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When, marshall’d on the nightly plain,
When Power Divine, in mortal form,
When restless on my bed I lie,
When the dangerous rocks are pass’d,
When, thoughtful, to the vault of heaven,
When the radiant morn of creation broke,
When thou art in thy chamber, and thy knee,
Where can I go from Thee!
Where shall the child of sorrow find,
Where then may Peace erect her steadfast throne ? .
Whoe'er, like me, with trembling anguish brings,
While yet she lived she walked alone,
Without a shade, where beams the orient light,
With silent awe I hail the sacred morn,


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Ye are fair, ye are fair; and your pensive rays,
Ye midnight shades, o'er nature spread, .

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As the good shepherd leads his sheep

Through paths secure,
And, while a-fold by night they sleep

Doth keep them sure;
So the True Shepherd, Christ, our souls doth guide,
Safe in his eye, protected by his side.
Great Shepherd ! do we know thy voice,

And follow thee?
Is thy safe fold our rule and choice,

From bondage free?
Upheld by faith the obedient sheep shall stand,
“And none shall pluck them from thy Father's hand.”
But O! what mortal tongue shall sing

Thy wondrous love?
Death could not with his threaten'd sting

Thy purpose move:
Conqueror of death, and pledge of life to rise,
Joy of the earth, and heir of subject skies.

Shepherd! with joy we hear thy call

That leads to heaven:
Let none from that salvation fall,

So freely given!
But, as thy sacred records long foretold,
Be the wide-peopled earth one happy fold.”

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No moon hung o'er the sleeping earth;

But, on their thrones of light,
The stars, that sung ere morning's birth,

Filled the blue vault of night
With heavenly music :-earthly ears

Not often catch the hymn;
It was

the music of the spheres,"
The song of seraphim.
But there were those, in Judah's land,

Who watched, that night, their fold,
That heard the song of the angel band,

As o'er them was unrolled
The starry glory; and there came

This burst of heavenly song
From mellow tubes and lips of flame,

In chorus loud and long :-
“To God be glory! for, this day,

Hath shot from Judah's stem
A BRANCH that ne'er shall know decay :

The royal diadem

Shall grace the brows of one whom ye

Shall in a manger find;
For, him hath God raised up, to be

The Savior of mankind.

“To God be glory! Peace on earth!

Glory to God again!
For, with this infant Savior's birth

There comes good will to men!”
Good will to men! O God, we hail

This, of thy law the sum :
For, as this shall o'er earth prevail,



How shall I know thee in the sphere which keeps

The disembodied spirits of the dead,
When all of thee that time could wither sleeps

And perishes among the dust we tread ?
For I shall feel the sting of ceaseless pain

If there I meet thy gentle presence not,
Nor hear the voice I love, nor read again

In thy serenest eyes the tender thought.
Will not thy own meek heart demand me there?

That heart whose fondest throbs to me were given? My name on earth was ever in thy prayer,

Shall it be banished from thy tongue in heaven? In meadows fanned by heaven's life-breathing wind,

In the resplendence of that glorious sphere,

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