Lokmata Ahilyabai: Lokmata Ahilyabai: Arvind Javlekar's Account of an Inspirational Queen and Philanthropist

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Prabhat Prakashan, Jan 1, 2002 - Biography & Autobiography - 152 pages

Lokmata Ahilyabai by Arvind Javlekar: Lokmata Ahilyabai by Arvind Javlekar brings to light the extraordinary life and legacy of Queen Ahilyabai Holkar, one of India's most revered female rulers. This compelling biography explores Ahilyabai's ascension to power, her remarkable leadership in the 18th century, and her enduring impact on the region of Malwa. Javlekar paints a vivid portrait of a visionary queen, shedding light on her administrative acumen, her commitment to welfare, and her contributions to art and culture. Through meticulous research and engaging storytelling, this book pays homage to the indomitable spirit of Lokmata Ahilyabai.

Key Points:
Chronicles Ahilyabai's journey from a young widow to becoming the ruler of Malwa, highlighting her exceptional leadership skills and her ability to navigate complex political landscapes.
Explores Ahilyabai's progressive governance, focusing on her efforts in infrastructure development, social welfare, and religious patronage, which transformed the region and earned her the title of Lokmata (Mother of the People).
Examines Ahilyabai's enduring legacy, including her architectural contributions, her support for the arts and education, and her significance as a role model for women in leadership, making her a revered figure in Indian history.



Holkar Kingdom in Malwa Province
Daughter of Maharashtra Daughterinlaw of Malwa
Separation from Husband
Discharging Duties
Death of FatherinLaw
Separation from Son
Humiliation of Raghoba
The New Capital
Suppression of the Revolt
Unparallel Construction
Inspiration to Anant Fandi
Death of the Grandson Nathyaba
Fate of Muktabai
Moments of Solitude
The Final Journey
Rule of Devi Ahilya

Marriage of Daughter

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Lokmata Ahilyabai by Arvind Javlekar: Arvind Javlekar, an accomplished author and historian, pays homage to the inspiring life of Lokmata Ahilyabai, the revered queen and ruler of the Malwa kingdom. With a passion for uncovering the forgotten stories of powerful women in history, Javlekar meticulously researches Ahilyabai's life and reign, bringing her remarkable journey to the forefront. Through a combination of historical records, anecdotes, and cultural context, Javlekar paints a vivid picture of Ahilyabai's governance, her commitment to social welfare, and her indomitable spirit. With his engaging narrative style and deep reverence for his subject, Javlekar brings Ahilyabai's story to life, shedding light on her impact on society and her lasting legacy. Lokmata Ahilyabai stands as a testament to Javlekar's dedication to preserving and celebrating the stories of influential women throughout history.

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