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Page. Resignation,

Chatterton. 55 Prayer,

Montgomery. 57 A Fragment found in á Skeleton Case, Anonymous

. 58 Peace of Mind,

Henry Moore. 59 The Missionary,

Montgomery. 60 TIA Home everywhere,

S. Graham. 63 The dying blind Boy to his Mother, London World.66 İThe Voice und Temple of Nature, J. Brandon. 68 ILove,

Southey. 69 İThe Orphan's Hymn, From the Jubilee Herald. 70 ** that I had Wings like a Dove,

T. T. 71 Autumn,

Southey. 72 "Ye are the Sali of the Earth,” i Mrs. Barbauld. 74 Psalm ciii.,

Montgomery. 76 Prayer for 'Resignation,

Burns. 77 Psalm xlvi.,

Montgomery. 78 Psalm xxiii.,

Addison. 79 The Star of Bethlehem,

H. K. White. 80 The Power of God,

Id. 81 Ode to Disappointment,

Id. 82 On hearing the clock trike twelve at night, 31st December,

Id. 84 The World and the Gospel,

j. w. Cunningham. 85 Paternal Care of the Deity,

Id. 86 Sonnet on the author's Blindness,

Milton. 87 The Christian in the prospect of Death,

Cowper. 87 Blessed be thy name for ever,

James Hogg. 88 The Heavenly Minstrel,

Edmeston. 89 Comfort under Affliction,

C. Grant. 90 The Heavenly Rest,

Miss O'Connell. 91 Solitude,

H. K. White. 92 Reply,

Conder. 93 tiThe time to weep,

Anonymous. 94 İThe Eclipse, from the Persian, Charles J. Fox. 95 İMorning Meditations,

Hawkesworth. 96. Ion the custom of planting flowers on the graves of departed friends,

Blackwood's Ed. Mag. 97 “ Angels sent to minister,”

Spencer. 98 Thoughts in prospect of Death, Henry K. White. 99 This do in remembrance of me,"

Noel. 101 The Grave,

Bernard Barton. 102 Resignation,

R. P. 103



The fall of the Leaf, from the Russian of

Page. Milonov,

Translated by J. Bowring. 103 Religion,

Montgomery. 105 He shall fly away as a dream," Anonymous. 107 The Harp of Judah,

L. E. 107 “We wept when we remembered Zion,"

Byron. 109 Sunday Morning, .

Cunningham. 109 Sunday Evening,

Edmeston. 110 God our Father, .

Mrs. Gilman. 112 Providence,

Cowper. 112 Death of a Believer,

He 113 {The World we have not seen,

· Anonymous. 114 İThe Better Land,

Mrs. Hemans. 116 The Grave to the Believer a place of Rest, Logan. 117 tiThe Old Man's Funeral, .

Bryant. 119 Midnight Meditation,

Noel. 121 Sunday Evening,

J. Bowring. 122 The Evening Cloud,

J. Wilson. 123 t{The Star of Bethlehem, .

j. G. Percival. 124 {The Young Herdsman,

Wordsworth. 126 The Parting Spirit,

Edmeston. 128 The silent Expression of Nature, Anonymous. 129 İLife and Death,

Neno Monthly Magazine. 131 Song of Saul before his last Battle,

Byron. 132 Destruction of Sennacherib,

Id. 133 The Haven, Russian Poetry, translated by

J. Bowring. 134 Grave of a Christian,

Edmeston. 135 The Hermit,

Beattie. 137 The Millennium,

Moore. 139 *Hymn to the Stars,

Monthly Repository. 139 Hymn from Psalm cxlviii.,

Ogilvie. 141 Address to the Stars,

New Monthly Magazine. 144 Destruction of Jerusalem, .

Moore. 145 ti Song of the Stars,

Bryant. 147 " That ye through his poverty might be rich,”

W. Russell. 149 Death of a Christian,

Heber. 150 The Thunder-Storm, translated from the Russian of Dmitriev,

by J. Bowring. 151 {The Summit of Mount Sinai,

Montgomery. 152 Eternal Union of Friends,

Byron. 153


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Page: Powers of the Disembodied Spirit,

Byron. 154 The Grave,

Montgomery. 155 #God's First Temples,

Bryant. 157 Effects of the Grace of God,

Caroline Fry. 161 Sacred Melody, ·

Moore. 163 **Hymn of Nature,

Peabody. 164 Wisdom,

H. K. White. 166 Jesus teaching the People,

J. Bowring. 166 On the Death of a Christian Friend,

Milton. 167 Lines addressed to a Ring-Dove,

E. M. 168 « Thou hast made Summer and Win

H. M. Williams. 169 Hymn,

S. Wesley. 170 Upon the Death of a Young Lady,

Grahame. 171 The Family in Heaven and Earth,

Edmeston. 172 Missionary Hymn,

Heber. 173 The Rainbow, .

T. Campbell. 174 The Worm,

Gisborn. 176 Epitaph on Mrs. Mary Mason,

Mason. 177 The Parish Priest,

Dryden. 178 *On the Sabbath,

Anonymous. 180 {The Widow,

C. Edwards. 182 İHindoo Hymn—to Naravena, translated by

Sir William Jones. 183 {The Twins,

From a London Newspaper. 185 The Christian Mourner's Prospect of Death, Anon. 186 Heaven,

Anonymous. 187 God seen in all things,

Moore. 188 The Beacon,

Anonymous. 189 ${The Lily,

J. G. Percival. 190 {The Dying Christian to his Soul,

Pope. 191 İThe Rose,

Watts. 192 İThe Setting Sun,

Anonymous. 193 i Thy Will be done,”

E. T. 193 ** God is good,”;

Mrs. Follen. 195 třThe Garden of Gethsemane,

Pierpont. 196 The Jubilee—Levit. xxv. 8-13,

Grahame. 197 * All things to be changed,

Mrs. Follen. 198 t#" They went out into the Mount of Olives,"

Pierpont. 199 tiThe Death of the Flowers,

Bryant. 200 Epitaph of Aileen Artore,

Anonymous. 202


[Dirge for Rachel,

Anonymous. 203 Hymn—of Rebecca the Jewess,

W. Scott. 204 Funeral Hymn,

Mallet. 205 Lines supposed to be written by A. Selkirk, during

his solitary abode in the Island of Juan Fernandez,

Corper. 207 Address to the Deity,

Emily Taylor. 209 The Village Church,

Cunningham. 212 “Is there a God?"-Answered, Lon. Oid Mon. Mag. 213 The Bible,

Emily Taylor. 215 The God of the Storm and the Whirlwind, E. T. 216 Peace, .

George Herbert. 216 The Death of the Virtuous,

Mrs. Barbauld. 918 Love to Christ,

E. T. 219 Oriental Illustration of a Christian Precept,

Herbert Knowles. 220 Upon the Death of a Wife, Lord Palmerston. 221 Silent Worship,

J. J. Gurney. 222 Heaven,

Atheneum. 223 İA Church-Yard Scene, Blackwood's Magazine. 224 İA Prayer,

Burns. 226 Parents-Exodus ix. 12, .

Knox. 227 İSacred Lyric,

Edmeston. 228 A Thought on the Sea-Shore,

Conder. 229 To a Friend under Calumny,

Id. 231 *Benefit of Trials,

H. R. 231 {The Curse of Cain,

Knox. 233 İTo-morrow,

Id. 234 Time,

Id. 235 İThe World Delusive,

T. Moore. 236 tiTo Laura-Two Years of age, N. P. Willis. 236 Morning and Evening contrasted, . Anonymous. 238 İMatthew vii. 26, 27,

Anonymous. 241 Imitation from the Persian,

Southey. 242 İLines written in a Mad-House, .

C. Smart. 242 Flowers, .

Bernard Barton. 243 {Ten Years Ago,

Anonymous. 249 Adam and Eve's Alternate Hymn, Translated from the Dutch of Vondel,

by J. Bowring. 251 Praise and Gratitude on Jehovah's Day, C. Edwards. 255 İThere is a Tongue in every Leaf, Blackwood's Mag. 256 The Genius of Death,

Croly, 258

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