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But Christ a substitute

Obedient till he died,
In everlasting righteousness,

The Law hath magnified.

Thus as by one's offence,

Thousands were sinners made, Blameless and just do thousands stand,

In Jesus Christ their Ilead.

Children whom God to him

From everlasting gave,
True members of His Christ to be,

In love and power to sare.

Hence in that glorious day

When Jesus shall appear,
We in the Lord our righteousness,

Righteous shall shine and clear.

And thro' eternal years,

We'll glory in the Lord, Who for his church and his own name,

Became the incarnate Word.

Heb. x. 4, 5.

Not all the blood of beasts

On Jewish altars slain, Could give the guilty conscience peace,

Or wash away the stain.

But Christ the heavenly Lamb,

Takes all our sins away; A sacrifice of nobler name,

And richer blood then they.

By faith I lay my hand,

On that dear head of thine; While like a penitent I stand,

And there confess my sin.

My soul looks back to see,

The burdens thou didst bear, When hanging on the accursed tree,

For all my guilt was there.

Believing we rejoice,

Our life is hid above; We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice,

We sing Immanuel's love.


1 Pet. i. 2. Jesus thy blood and righteousness My beauty are, my glorious dress; Fully absolved thro' thee I am, From sin and fear, from guilt and shame, Thy righteousness the same appears, Tho' seasons pass and rolling years; No age can change its glorious hue, The robe of Christ is ever new. Thus Abraham the friend of God, Thus all the armies bought with blood; Saviour of sinners thee proclaim, Sinners of whom the chief I am.

Bold shall we stand in the great day, For who ought to our charge shall lay; Our beauty this, our glorious dress, Jesus the Lord our Righteousness.


Luke, vii. 42.
Ten thousand talents once I owd,

And nothing had to pay;
But Jesus freed me from the load,

And wash'd my debt away.

Yet since the Lord forgave my sin,

And blotted out my score; Much more indebted I have been,

Then e'er I was before

My guilt is all remov'd I know,

And satisfaction made;
But the vast debt of love I owe,

Can never be repaid !

The love I owe for sin forgive,

For grace, by which I live, For present peace, and promis'd heaven,

No angel can conceive.

And O! thou bleeding sinner's Friend,

The love that fills thine heart! My little all can ne'er extend

To pay a thousandth part.

Nay more, the poor returns I make,

I first from thee obtain;
And 'tis of grace that thou wilt take

These poor returns again.

'Tis well :-it shall my glory be,

(Let who will boast their store,) In time, and through eternity,

To owe thee more and more.


Can. vi. 10. 1 Cor. i. 30.

Fair as the moon my robes appear,

For Jesus is my dress; Clear as the sun, being found to wear

The Saviour's righteousness.

In Christ arrayed, my robes of light

The morning rays outshine; The stars of heaven are not so bright,

Nor angels half so fine.

Then let the law in rigour stand,

And for perfection call, My Lord discharged the whole demand,

My surety paid it all.

Let every high self-righteous thought,

Be utterly cast down;
Grace hath alone salvation wrought,

And grace shall wear the crown.

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