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Day and night they cry before Him,

Holy, holy, holy, Lord;
All the powers of heaven adore Him,

All obey his sovereign word:
Then haste, ye saints, your tribute bring,
And crown him everlasting King.


“ For he cometh to judge the earth.”—Ps. xcviii 9.

JESUS comes by crowds attended,

Heaven the dazzling train supplies ;
Calls the dead, the night is ended,
Let the sleeping dust arise.

Let the ransomed,
Join the Saviour in the skies.

See he comes the Lord from heaven,

He who bore the cross below;
All the power to him is given,
Many crowns adorn his brow :

Great his glory,
Every knee to him shall bow.


See the nations all assembling,

Stand before the Saviour's throne ;
Thousands at his presence trembling,
Hope extinguished, pleasures gone :

Calling, seeking,
For relief and finding none.

But his people they who knew him

And on earth his name confessed ;
These the Saviour welcomes to him,
These he makes supremely blessed :

Sweet their portion,
Christ their everlasting rest.


“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow."

Phil. ii. 10.

Every knee shall bow to Jesus,

'Tis decreed and must be done;
God ordains it, whom it pleases,

Thus to glorify his Son;
Honour is to Jesus given,
All the power in earth and heaven.

See the Saviour risen victorious,

Once a prisoner with the dead ; 0, methinks the sight is glorious,

Jesus risen his people's head. Crowns adorn the victor's brow, Every knee to Him shall bow. See him now to glory raised,

Bearing an unrivalled name; Angels at the sight amazed,

Worship and confess his claim; All in heaven adore Him now, Every knee to Him shall bow. Hark the trumpet loudly sounding,

Now proclaims the judge is near ; Jesus comes his foes confounding,

Jesus to his people dear;
Lo he comes in yonder cloud,
Every knee to Him is bowed.


Luke i, 32, 33,
Zion's King shall reign victorious,

All the earth shall own his sway; He will make his kingdom glorious, He will reign through endless day.

What though none on earth assist Him,

God requires not help from man; What though all the world resist him,

God will realize his plan.

Nations now from God estranged,

Then shall see a glorious light; Night to day shall then be changed,

Heaven shall triumph in the sight: See the ancient idols falling,

Worshipped once but now abhorred; Men on Zion's king are calling,

Zion's king by all adored.

Then shall Israel long dispersed,

Mourning seek the Lord their God: Look on him who cnce they pierced,

Own and kiss the chastening rod. Then all Israel shall be saved,

War and tumult then shall cease; While the Son, and Lord of David,

Rules the conquered world in peace..


-Rev. xi. 15.

“ He shall reign for ever and ever.'

Rev xix. 16.

Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious,

See “ the Man of Sorrows“ now
From the fight returned victorious,
Every knee to him shall bow :

Crown him, crown him,
Crowns become the Victor's brow.

Crown the Saviour, angels crown him,

Rich the trophies Jesus brings ;
In the seat of power enthrone him,
While the vault of heaven rings;

Crown him, crown him,
Crown the Saviour, “ King of kings.”

Sinners in derision crowned him,

Mocking thus the Saviour's claim;
Saints and angels crowd around him,
Own his title, praise his name;

Crown him, crown him,
Spread abroad the Victor's fáme.

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