Strange But True Facts

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Pustak Mahal, 2004 - 182 pages
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There are many strange but true facts that we hear or read about without actual registering the unusual context. And there are other facts that we may never have even heard about.Did you know that:*There is an annual ghost mela held in Madhya Pradesh?*Switzerland attracts the most suicide tourists?*Sicily is seen upside down from an Italian village?*A new Japanese jeans actually slows down ageing?*In ancient times, iron cost more than gold?*Silver can destroy 650 disease-causing bacteria?*Mahavira wasn t really the founder of Jainism?*There s a fruit that smells like shit but tastes like heaven ?*The banana could be extinct in 10 years?*There is a plant that goes searching for water?*The Puffer Fish contains a poison that is 500 times deadlier than cyanide, yet it s a delicacy in Japan?The book uncovers the latest unusual facts to amuse, amaze and enthral you, and also boost your current affairs and general knowledge.Through this plethora of strange but true facts, readers will learn a lot about India and the world s unusual past, present and future.Truly an unputdownable book!

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