A Treatise on Industrial Photometry with Special Application to Electric Lighting

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Page 5 - With extensive additions in recent practice in the Combustion and Economy of Fuel, Coal, Coke, Wood. Peat, Petroleum, etc.
Page 35 - Magneto-electric and Dynamoelectric Machines: their Construction and Practical Application to Electric Lighting, and the Transmission of Power. Translated from the third German edition by NS Keith and Percy Neymann, Ph.D. With very large additions and notes relating to American Machines, by NS Keith. Vol.
Page 25 - Meteorology i2mo, i 50 Monckton, CCF Radiotelegraphy. (Westminster Series.) 8vo, *2 oo Monteverde, RD Vest Pocket Glossary of English-Spanish, SpanishEnglish Technical Terms...
Page 45 - WILLIAMSON, RS On the Use of the Barometer on Surveys and Reconnoissances. Part I. Meteorology in its Connection with Hypsometry. Part II. Barometric Hypsometry. With illustrative tables and engravings. 4to, cloth....
Page 12 - THE MANUFACTURE OF ALUM AND THE SULPHATES AND OTHER SALTS OF ALUMINA AND IRON. Their Uses and Applications as Mordants in Dyeing and Calico Printing, and their other Applications in the Arts, Manufactures, Sanitary Engineering, Agriculture and Horticulture. Translated from the French of LUCIEN GESCHWIND. 195 Illustrations.
Page 46 - TEXTILE RAW MATERIALS AND THEIR CONVERSION INTO YARNS. (The Study of the Raw Materials and the Technology of the Spinning Process.) By JULIUS ZIPSER. Translated from German by CHARLES SALTER. 302 Illustrations. 500 pp. Demy 8vo.
Page 36 - A Manual of Marine Engineering. Comprising the Designing, Construction and Working of Marine Machinery.
Page 36 - A Reissue of THE HISTORY OF THE STAFFORDSHIRE POTTERIES ; AND THE RISE AND PROGRESS OF THE MANUFACTURE OF POTTERY AND PORCELAIN. With References to Genuine Specimens, and Notices of Eminent Potters. By SIMEON SHAW. (Originally published in 1829.) 265 pp.
Page 6 - TRAMWAYS : THEIR CONSTRUCTION AND WORKING. Embracing a Comprehensive History of the System ; with an exhaustive Analysis of the various Modes of Traction, including...
Page 19 - KANSAS CITY BRIDGE, THE. With an Account of the Regimen of the Missouri River and a Description of the Methods used for Founding in that River, by O. Chanute, Chief Engineer, and George Morison, Assistant Engineer.

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