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aforesaid beyng lawfully and dewly requyred, syns the firste day of May last past unnaturally and contrary to his dutie of alleggeaunce, entendyng to sowe and make sedycion murmour and gruge within this the Kynges Realme amongest the true obedyent and faythfull subjectes of the same, hath obstynatly frowardly and contemptuosly refused to make and receyve such corporell othe as was ordeyned to be accepted of every subjecte of this Realme for the suertie and establisshment of the succession of oure saide Soveraigne Lorde in the Imperiall Crowne of this Realme; And for that, that he hath onkyndly and ingratly Servyd our said Soveraigne Lorde by dyvers and sondry ways meanes and condycions contrary to the truste and confidence: Be it therfore enacted by the auctoritie of this present parliament that the said severall lettres patentes from the first Day of November last past and every thyng therin conteyned shall be in all intents and purposes clerely repelled voide frustrat and of none effecte in the lawe, and as though no such lettres patentes had ben had ne made; and that all and singuler Manours Landes Tenementes and other Hereditamentes comprised in the same severall lettres patentes frome the said firste day of November shalbe demed and adjuged in our said Soveraigne and his heires, in lyke estate forme and condicion as they were before the makyng of the said severall lettres patentes.

And further be enacted by the auctoritie aforesaid, that forasoche as the said Sir Thomas More, by the obstynate refusell of the said othe hath commytted and done mysprision of High Treason, that the said Sir Thomas More for his offences aforsaid shall stonde and be atteynted convycted of mysprision of High Treason, in suche manner and fourme as yf he were atteynted for the same offence of mysprision of High Treason by the due order of the comen lawe; and also shall suffre suche paynes of inprisonament of his body and losses of his goodes catalles detts leases for yeres stats of freholde and other forfeytures and penalties conteyned specified and provyded in the Statute of succession of the crowne of this Realme for offenses of mysprision of High Treason, in suche manner fourme and condicion to all intentes and purpose as if the said Sir Thomas More for the same offence of misprision of High Treason were laufully atteynted by the order of the Comen lawe upon the same. And that the said losses and forfeytours of leases for yeres estates of frehold shalbe extended to such leases and freeholdes as the same Sir Thomas or any other to his use had at the first day of Marche last past or eny tyme sithen.

Savyng to every person and persons and their heires, other then the said Sir Thomas More and his heires, and other person and personnes and their heires havyng or claymyng any in inteste use tytle or possession in or to the said Manours Lordshippes Landes Tenementes and Hereditamentes or to any parte or parcell therof, such right title enterest use possession rents profyttes and other commodities as they or any of theym have or had in or to the permisses or to any parcell therof at any tyme afore the said firste day of Marche, as if this Acte of Atteynder had never ben had nor made.

Provyded alway that this Acte of Atteynder nor any thyng therin conteyned shall not extende to the forfeyture of any Maners Landes Tenementes or Hereditamentes wherof the said Sir Thomas More is or was, the said firste day of Marche or any tyme syns,

sole severally or joyntly scased with any other person or persons to the use of any person or personnes other then of the said Sir Thomas More.



More's leßter Brief.
Bei Lewis Nro. XII. S. 145. 146.

Ueberschrift: Syr Thomas More was behedded at the Towerhill in London on Tewesdaye the Syste dage of July in the yere of oure Lorde 1535 and in the XXVII yere of the raign of King Henry theyght. And on the daye nexte before, beynge mundaye and the fyfte daye of July, he wrote with a cole a letter to his daughter maystresse Roper, and sente it to her (which was the laste thynge that ever he wrote). The copye whereof here followeth.

Oure Lorde blesse you good daughter, and youre good husbande, and your lyttle boye, and all yours, and all my children, and all my Godde chyldren and all oure frendes. Recommende me whan ye maye, to my good daughter Cicily, whom I beseche oure Lorde to coumforte. And I sende her my blessing, and to all her children, and praye her to pray for me. I sende her an handkercher: and god coumfort my good sonne her husbande. My good daughter Daunce hathe the picture in parchemente, that you delivered me from my ladye Coniers, her name is on the backeside. Shewe her that I hartelye praye her, that you maye sende it in my name to her agayne, for a token from me to praye for me. I lyke spesiall wel Dorothy Coly, I pray you be good unto her. I woulde wytte whether thys be she that you wrote me of. If not yet I praye you bee good to the tother, as you maye in her alliccion, and to my good daughter Joone Aleyn too. Geve her I praye you some kynde aunswere, for she sued hither to me this day to pray you be good to her. I comber you good Margaret much, but I would be sory, if it should be any longer than to morow. For it is Saint Thomas even, and the utas of Saint Peter: and ther fore to morow long I to go to god: it were a daye verye mete and convenient for me. I never liked your maner toward me better, than whan you kissed me laste: for I love when doughterly love and deere charitye, hath no leysure to loke to worldlye curtesy. Farewell my dere chylde, and pray for me and I shall for you and all youre frendes, that we maye merelye mete in heaven. I thanke you for youre gret cost. I send now my good daughter Clement her algorisme stone and I send her and my Godsonne and all hers, goddes blessing and myne.

I praye you at time convenient recommende me to my good Sonne John More, I liked wel his naturall fashion. Our lord blesse hym and his good wyfe my loving doughter, to whom I praye him to be good as he hathe greate cause: and that if the lande of myne come to his hande, he breake not my wyll concernynge hys sister Daunce. And oure Lord blisse Thomas and Austen and all that they shal have. »

Imprinted at London in Fletestrete at the sygne of the hande and starre at the coste and charge of John Cawood, John Walley, and Richard Tottle.

Fynyshed in Apryll the yere of oure Lorde God 1557.

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