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ut the plan Himself had forined, Ere like sheep we went astray; hey (said God) shall call me Father, Nor from me shall turn away. 1bba, FATHER! still we call, gc.

nd the richest stores of pardon

God sets forth in Christ his Son, Vith the Spirit's grace to guide us-Safe to bring his children home. ibba, Father ! makes all certain,

Both by word, by oath, and blood : Ibba saith, they are my people,

And they say—the Lord's my God! Abba, FATHER! still we call, &c.

Hence through all our changing seasons,

Trouble, sorrow, sickness, woe; Nothing changes God's affection,

Abba's love will bring us through. Soon shall all thy blood-bought children

Round thy throne their anthems raise ; And in songs of rich salvation,

Shout to Abba endless praise. Abba, FATHER! still we call, &c.



We bless thee, O! thou great Amen,
Jehovah's pledge to sinful men,

Confirming all his word;
No promises are doubtful then,
For all are Yea, and all Amen,

In Jesus Christ our Lord.

Secured in this, the church on high,
And all below, unceasing cry

Amen! Amen! Amen!
To thee, O Lord ! all praise is given,
The loud response of earth and heaven;

All hail, thou great Amen!

Sweet Ordinance of God to bless,
By Him the Lord our Righteousness,

By Him, I say again :
This Mighty Him makes all things sure
Through life, in death, and evermore,

In Him, the great Amen.
Secured in this, the Church, gc.

O faithful Witness of our God,
Who came by water and by blood,

Proving the Holy One!
Thy record must for ever stand,
Of life eternal from God's hand,
To all in Thee, his Son.
Secured in this, the Church, fc.

Sweetly thy Verilys we hear,
For God's Amen dispels all fear,

Thy faithfulness it proves :
And while such grace from God is shewn,
To God's Amen, we add our own,

Our so be it God loves.
Secured in this, the Church, gc.

Ye saints of God, in age or youth, Who swear by Him, the God of truth,

By Him I say again;
Make Him whom God hath made to you
Your Alpha and Omega too,
God's Christ is

Secured in this, the Church, &c.


Nor less above, ye heavenly host,
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Give praise, through Him, with men For of Him, through Him, by Him, sur The Church shall glory evermore,

In Him, the great Amen.
Secured in this, the Church, fc.



Roach Jehovah ! glorious Lord, Voucbsafe thy presence with thy word,

To all thy Church around;
Lord ! give to each of thine now here,
The seeing eye, the hearing ear,

To know the joyful sound !
Without renewings of thy grace,
To see God's glory in Christ's face,

And manifest the Lord;
Our ordinance will barren prove,
Not one will taste of Jesus' love,

Or savor in thy word.

Oh' Ruach ! on Christ's garden blow,
And cause the spices all to flow,

for grace each suits; For then will our Beloved come, Into this garden of his own,

And eat his pleasant fruits.

"Tis thine, O Lord, in blessing thus,
To take of Christ's and shew to us,

Of Him and His, im part;
And thine no less the same to prove,
And shed abroad the Father's love,

In each renewed heart: "Tis thine in prayer to help complaints ; To quicken sinners, comfort saints,

And weary souls refresh; The heart of stone to take away, (Lord! there are many here this day.)

Oh, give them hearts of flesh.
Almighty Lord ! let all around,
In sweet communion now abound,

With God, and God's dear Son ;
If Thou wilt open to our view
The love of each; and draw us too ;

Then will our hearts be won.

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