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“ He is brought as a Lamb to the slaughter."

Isaiah liii. 7.
As a lamb led forth to slaughter,

Jesus on his way proceeds;
See his foes are filled with laughter,

While the patient victim bleeds;
Jesus dies by man abhorred,
Jesus chosen of the Lord.

Jesus died in love to others,

Greater love hath none than this; Love of kindred, love of mothers,

Feeble is compared to His: Who can tell its breadth and length ? Who its depth, its height, its strength ?

Come, my soul, look here and wonder,

Here's a sight to cause surprise; Well the rocks might cleave asurder,

Well might darkness veil the skies; 'Twas the voice of nature then, Nature's voice reproving men.

Now let others boast of doing,

We have no such plea as this; Christ alone prevents our going

Down to hell's profound abyss : Thire the tribute of our praise, Thine the remnant of our days.



"He was wounded for our transgressions, he was

bruised for our iniquities,” &c. Is. liii. 5.

Jesus drains the cup of sorrows;

See, he lies beneath our load ; Gives his life a ransom for us,

And redeems us by His blood : Was there ever love like this? Was ere ever grief like His ?

Jesus is “ a man of sorrows,'

Here he claims pre-eminence; See Him: pierced by heaven's own arrows:

See Him die for our offence: We, like sheep, had gone astray, Jesus takes our sin away.

Jesus suffers-wondrous victim,

"Tis the Son of God who dies : Heaven and earth and hell afflict him,

Justice claims the sacrifice: Darkness now exerts its power, Darkness reigns this fearful hour. Come, ye saints, look here and wonder,

Come, behold what love could do ; Gaze upon

the victim yonder,
Jesus suffered thus for you:
Bid adieu to low desire,
Here let earthly love expire.

Eph. iv. 8.-Rom viii. 34.
The happy morn is come,

Triumphant o'er the grave;
The Saviour leaves the tomb,

Almighty now to save;
Captivity is captive led,
Since Jesus liveth, who was dead.
Who now accuseth them,

For whom their surety died ?
Or who shall those condemn,
Whom God hath justified.

Captivity is captive led,
Since Jesus liveth, who was dead.
Christ hath the ransom paid,

The glorious work is done;
On hiin our help is laid,

The victory is won.
Captivity is captive led,
Since Jesus liveth, who was dead.
Hail, thou triumphant Lord,

The resurrection thou;
Hail, thon incarnate Word,

Before thy throne we bow:
Captivity is captive led,
For Jesus liveth, who was dead.

CCCI. “ The Lord is risen indeed.”—Luke xxiv. 34. " The Lord is risen indeed."

Then is his work performed; The captive surety now is freed,

And death, our foe, disarmed. • The Lord is risen indeed,"

Then hell hath lost its prey; With Him is risen the ransomed seed,

To reign in endless day.

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The Lord is risen indeed,"

He lives to die no more;
He lives the sinners cause to plead,

Whose curse and shame he bore.

« The Lord is risen indeed,"

This yields my soul a plea;
He bore the punishment decreed,

And satisfied for me.


“ He is not here, but is risen."--Luke xxiv. 6.

Corist, the Lord, is risen to day,

Hallelujah! Sons of men and angels say; Bear your joys and triumphs high, Sing, ye heavens; and earth reply,

Lives again our glorious King,

Hallelujah! Where, 0 death! is now thy sting? Lo! he died his Church to save, Where's thy victory. O grave?

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