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Atlorneys to be admitted.- Circuits of the Judges.
Notices put throngh the Door of the Master's Office, King's Bench, after Office Hours, on the
17th Muy, or before Office Hours on the 18th, ordered by the Courl in be added to the link.
Clerks' Numes and Residence.

To whom articled, assigned, g'c.
Cull, George, the younger, Dorchester. Thoinas Coombs, Dorchester.
Elliot, Benjamin Vallack, Plymouth.

Richard Jago Squire, Plymouth.
Postlethwaite, Edward, 3, 'Sidmouth_Place, John Armistead, Lancaster.

Gray's Inn Road; and Broadstone, Dalton,
Notices left at the Master's Office after the 17th May, ordered by the Courl to be allded to

the List. Ayrton, Acton Smee, Park street, Davies Bury Hutchinson and George Basham, BedStreet, and Welbeck Street.

ford Place, Russell Square. Bannister, George, the younger, Colne, and James Baldwin, Colne.

Preston, Lancaster.
Cutcliffe, William Elford, Barnstaple; and 3, William Law, Barnstaple.

Newman's Row, Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Simons, Williain, Carmarthen.

William Rogers, Carmarthen. Ward, Francis Ridunt, Burfield, Gloucester; Jeremiali Osborne, Bristol.

and 54, Davies Street, Berkeley Square. Hindle, John, city of Ripon, York.

James Pinn Buck, city of Ripon. Lovegrove, John, Gloucester.

George Worrall Counsel, city of Gloucester. Chester, Thomas Brett, 18, Austin Friars. Bernard John Wake, Sheffield; Sidney Smith,

74, Newgate Street; Robert Aylosius Wor. inan, Queen's Row, Pentonville; John Finch, 26, Tokenhouse Yard; Joho Roger Rush, 18, Austin Friars.


CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES. | Carnarvon ... 22 Mold . . Aug. 9

Beaninaris . . . 26 Chester . . . . 5

Ruthin . . . . . 29

Lord Denman and Mr. Justice Littledale.

Mr. Baron Gurney. Hertford .. July 12 Lewes . . . . . 29 | Cardin.. ·

.. 29 Cardiff .. July


4 Cardigan .... 21 Chelmsford ... 17 Croydon .. Aug. 7| Carmarthen and 10 Brecon . . . . . 26 Maidstone ... 24

Borough .

Presteign . . Aug. 1

Haverford West Chester .... 5 WESTERN CIRCUIT. Lord C. J. Tindal and Mr. Justice Patteson.

& Town . .
Winchester July 11 Launceston ... 29
Devizes ...: 15 Bridgewater . Aug. 5

Dorchester . . . 19 Bristol . . . . . 12
Exeter and City . . 22


Lord Abinger and Mr. Justice Coloridge.
Abingdon . . July 6 Shrewsbury . . . 22 |
Oxford . . . . . 8 Hereford .... 26

With great surprise I read in your publicaWorcester and City 12 Monmouth ... 29

tion of 6th May the report of the point of pracStafford ..... 17 Gloucester & City, Aug. 2 tice in the King's Bench Practice Court, rela

tive to the return of the venire facias jurutores, MIDLAND CIRCUIT. Mr. Justice Park and Mr. Baron Bolland.

Willinins v.Calverly. Surely the learned Judge Northampton . July 10 Derby . . . . . 25

could not, when be granted the rule nisi, have Oakham'. ..:14 Leicester & Borough 29 | had in view the 2d sec. of 3 & 4 W. 4, c. 39, Lincoln and Ci:y . 15 Coventry and

“ that from and after the passing of that act, Nottingham & Town 20 Warwick .}Aug. o| the venire facias juritores may be tested on the NORFOLK CIRCUIT.

day issued, and be made returnable forthwith. Mr. Justice Vaughan and Mr. Justice Bosanquet.

Had the issue been informal on no other Buckingham . July 12 Cambridge ... 21 ground than the return of the venire, the Bedford .. . 15 Bury St. Edmunds . 27 plaintiff might have, I conceive, successfully Huntingdon .. 19 Norwich & City, Aug. 1 opposed the rule nisi under the above-recited NOKTHERN CIRCUIT.

act. Mr. Baron Parke and Mr. Justice Coltman.

The rule having, however, been made ah. York and City, July 11 Appleby .. Aug. 3 solute, will not surely, in the face of the above Durham .... 22 Lancaster .... 5 act, establish a precedent in its favour. Newcastle & Town, 26 Liverpool....9 In trials at bar, the venire is made returnCarlisle . . . . 29

able as heretofore; I have therefore viewed the NORTH WALES.

case as not coming under the proviso in the Mr. Baron Allerson.

act to that effect. Welshpool . . July 15 Dolgelly · · · · 19

R. N.

Selections from Correspondence.




before a fourth should grow out and detach it, Sir,

let his term run into the inheritance, and his I would take the liberty, through the medium channel being drawn back to the source whence of your exceedingly useful periodical, to call it sprung, the second is brought in connection the attention of the profession to the Bill now with the inheritance, and so

now with the inheritance, and so with the first on before parliament for increasing the issues to

the second being absorbed.” be tried before the sheriff to 50l. It must be

In the first extract he says the second term obvious that the effect of this Bill will be ma

cannot pass into the inheritance, but by leave terially to decrease the already much dimi

dimi of the first termor. nished remuneration to the Practitioner in cases

In the second, that the third term may, bebefore the sheriff, unless there shall be soine

fore the fourth grows out, run into the insort of a guaranty that the rate of costs in ac

heritance; but Philonomos does not say by tions above 202.. but not exceeding 502.. shall I leave of the second and first. be the same as are allowed in actions tried in

din! Why should the second, there being only two, the Superior Courts, and not subject to the

biect to the not be able to run into the inheritance, without rule of taxation now acted upon in actions

the consent of the first, when the third, there where the demand is 201., and under.

being but three, can do so without consulting I fear, unless the profession bestirs itself, it , either of its predecessors ? will in this, as it has in many other instances,

M. G.M. suffer by reason of its own supineness ; in

I most earnestly hope that the advice by deed, it is painful to reflect that a profession,

on Amicus (p. 473) to the Incorporated Law Sonumbering amongst its members so many ho-ciety w

ho: ciety will be attended to, for the sake of its nourable and respectable men, and who have junior and laborious members. contributed so largely to the Government Stamp Duties, should have its interests entirely

HOLIDAYS AT THE JUDGES' CHAMBERS. overlooked and passed by, as though it were not deserving of consideration.

The public are as much interested in thel It is not my wish to deprive others of the practitioner being fairly remunerated. as he pleasure of a day or two escape from the facan himself be: it requires no great knowledge tigues and duties of their offices, but I am only of human nature to be convinced, that unless desirous of pointing out an inconvenience suf. the professional man be fairly paid for his la fered by the profession and their clients, in the bour, that inen of attainment, high character,

| hope that the effect of the inconvenience being and respectability will not enter it, or will with

shewn, the cause of it may be removed. I draw from it, and leave it to those who may be

| allude to the shutting up of the Judges' chamdestitute of those principles by which all hon

bers on Whit Monday and Tuesday, without ourable men would wish to regulate their con. there being even such a partial remedy as that duct.

contained in the rule of Easter Term 2 W. 4, I trust. Sir, that this letter may meet the eve as to the Easter week, and thus preventing of the professional men in both houses of par-summonses for stay of proceedings or time to liament; and that they will take care. that plead, from being obtained, and the putting in while the interests of the public are properly bail, or obtaining the discharge of persons in attended to, those of the attorney and solicitor custody or prison, &c. shall not be neglected.

| Whit Monday and Tuesday (succeeding a Crys. Sunday) should either be made dies non in re

spect to legal proceedings of every kind, or at

least one of the Judge's chambers should be MERGER OF TERMS.

open for business, and the person attending Sir,

4 might have his two or three days of leisure In the number of your publication of 15th when his brother officers had returned to April last (Vol. XIII, p. 472), which I had not business.

H. P. J. an opportunity of perusing until to-day, there appears a short hypothesis on this very important branch of the law, signed “ Philonomos." |

CAPIA8.-INDORSEMENT. I am willing to think the hypothesis might | be made to answer the purpose of its ingenious In the case of Shirley v. Jacobs, 3 Dowl. author; but I will make two extracts wbich ap- Prac. Cas. 101, the Court of Common Pleas pear to me contradictory.

decided that where in the indorsement the “Now during such time as no new term is word “ execution" was introduced instead of granted, the grantee has power to let the term the word “service," the indorsement must be flow into the inheritance as he pleases ; but a amended on payment of costs, and the plainsecond growing from the saine root, forces the tiff's proceeding stayed for four days. See first onward, and while the two tubes remain Tubrum v. Thomas, M. T. 1834 Ex. (L. O. vol. in different possessions, the second [first] term9, p. 254); but in Michaelmas Terın, 1834, I cannot pass into the inheritance, but by leave find loy a memorandum which I then took of the of the first [second] termor, as it must pass decision, and which appeared in the Times through his conduit."

newspaper of the 5th Nov. of that year, that “But the third termor, whose tube remains Lord Chief Justice Tindal (on a motion to reattached to the inheritance, may at any timne scind an order inade by Lord Denmun at chain.



Professional Lists.-- Bankruptcies superseded. --Bankrupts. bers, said, “that in the case of a cnpias, the DISSOLUTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL word execution,' appeared to be the proper

PARTNERSHIPS. word," and I have since adopted the word execution. Still as I find there is a great dif

From May 23 10 June 16, 1837, both inclušice, ference of opinion on the subject, I shall esteem

with dates uchen Gazetted. it a great favor if any of your Correspondents *** The pirriners who receive and pay debts will inform me, through the inediuin of your

are printed in italics. publication, which is the proper word. Lister, Daniel, and Şainuel Stratton, Lincoln's A COMMON LAW CLERK. Inn Fields, Solicitors. May 23.

Barker, Richard, and Sinckler Porter, Chester,

Attorneys and Solicitors.

| Hitchcock, Thomas, and Samuel Hitchcock, Erchequer Equity Sittings, Manningtree, Essex, Attorneys and Solici.

torsJune 6, After Trinity Term, 1837.

Nicholl, Thomas, Richard Pughi, and William

Nicholl, Watford, Herts, Attorneys, Solici. Before Mr. Baron Alvlerson.

tors and Conveyancers June 6.

| Hughes, Thomas, and Linton Hughes, Lin. Tuesılay, June 27, Petitions and Motions.

coln's !nn Fields, Middlesex, and Cirencester Wednesday, » 28, Further Directions, &c.

and Fairford, Gloucester, Attorneys and Friday, 6. 30, Causes.

Solicitors. June 9. Monday, J 3, Petitions and Motions

King, Thomas Wellard, and Thomas Hodges Further Directions, &c. Tuesday, „ 4, { Causes.

Grove Snowden, Ramsgate, Kent, Attorneys

and Solicitors. June 13. u Petitions and Motions, Tuesday, 11, 1 & Further Directions.



From May 23 to June 16, 1837, both inclusive,

with dutes when Gizelled. · Keen's Reports in the Rolls Court, vol. 1, Grego. William, Nottingham. May 23. part 2. Price 148.

Heath, Joseph, Chesham, Bucks, May 23. . Montagu & Ayrton's Reports in Bank

Wood, Charles Baddely, Brownhills, Stafford. ruptcy, vol. 3, part I. Price 78.

June 2 & 9. Suggestions for Reform in Proceedings in Kent, Edwin Jackson, Liverpool. June 9. Chancery, in Respect to Pleadings, by W. A. I O’Rev. Thomas King, Bristol. June 13, Garratt, Esq. Price 5s. 60, sewed.


O'Rey, Thomas King, Bristol. June 16. Neville & Perry's Reports in the Court of King's Bench, vol. I, part 3. Price 78 6d. 'Mylne & Craig's Reports in the Court of Chancery, vol. 2, part 1. Price 12s.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports in the Court of From May 23, to June 16, 1837, both inelusive,

with dates when garrlled. King's Bench, vol. 4, part 3. Price 8s.

Moróv's Laws of Licensed Viotuallers, 12ino. King, Joseph, Liverpool Street, London, Plumber. May Price 580 6. boards.

Courtney, Robert Lynham, Walsall, Stafford, Ironmonger,

Grocer, and Auctioneer. May 30.
Vestris, Eliza Lucy, otherwise Lucy Elizabeth Vestris, lale

of Chesham Place, Belgrave Square, Middlesex, now of
Prince's Court, Storey's Gate, Westminster, Bookseller

and Music Seller, May 30. INCOPORATED LAW SOCIETY.

Cattout, William, Blackman Street, Southwark, Plumber,

Painter, and Glazier Jane 9.
Whicher, William, Chichester, Attorney and Money

Se riveper. June 13.

Henzell, Charles Raisbeck, Aldermanbury, London, Stock

and Brace Manufacturer. June 13.
Martin Long Daniel, Ramsgate.
John Clipperton, Bedford Row.
Tbomas Young, the younger, Mark Lane.

Thomas Brook Bridges Stevens, Tainworth.
William Thomas Langbourne, Gray's lun.

From May 23, to June 16, 1837, both inclusire,

with dates when gazetted, John Buliner, Oid Broad Street. William Ford, Gray's Inn.

Armitage, William, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax, York, and

Bridley Mills, near Huddersfield, York, Dyer. Bettye Francis Thirkell, Boston.

& Co., Ely Place, Holborn: Stocks & Co., Halifax : Andrew Snape Thorndike, Staple Inn.

Pattye & Co., Huddersfield. May 30. Greaves Walker, Beaufort Buildings.

Anderton, John, Bradford, York, Dyer. Hmokius & Co.,

New Boswell Court, Lincoln's Inn: Moulden & Co., Thomas George Smith, Six Clerks Office.

Bradford. May 30.

Amner. Thomas, Line Street, London, Mercbant. Burl, Williain Henry Moberly, Southampton.

Aldermanbury: Bennett, Manchester, June 13. Thomas Allan, Old Jewry.

Albin, Leonard, jun , Liverpool, Wine and Spirit Merchant,

Blackstock & Co., Temple : Grace, Liverpool Samuel Payne, Nottingham.

June 16.

Benton, Samuel, Fore Street, London, Linen Drapét. Prederick Harrison, Bloomsbury Square.

Belcher, Of, Ass.; Jones, size Lane, May 23.

Arinitasciey Mills, nee, Holborn May 30. Hacking & Co::

[blocks in formation]

ticks &

Bioker and wohn Rice, Eastes: Hull. May

Butler. Wm., Portland Place. Market Street, Clerkenwell, Chambers, Charles, Holles Street, Cavendish Square. Mli. Builder. Johnson, Or, Ass. : Sandell, Bread Street, liner. Clark, Of. Ass.: Allen & Co.. Carlisle st

Soho. June 13. Cheapside. May 23. Borfield, Thomas James Breeds, and Charles Burfield, jun., | Carter, . Wm. England, Chesterfield, Derby. Drugia Hastings, Sussex, Brewers, and Coals Porter, and Tim- i Vickery, Lincoln's Inn Fields: Gratton Gh

erfield. ber Merchants. Alsager, off, Ass.: Hindmarsh & Co., i

June 16. Jewin Street, Cripplegate, May 23.

Chambers, Andrew, Birmingliam, Engraver and Printer. Barrow, Samuel, Stockport, Chester, Corn Dealer. Cop Gem & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields : Lejecre, Birining. pock, Cleveland Row, St. James's : Coppock & Co.,

ham. June 16. Stockport. May 23.

Dean. Wm., and Joseph Dean, Birmingham, Timber Mer

cbants. Smith, New Boswell ('ourt, Lincoln's Inn, Barker, Edward, Exeter, Druggist. Keddell & Co., Fen-) church Street: Stoydon, Exeter. May 23.

Greattood, Birmingham. May 23. Beckett, Thumas, Norbury. Marbury, Chester, Cheese

Dubbie, Andrew, Manchester, Publican and Spirit Dealer. Factor. Blackstock & Co., Temple: Harper & Co.,

Bower & Co., Chancery Lane: Heath, Manchester. Whitchurch. May 23.

May 30. Beatty, Jobu, Over Daiwen, Lancaster, Linen Draper, and Draper, Robert, Wood Street, Cheapside, Button Seller

of Afon Wen, in the Coonty of Flint. Paper Maker. Harrison, Birmingham : Norton & Co., Gray's Inn Mayher & Cu., Carey Street. Linculn's Inn. Black

Square. June 13. house, Blackburn. May 30,

Davies, John Shayle, Monmouth, Ironmonger. Perkins & Butterworth, Joseph Horatiu, Manchester; Lunbrook,

Co., Gray's Inn Square Smith, Bristol: Messrs. Ed. York; and Gutter Lane, London, Dyer and Stuff Mer waris, Ross, Herefordshire. June 16. chant. Harulwick & Co. Lawrence Lane, Cheapside : Elliott, Charles, Leeds, York, Tallow Merchant. Hickel Messis. Lee, Leeds. May 30, and June 2.

Co., Gray's lun Square: Holten, Hull. May 23.

Elworthy, Henry John Rice, East Stonehouse, Devon, Bill Bates, Thomas, and John Bates. Leicester, Trimmers and Dyers. Toller, Gray's Inn Square: Wason & Co., i

Broker and Money Scrivener. Surr, Lombard Street: Bristol: Toller, Leicester June 2.

Marshall, Plymouth. May 26. Balt. Wm., Birmingham, Husier, Haberdasher, and Pattern

England, John, Knaresborough, York, Flax Dresser. JohnCard Maker. Holme & Co., New Inn: Parker & Co.,

son & Co., Temple : Taylor, Kisresborugh. June 2. Birmingham. June 2.

Fuster, Charles, Kingsbury, Middlesex, Bill Broker Gold. Brandstroni, John Peter, and William Joseph Thompson,

smid, Uff. Ass.: Storin, Portsmoutlı, Chambers, Lin

coln's Inn Fields. May 30. Kingston-upon-Hull, and Great Grimsby, Leicester,

Fisher. John Richard, Regent Street, Chinaman. Edicaris. Commission Merchants, Butterfeld, Gray's Inn Square : 4ore & Co., Hull. June 2.

Oft. Ass.: Harrison, Sonth Square, Gray's Inn. June 6. Binnes. Henry Casson, Worksop. Nottingham, Tanner.

Force. Edward Balle, Exeter, Grocer. Bruttou & Co., Bed.

ford Row, Taylor & Co., John Street, Bedford Row: Hoyle,

Brutton & Co., Exeter, June 13. Rotherham, June 6.

Gitton, Thomas, Bridgnorth, Salop. Scrivener. Vickers. Brierley, Benjamin, and John Threlfall, Manchester, Mes.

Bridgnorth: Philpot & Co., Southampton Street. May chants and Commission Arents. Johnson & Co., Tem

23. ple: Hitchcock, Manchester. June 6.

Gregson, Thos., Burnley, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer. Blyther, Jolin, Hoo, Kent, Grocer and Chcesemonger.

Alllington & Co., Bedford Row: Claye & Co., Manches

ter. May 23. Grehar, Off. Ass.: Wood & Co.. Corbet Court, Grace Church Street. June 9.

Gray, James Wm., Exeter, Lead and Glass Merchant. AnBanister, John, Biriningham, Grocer. Gatty & Co., Red

derton & Co., New Bridge Street, Blackfriars : Head,

Exeter May 26. Lion Square : Cresswell, Birmingham. June 9 Boot, Francis, Nottingham, Tatting and lace Manufac-Gibbs, Prederick Forman, Liverpool, Ship Broker. Woche tarer. Johnson & Co., Temple : Cursham & Co., Not

& Co., Leadenhall Street: Howard, & Co., Liverpool. tingham. June 9.

May 26. Birt, Wm., Warwick, Plasterer. Nerton & Co., South Gomn, Thomas, Birmingham, Curn Dealer and Coal Mer. Square, Gray's lun: Heath, Warwick. June 9.

chant. Messrs. Burfoot, Inner Temple : Page, Bir. Brown, Wm., and Wm. Andrews, Leeds, York, Cloth

mingham, or Danks, Birmingham. June 6. Dressers and Merchants. Fiddev. Sericant's Inn, Fleet I Goble, Thos. Harvey. Worthing Suecer Street: Bart & Co., Leeds. June 9.

Tribe, Worthing: Hillier & Co, Raymond Buildings, Boys, Henry, Beaumont Street. High Street, Marylebone,

Gray's Inn. June 16. Music Seller. Whitmore, off. Ass. : Corner, Dean Hudson, John, Gloucester, Coal Merchant. Washbourn Street, Sunthwark. June 13.

Gloucester: White & Co., Bedford Kow. May 23. Battin, John, Birmingham, Dealer. Norton & Co, Gray's

Hardy, Robert, Kingston upon)-Hull, Victoaller. England Inn Square : Stubbs & Cu., Birmingham. June 13.

& Co., Hull: Rosser & Co, Gray's lun Place. May 23. Bartlett, Wm. Edwards, and John Hartlett, Devonport,

| Haughton, John, Blackburn, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner and Devon, House Carpenters and Builders. Barnes, Ely Manufacturer. Makinson & Co., Temple: Atkinson & Co., Place, Holborn: Beer, Devonport. June 13.

Manchester. May 23. Baker, George, sen., and George Baker, jun., Portsca, Hale, Wm., Oxford, Corn Factor. Robinson & Co.. Charter

honse Square : Dudley & Co., Oxford. May 23. Southampton, Provision Merchants & Cheesemongers. Greetham, Portemonth: Williamson & Co., Verulam

Harwood, Paul, York, Ironmonger. Williamson & Co., Buildings, Gray's Inn. June 13.

Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn: Richardson & Co., Brunt, Isaac, Leek, Stafford, Button Manufacturer. John

York: Pearson, YorkMay 26.

Ham, Wm., Upper North Place, Gray's Inn Road, Livery son, Off. Ass. : Juures & Co., Basinghall Street. June 16.

Stable Keeper. Cannan, Off. Ass. : Chamberlayne, QuaBatti, James, Birmingham, Dealer. Norton & Co., Gray's lity Court, Chancery lane. May 30. Inn Square : Stubbs & Co., Birmingham. June 16.

aughes, Maria Ann, Birmingham, Tronmonger. Austen & Brown, Thomas and James Brown, Leeds, York, Tron

Co., Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn : Arnold & Co., Manufacturers. Makinson & Co., Temple: Foden, Birmingham. May 30. Leeds, June 16.

Heaword, Joseph, Binksway, Within Heaton Norris, LanCannon, Kohert, Buuthampton Raw, Job Master and Livery caster, Cottin Manufacturer. Lace & Co., Liverpool :

Stable Keeper. Groom, Off. Ass. : Clutton & Co., High Taylor & Co., Bedford Row. Jun. 2.
Street, Southwark, and Fig-tree Court, Temple. May |

Hook, William, Devonport, Linen Draper. Leach & Co..

Devon port: Makinson & Co., Temple. Jume 6. Cripps, Wm.. Newport Pagnell, Buckingham, Merchant. Harrison, Edwin, Parliament Street, Westminster. Carver. Green, Off. Ass. Ashurst & Co., Cheapside. May 20.

1 Gilder, and Picture Dealer, Gibson, Off, Ass. : CrossConóton, John, late of Birmingham, now of Bedford Row, field, Whitechapel Road. June 13.

London, Brickmaker. Thorndike, Staple Inn: Wheeler, Hatton, Thos., Macclesfield, Chester, Grocer and Tea Dealer. Birmingl:am. My 30.

Williamson & Co., Verulain Buildings, Gray's Inn: Carr, 1hos.. and Wm. Hartley Carr, Dewsbury Moor, Wormald, Macclesfield. June 13.

Dewsbury, York, Woollen Manufacturers, Van Sandau, Hogarth, wm, Newcastle upon Tyne, Builder. Watson. Old Jewry : Jacomb & Co., Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Newcastle upon Tyne: Shielt & Co., Poultry. June 13. May 30,

Hillman, Edwin, Parliament Street, Westminster, Carver, Cox, Wm., Leigh, Worcester, Baker. Hutchinson & Co. Gilder, and Picture dealer' Gibson, Oif, Ass. : Crossfield, Lincurn's Inn Fields: Copeman, Worcester June 2

Whitechapel Road. June 16. Cox, Wm, James, Castle Street, Southwark, Hat Manu. | Illingworth, John, Lewis Illingworth, and Solomon Illing

facturer: Graham, Off. Ass. : Smith, Bridge Suivet, worth, Chorlev, Lancaster, Machine Makers. Adlington Southwark, June 6.

& Co., Bedford Row: Stringfellou, Chorley, June 9. Curtis, Thos., Totton Street, Stepney, Middlesex, Shipping Jones, William, Chorley, Lancasterl Draper. Sale, Manches.

Butcher. Green, Olf.Ass.: Heath, Charlotte. Kow, ter: Messrs. Barter, Lincoln's Ion Fields. May, 23. Mansion House. June 6.

Johnson, Michael, Leeds, York, Tailor and Draper. Har. Cartis, Wm., jun., Derby, Cora Factor. Porster, Lawrence greaves, Leeds: Battye & Co., Chancery Lane. May 23.

Pountney Place: Bradshaw, Nottingham, June 6. Joplin, John, Bisliop Wearmouth, Durham, Linen and Craven, Craven, Bridlington, York, Grocer and Spirit Woollen Draper. Wilson, South Square, Gray's Inu:

Dealer. Belcher, OH. Ass. : Berkeley, New Square, Wilson, Manchester, May 26.
Lincoln's Inn. June 9.

Jones, William, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Builder and Chadwick, John, Oldham, Lancastor, Cotton Spinner. Carpenter. Rickards & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields:

Capes, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn : Binney, Man. Foster, Wolverhampton. May 30, ehester. June 9.

Jordison, Robert, Stockton, Durham, Grocer. Perkins & arkram, Wm. Slradrack, Taunton, Somerset, Ironmonger. Co, Gray's Inn Square : Wilson & Co., Stockton, Stone, Taunton. Juue !

May 30.

Brown; nufacture 16.


Birminn, Brickmaker. Thosham now of Bedford Row

[blocks in formation]


Jones. Richard, Llanidloer, Montgomery, Draper. Milne Rozenbasin, Abraham, Salisbury, Wilts, Jeweller. Sydary. & Co., Temple : Bent, Manchester. June 3.

New London Street, Fenchurch Street. June 9. Kurtz, Charles, Salford, Lancaster, Manufacturing Che. Ryder, Jarnes, Manchester, Crown Glass Cutter and Dealer

mist. Miine & Co., Teinple: Kay & Co.. Manches in Crown Glass. Willis & Co.. Tokenhouse Yard: Bar. ter. May 26.

rett & Co., Manchester. June y. Kirk, Wheatley, Leeds, York, Piano Forte Manufacturer Reynolds, Richard, Leeds, York, Bill Broker. Wils w.

and Innkeeper. Battye & Co., Chancery Lane : Ray Southainpton Street, Bloomsbury Square : Payne & t' nur & Co., Leeds, June 13,

Leeds, June 9. Kingsley. Henry. Enfield Town, Middlesex, Tailor and Radenhurst, Charles, Birmingham, Innkeeper. Norton &

Draper. Cennun Off. Ass.; Teesdale & Co., Fenchurch Co., Gray's lun Square : Stubbs & Co., Birminghain Street. June 16.

June 9. Large, John, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Robiuson, William, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square,

Coach Maker. Messrs Rugers, Manchester Buildings, 1 Commissinn Agent. Groom, Oif. Ass.: Corner, Dean Westminster. May 30.

Street, Southwark. June 13. Lewis. Joseph, Conwill Eivet, Carmarthen, Draper. Morris | Roberts, Ellis, Carnarvun, Plumber Glazier and Painter.

& Co., Carmarthen : Chilton, Chancery Lane. May 30. Roberts, Carnarvon: Lowe & Co., Southampton BuildLambe, Alfred, New Bond Street, Wine Merchant, and ings, Chancery Lane. June 13.

Deler in Mineral Waters : and of Ruse Lane, Spital. Richardson, George, Smith's Buildings. City Road, Coach fields. Orchil Manufacturer. Abbott, Off. Ass. : Nind Builder. Lackingtow, Off. Ass.: Bruce & Co., Francis & Co., Throg morton Street. June 2

Street, Golden Square. June 16. Lauder, William Preston, Sloane Street, Chelsea, Surgeon Sidebottom, Alfred, Two Bridges, Lancaster, Calico Printer

and Apothecary. Gibson, vtl. Ass.: Spike, Clifford's and Manufacturer. Milne & Co., Temple: Beni, ManInn. June 2.

chester. May 23. Broerick, Poultry. London, Bill Bruker. Abbott, Smith, William Henry, Bootle, near Liverpool, Brewer. f. Ass.: lvimey, Chancery Lane. June 16.

Crossley & Co., Manchester: Holden, Liverpool: Walms. Livingstun, Samuel, Heaton Norris, Lancaster, Provision I ley & Co., Chancery Lane. May 23.

Dealer. Foulkes, Manchester: Walmsley & Co., Chan-Smith, William, Cuckfield, Sussex, Coach Master, Horse cery Lane. June 16,

Dealer and Corn Dealer. Robertson, Cuckfield: RobertNaybury, William, late of Manchester, but now of Trieste,

son, New lon, Strand. May 26. in the Kingdom of Austria, Merchant and Commission Sinclair, Edward, late of Monkseaton, Northumberland, Agent. Chester, Staple Inn: Duoenport, Liverpool. now of North Shields in the same county, Brewer. Belt May 23.

& Co., Bow Church Yard: Young, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Nawdsley, Richard, Josiah Greaves, and John Moore, May 26.

Tur Dvers. Kay & Co.. Manchester,: Borer | Silk, Jas., Kidderminster, Worcester. Carpet Manufacto& Co., Chancery Lane. May 23.

rer. Michael, Red Lion Square: Bird & Co., Kidder. Martin, Henry, Woolhampton, Berks, Tailor and Draper.

minster. May 26. Robertson; 'New Inn: Street, Reading. May 30, and Stevens, George, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Grocer, Brown,

Stevens, George, Wolverhampton. s June 2.

Shiffnal, Salop : Williamson & Co., Verulam Buildings, Marsh. Samuel, Burslem, Stafford, Manufacturer of Earth

Gray's ind. May 30. Duneley & Co.Gray's Inn : Harding, Bur: Staffell, Henry, Strood, Kent, Druggist. Groom, Off. Ass.: slem. June 6.

Whitelock, Aldermanbury. June 2. Maior. John Taylor, and Samuel Major, Poole, Upholsterers. Shaw Thoe is

Shaw, Thos. Jas., Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, Mercer and Durrant & Co., Poole : For, Finsbury Circus. June 16.

Draper. Swain & Co., Frederick's Place, Old Jewry : Marsden, Edward, Dudley Hill, Tong, Birstall, York, Wor.

Wright, Sunderland. June 2. sted Manufacturer. Ridsdale & Co., Gray's lun Square : Soulby, John, and Alfred Soulby, Union Brewery, Lambeth

Soulby. John. and Alfred Soulhe Union R Bloome & Co., Leeds, June 16.

Walk, Surrey, Brewers. Cannan, of. Ass, : Ogden, St. Noades, Charles, Leeds, York, Tailor. Woodhouse & Co

1 Mildred's Court, Puultry, June 16. Temple : Scott, Leeds. May 30.

Syers, Thos , Liverpool, Tailor and Draper. Dean, Essex Newey, John, Birmingham, Brags Founder, Allington & Co.,

Street, Strand: Houghton, Liverpool. June 16. Bedford Kuw: Marshall, Birmingham. June 2.

Threlfall, John, Preston, Lancaster, Currier and Leather Oliver. Jesse, Dumb Mill, near Bradford, York, Corn Mil

Dealer. Bower & Co., Chancery Lane : Walton & Co., ler. Smithson & Co., Southampton Buildings : Dun

Preston. May 23. ning & Co., Leeds, May 23.

Taylor, Will., Strand Lane, Prestwich cum Oldham, LanOllerenshaw, Edward, sen., Manchester, Lancaster, and of

caster, Dyer and Shopkeeper. Kay & Co., Manchester. Red Cross Street, Southwark, Surrey, Cotton Spinner,

May 26. and Hut Manufacturer. Hampsor, Manchester: Alling | Tomkins, Gregory Jas. Sarmon, Leamington Priora, Warton & Co., Bedford Row May 23.

wick, Scrivener. Bedford, Calthorpe StreetBedford Ong, Joseph, Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, Carpenter and

& Co., Worcester. May 26. 5 uderand Brick Maker. Dizon & Co., New Boswell-Ct Tapscott, Samuel Lovelese, Minehead, Somerset, Coal and Lincoln's Inn : Nunn & Co., Ixworth, Suffolk. June 2.

Lime Merchant. Blake & Co., Clement's Inn: Leigh Ormesber. Robert, Stockport, Chester, Wheelwright, Cop

& Co., Bardon, near Taunton. May 30. pock, Cleveland Row, Saint James's : Coppock & Co.,

ite, Will., Chorley, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer : Stockport. June 6.

Johnson & Co., Temple: Bagshaw & Co., Mauchester. Orange, James, Nottingham, Lace Manufacturer Payne.

May 30. R unghom : Taylor & Co., Great James Street, Bed. Thomas, Benjamin, Grove Street, Lisson Grove, Middlesex, ford Row, May 30.

Cowkeeper and Dairyman: Turquand, Off. Ass. : Adcock, Ogle, Nathaniel, late of Baker Street, Portman Square,

Copthall Buildings, Throgmorton Street. June 2. formerly of Milbrook, Southampton, and now or late

Taylor, Chas., Aston, near Birmingham, Malster. Holme & of Camberwell, Surrey, Steam Carriage Builder, and

Co., New Inn: Parker & Co., Birmingham. June 2. Steam Boiler Maker. Goldsmid, Off, Ass.: Margary, I

Tren holm, Jas., Darlington, Durham, Brewer and Spirit Quality Court, Chancery Lane. June 13.

Merchant. Tilsons & Co., Coleman Street: Allison, Parker, Thomas, formerly of Fleet Street, London, aster

Darlington. June 16. wards of Berners Street, Oxford Street, and late of Great Wallis, Will. Henry, (usually called Henry Wallis), Car Russell Street, Bloomsbury Square, Gold and Silver

dington Street, Hampstead Road, Engraver and Dealer smith. Green, 0if. Ass.: White & Co., Frederick's Place

in Drawings and Prints, Gibson, Off. Ass, : Corner, Old Jewry: Worship & Co., Great Yarmouth. May 23.

Dean Street, Borough. May 23. Palmer, Thomas, Upper Porchester Street, Edgeware Road.

Wallis, John, Coventry, Victualler. Weeks & Co., Cook's Commission Agent. Holme & Co., New Inn: Parker &

Court, Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn. Curter & Co., CoCo., Birmingham. May 23.

ventry, May 26. Peirson, Samuel, Broadway, Hammersmith, Oil and Colour

Wiggerham, Thos., and Richard Saunders, Birmingham. man. Alsager, Off. Ass.: Oldershaw, Tokenhouse Yard.

Ale and Porter Merchants, and Coal Dealers. Blackstock May 26.

& Co., Temple : Hodgson & Co., Birmingham. June 2, Prince, John, Chesterfield, Derby, Leather Dresser. Messrs.

ildgoose, George, Macclesfield, Chester, Grocer. Par. Hutchinson, Chesterfield : Smithson & Co., Southampton

rott & Co., Macclesfield: Lucas & Co., Argyle Street, Buildings, Chancery Lane. June 2.

Regent Street. June 13, Pensam. James, Fleet Street, Licensed Victualler. Johnson.

Worthen, Samuel, Hinckley Mills, Drayton, Salop, Miller Off.Ass.: Marson & Co., Church Row, Newington

and Corn Dealer. Blackstock & Co., Temple : Harper & Butts. June 6.

Co, Whitchurch, Salop. June 13. Peasnall, Stephen, Learnington Priors, Warwick, Plumber

Wheatley, George, Leeds, York, Grocer. Makinson & Co.. and Glazier. Colmore, Biriningham : Clarke & Co.,

Temple: Foden, Leeds. June 13. Lincoln's Inn Fields June 6.

Wallis, Will., Connaught Terrace, Edgware Road, MiddlePerkin. William, Vitoxeter, Siafford, Timber Merchant.

sex, Boarding and Lodging House Keeper. Green, Of. Blair, Uttoxeter: Clowes & Co., Temple. June 9.

Ass.: Garrait, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall, June 16, Poole. William Rocket, Birmingham, Victualler. Austen

| Webb, Jas., Bath, Tailor and Woollen Draper. Adlington & Co., Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn : Latimer, Bir.

& Co., Bedford Row: Baichellor & Co., Bath. June 16. mingham, or Suckling, Birminghum. June 16.

Walker, Richard, Birmingham, Metallic Gun Wadding and Read. Edward, Laxfield, Suffolk, Cordwainer. Lofty & Co.,

Percussion Cap Manufacturer. Smythies, Birmingham : King Street, Cheapside: Churchyard & Co., Woodbridge.

Milne & Co., Temple. June 16.
May 23.
Rimer, Charles Thomas, Southampton, Provision Merchant.

Randall & Co., Southampton: Makinson & Co., Tem- | Printed by EDMUND SPETTIGUE, 67, Chancery Lane. Lon. ple. May 26.

dun ; and published by John RICHARDS & Co., 194, Rushcr. Janies, Leeds, York, Cominission Agent. Turner Fleet Street, London. Price, with Monthly Record, ls.; & Co, Basing Lane : Stoli, Leeds, May 26,

and Stamped, 13d. Priday, 23 June, 1837.

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