not I love thee from my soul ?

Who first my soul didst love: Dead be my heart to ev'ry joy

Which thou dost not approve.

Is not thy name melodious still

To mine attentive ear ? Does not each pulse wi.h pleasure bound

My Saviour's voice to hear ?

Thou know'st I love thee, dearest Lord,

But oh! I long to soar
Far from the sphere of mortal joys,

And learn to love thee more.


I Cor. xii, 12.
Jesus, since I with thee am one,

Confirm my soul in thee,
And still continue to tread down

'The man of sin in me.

Arm me, O Lord, from head to foot,

With righteousness divile; My soul in Jesus tiimly root,

And seal the Saviour mine.

In life and death be thou my God,

And I am more than safe: Chastis d by thy paternal rod,

Support me with thy staff.

As gold refind may


come out, In sorrow's furnace try'd; Preserv'd from faithlessness and doubt,

And fully purify'd.

CCXLI. “O that my ways were made so direct."'--Ps. cxix 5. O that my ways were made so strait.

And that the lamp of faith Would, as a star, direct my feet

Within the narrow path!

O that thy strength might enter now,

And in my heart abide,
To make me as a faithful bow

That never starts aside!

O that I all to Christ were giv'n,

(From sin and earth set free) Who kindly laid aside his heav'n, And gave himself for me!

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