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“To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.”—Eph. i. 6. Lord of creation's wondrous frame

And Israel's faithful God Our song shall loud thy grace proclaim

And sound thy fame abroad.

Salvation came from thee alone,

Thy glorious grace to praise, Planned by the sacred Three-in-One,

From everlasting days.

Long ere the day when Adam fell,

Or earth was cursed for sin ;
That covenant made in all things well

Held all the chosen .in.

Deep in the eternal annals graved

Their worthless names are found, Saved in the Lord, for ever saved,

And in life’s bundle bound.

Thus till the affections of our God,

From Jesus shall remove,
So long the purchase of his blood

Will God the Father love.

II. “According as he hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him."-Eph, i. 4. In union with the Lamb

From condemnation free,
The saints from everlasting were

And shall for ever be.

In covenant from of old,

The sons of God they were; The feeblest Lamb in Jesu's fold,

Was blest in Jesus there,

It's bonds shall never break,

Tho' earth's old columns bow ;
The strong, the tempted, and the weak,

Are one in Jesus now.

When storms and tempests rise,

Or sins their peace assail, Their hope in Jesus never dies,

'Tis cast within the veil.

Here let the weary rest

Who love the Saviour's name;
Tho' with no sweet enjoyment blest,

This covenant stands the same.


BEFORE the day-star knew its place,

Or planets wert their round, The church, in bonds of sov'reign grace

Were one with Jesus found.

In him the church, great mystery!

Fulfill'd the law's demands; Tis "I in them, and they in me,”

For thus the union stands.

"Twas for his saints he tasted death;

All glory to his name;
Yet when he yields his dying breath,

With him his saints o'ercame.

Since Jesus slept among the dead,

His saints have nought to fear; For with their glorious Suff'ring Head;...

His members sojourn'd there.

When from the tomb we saw him rise,

Triumphant o'er his foes,
He bore his members to the skies;

With Jesus they arose.

Great God this union can't dissolve,

By which all things are ours; Long as eternal years revolve,

Or Deity endures.


“By Grace ye are saved.”—Eph. ii. 5. GRACE 'tis a charming sound

Harmonious to the ear,
Heaven with the echo shall resound

And all the earth shall hear.

Grace first contrived a way

To save rebellious man;
And all the wondrous steps display

That Grace, which drew the plan.

'Twas Grace that wrote my name

In life's eternal book; 'Twas Grace that gave me to the Lamb:

Who all my sorrows took.

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