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George W. Childs, 1868 - Bibliography, National

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Page 316 - Ganot's Elementary Treatise on Physics, Experimental and Applied, for the use of Colleges and Schools. Translated and edited by E. ATKINSON, FCS Seventh Edition, with 4 Coloured Plates and 758 Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 15.?.
Page 163 - A TREATISE ON THE METALLURGY OF IRON : containing Outlines of the History of Iron Manufacture, Methods of Assay, and Analyses of Iron Ores, Processes of Manufacture of Iron and Steel, &c. By H. BAUERMAN, FGS, Associate of the Royal School of Mines.
Page 242 - Chemistry, Medicine, Surgery, and the Allied Sciences. A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of other Sciences.
Page 279 - Commentaries on the Law of Promissory Notes, and Guaranties of Notes and Checks on Banks and. Bankers, with Occasional Illustrations from the Commercial Law of the Nations of Continental Europe.
Page 218 - THE BLOW-PIPE : A System of Instruction in its practical use being a graduated course of Analysis for the use of students, and all those engaged in the Examination of Metallic Combinations. Second edition, with an appendix and a copious index. By GEORGE W.
Page 307 - Druggists' General Receipt Book. Comprising A Copious Veterinary Formulary, Recipes in Patent and Proprietary Medicines, Druggists' Nostrums, etc. ; Perfumery and Cosmetics, Beverages, Dietetic Articles and Condiments, Trade Chemicals, Scientific Processes, and an Appendix of Useful Tables.
Page 273 - A General Treatise on the Manufacture of Vinegar : Theoretical and Practical. Comprising the various Methods, by the Slow and the Quick Processes, with Alcohol, Wine, Grain, Malt, Cider, Molasses, and Beets ; as well as the Fabrication of Wood Vinegar, etc., etc.
Page 7 - I have been told by an eminent bookseller that in no branch of his business, after tracts of popular devotion, were so many books as those on the law exported to the plantations. The colonists have now fallen into the way of printing them for their own use. I hear that they have sold nearly as many of Blackstone's Commentaries in America as in England.
Page 19 - Lange, DD, in connection with a number of eminent European Divines. Translated from the German, and edited, with Additions, original and selected, by Philip Schaff, DD, in connection with American Divines of various Evangelical Denominations.
Page 182 - To turn votaries to his shrine. Think not, reader, me less blest, Sleeping in this narrow cist, Than if my ashes did lie hid Under some stately pyramid. If a rich tomb makes happy, then That bee was happier far than men, Who busy in the...

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