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Could have been a pamphlet and gotten the same info across. They used their own advice, but I did not find it compelling. There are some salient, good points. Read full review

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Persuasiveness has always been a very important aspect of advertising, politics, and a myriad other professions that rely heavily on the opinions and attitudes of others in order to exist and make an impact on the world. For the better or worse, in modern world an increasing number of professions fall into this category. Weather we are trying to teach someone a new skill, persuade a boss or a colleague, or ace a job interview, we need to be able to present our ideas effectively. We need to make them stick.
"Made to Stick" expands on the idea of "stickiness" popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in "The Tipping Point." Brothers Heath have spent many years working in their respective fields - organizational behavior and education - and have jointly come up with their idea of what makes ideas particularly "sticky." Their prescription, and the outline of this book, is organized around the acronym SUCCES (with last s omitted):
* Simple -- find the core of any idea
* Unexpected -- grab people's attention by surprising them
* Concrete -- make sure an idea can be grasped and remembered later
* Credible -- give an idea believability
* Emotional -- help people see the importance of an idea
* Stories -- empower people to use an idea through narrative
The book provides many useful examples and anecdotes that make these concepts stand out and become relevant in your own life. In fact, it follows more or less its own prescription, which is one of the reasons why it's such a good read. After going through it I've found myself thinking about making my own writing (and hopefully my Amazon reviews in particular) stickier.
One caveat about the books and works of this kind is the same one that has been at the root of all the criticisms of persuasiveness, from Socrates to this day. Just making ideas sticky and memorable does not make them any more relevant or even true. I can think of many examples of sticky ideas in today's culture and politics, and even in this very book, that have gotten much more attention and credibility because of their stickiness. Ultimately, it is our own responsibility to be alert and vigilant for the discrepancies between flowery rhetoric and the content of the message. This has been one constant throughout the history of our culture and society.

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HGH- Some Facts and Aging
HGH, the human growth hormone, is responsible for the growth of human body and for the reproduction of the human cells. The place of origination of this hormone is the
anterior pituitary gland. However, HGH is also used as a drug for humans. This is specifically for those who have a severe deficiency of this hormone. The children who have growth problems are also prescribed this hormone by the doctors. It is not an illegal drug, but still the safety of the drug is not a hundred percent. Secondly, the hormone itself is not fully explored. It is known to be complex and a high percentage of it is unknown. It was not possible earlier to see that the drug has been used or not in sports. It was not possible till as late as the year 2000 that the drug could be known to be taken. It was only then possible to see the difference between what was naturally there and what was artificially taken. There are also many side effects of this hormone drug known. Some of these are not so threatening and common. Some are rare. It has been observed that the injection reaction is common. The rare side effects include a pain in joints, a swelling of joints and an increase in the risk of acquiring hepatitis.
This hormone drug called HGH is known to slow down the process of aging. If it is prescribed by the doctor, it is fine. Self medication is always a risk in the intake of any medicine, so it is a risk in the intake of HGH as well. It is not for the natural deficiency of the human growth hormones in the body that comes with aging for everyone. It is for the rare cases where the aging is becoming rapid or unusual due to the unnatural deficiency. A good use of this drug is its use for the patients with Aids whose muscle are wasted due to this sickness of fatal nature. On the other hand, people use this hormone to reduce wrinkles as well. It is useful for the reduction of fats from the body and the comeback of energy and vitality. Some other benefits include a faster recovery from the injuries to the body, a low cholesterol rate and good hair. However, no one can be sure of the results. There are reportedly all kinds of results as regards to the use of this drug. There are very positive results and sometimes there are rarely negative results too. This is because of a simple reason; every human being is unique and human bodies vary. No two people are alike. Hence the varied reactions are a must.

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One of the best books I've ever read, about anything. Highly recommended.

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Storytelling is such a powerful tool. People like to be drawn in and participate. Made to Stick gives some great tips and points on being a great storyteller.

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can't say it better than any of the other reviews but this book is a must read for anyone who has a message to send to the people around them... changed the way i interact.

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There are two parts to ideas- the part where you tell something, and the part that sticks in their head: now, if you are telling someone something, it means you want to get the idea across- how do you do it?
This is where this book comes in.
I hope they don't have a copyright on this, but the authors summarize this nicely: SUCCESS
Your idea should be Simple, and it should have an element of the Unexpected, and it should be Concrete and Credible, it should relate to Emotions, and it works better if there is a Story in it.
Put it this, it sounds so ordinary- like a proverb or something- which of course, you can say it is; but there is profound truth in it. Like in a proverb.
The proverb, "A bird in hand is worth two", sticks around, right?
what is so great about it?
It is simple- you get the core message in a jiffy; it has an element of surprise (not now, may be the first time you heard it), it is concrete- talks about things you can see and feel, okay it is not authoritative- may be you can take the age of this proverb as some sort of credibility-, and you can project some emotions and a story line into it.
This is what the book is about- and it contains lots and lots of anecdotes, which make it easy reading- but me, I got the first chapter about being Simple, and that is what sticks in my head.

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Reading this now. No rating to give it yet.

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