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Oh! glorious plan of grace,

Who shall thy limits know? Forbear, my soul, to trace;

With God 'twas even so; ”Tis like Jehovah's glorious name, In height, in depth, and length, the same.

This was the deep profound,

In which thy sins were thrown;
His mercy who shall sound?

His love was never known:
O tell my soul, 'twas love in Thee,
That grace design'd for worthless me.

And is my name enroll’d;

Do Thou my soul assure ; Am I within that fold

Which Jesus keeps secure ?. Then hold my feet in Zion's way,Till Thee I meet in endless day.


Col. i. 26.
GREAT was the myst’ry of that grace,
That chose, from Adam's fallen race,
Ten thousand thousand sons, to praise
Its glories thro' eternal days.

Here the divine perfections meet,
Mercy and truth each other greet ;
Justice and peace, in Jesus, see,
Unite in sacred harmony.

Great was the myst’ry of that love,
When Jesus left his throne above,
Expos'd his life and precious blood,
To bring rebellious man to God.

By man came death, sin, hell, and shame;
By man the resurrection came;
He bruis'd the subtile serpent's head,
And captive all his captives led.

Great was the mystry, truly great,
That hell's designs should hell defeat;
But here eternal wisdom shines,
For Satan works what God designs

Oh! deep abyss of love profound,
Too vast for angel-minds to sound;
To scan the same our thoughts are lost;
Hail Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


Is, xxvi. 1.

SALVATION is the wall,

Around God's city built,
Where he receives and shelters all,

Who flee to him from guilt.

'Tis not of stone or brass,

But Jesu's merits sure;
Which highest heaven in height surpass,

And beyond time endure.

No man nor creature made,

The least of all its length;
Complete and perfect without aid

By God's almighty strength.

No storms, no fire, no flood,

Can pierce it or deface;
Cemented fast with purest blood,

Adorned with living grace.

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It's gates still open wide,

To save from every sin ;
But none without a heavenly guide

pass or enter in.

Jesus the Guide art thou,

The Gate, the Tower, the Wall, Our Rock, our Rest, our Refuge now,

Our Strength, our All-in-all.


Rom. viii, 35.

Who shall His own from Him divide ?

From Jesus and His love ? Who break the glorious bond that joins

The church to God above?

Let troubles rise and terrors frown,

And days of darkness fall; Thro’ Christ all dangers we defy,

And more than conquer all.

Nor death, nor life, nor earth, nor hell,

Nor time nor creature-sway, Can e'er efface us from his heart,

Or make his love decay.

Each future period God will bless,

As he hath blest the past, Ile loved us from eternity,

And in his love will rest.


Rom, viii, 33, 34. Who shall condemn the Lord's elect? Or what their safety can effect ? He cancels every charge with blood, His people they himself their God. Who shall condemn ?-'tis Christ who died Tis Jesus who was crucified; Yea, rather who is risen again, His work, his offering, not in vain. Who now is placed at God's right hand, While wondering angels round him stand? Who maketh intercession there, For all his ransomed people here? What then shall part us from his love? Shall aught below, or aught above?

since the Saviour died and rose, Ilis saints shall vanquish all their foes.


Jer. xxiii, 6. FOUNTAIN of never ceasing grace,

Thy saints exhaustless theme', Great object of immortal praise, Essentially supreme;



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