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We bless thee for the glorious fruits

Thy incarnation gives ; The righteousness which grace imputes,

And faith alone receives.

Whom heaven's angelic host adores,

Was slaughter'd for our sin,
The guilt, O Lord, was wholly ours,

The punishment was thine:
Our God in flesh, to set us free,

Was manifested here; And meekly bare our sins,

His righteousness might wear.

that we,

Imputatively guilty then

Our substitute was made,
That we the blessings might obtain

For which his blood was shed:
Himself he offer d on the cross,

Our sorrows to remove; And all he suffer d was for us,

And all he did was love.


Jer. xxxiii. 16.
IN Christ we have a righteousness,

By God himself approv'd,

Our rock, our sure foundation this,

Which never can be mov'd.
Our ransom by his death he paid,

For all his people giv'n,
The law he perfectly obey'd,

That they might enter heav'n.

As all, when Adam sinn'd alone,

In his transgression dy'd,
So by the righteousness of one,

Are sinner's justify’d.
We to thy merit, gracious Lord,

With humblest joy submit,
Again to Paradise restor’d,
In thee alone complete.

Our souls his watchful love retrieves,

Nor lets them go astray,
His righteousness to us he gives,

And takes our sins away:
We claim salvation in his right,

Adopted and forgiv'n,
His merit is our robe of light,

His death the gate of heav'n.


Heb. xiii. 12.

O Thou who didst thy glory leave,
Apostate sinners to retrieve,

From nature's deadly fall;
Me thou hast purchas'd with a price,
Nor shall my crimes in judgment rise,

For thou hast borne them all.

Jesus was punish'd in my stead,
Without the gate my surety bled,

To expiate my stain;
On earth the Godhead deign’d to dwell,
And made of infinite avail,

The suff'rings of man.

And was he for his rebels giv'n?
He was: th' incarnate King of heav'n

Did for his foes expire ;
Amaz'd, O earth, the tidings hear;
He bore, that we might never bear,

His Father's righteous ire.

Ye saints, the man of sorrows bless,
The God for your unrighteousness,

Deputed to atone:

Praise him 'till with the heav'nly throng, Ye sing the never-ending song,

And see him on his throne.


Rev. vii, 10.


The saints exulting stand;
And tell the wonders he hath done,

Through all their land.

The listening hosts attend,

And swell the growing fame,
And sing, in songs which never end,

The wondrous name !

The God who reigns on high,

Enraptur'd angels sing;
And, Holy, Holy, Holy, cry,

Almighty KING!

Who wast, and art the same, And evermore shalt be ; JEHOVAH, FATHER, great I AM We worship Thee!

Before the SAVIOUR's face

The ransom'd nations bow, O'erwhelm'd at his almighty grace,

For ever new :

He shows his prints of love

They kindle to a flame!
And sound thro' all the worlds above

The slaughter'd LAMB!

The whole triumphant host

Give thanks to God on high ; Hail, FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,

They ever cry;

Hail, Abraham's God, and mine!

I join the heavenly lays :
All might and majesty be thine,

And endless praise !

XLVI. “He is Lord of all.”-Acts, x. 36. All hail! the great Immanuel's name,

Lo! angels prostrate fall, Before his Father's throne above,

And crown Him Lord of all..

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