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Bankrupts.- Editor's Letier Box.

Tunnicliffe, Jeremiah, Shelford, Stafford, Retail Brewer. Brown, Sarah, Cambridge, Butcher. Adcock, Cambridge:

Wilson. Sy mond's Inn, Chancery Lane: Harding, Bus-1 Egan & Co., Essex Street. slem, Staffordshire Potieries. June 30.

Calvert, William, Worthing, Sussex, Woollen Draper and Tims. John, Warwick, Bricklayer and Builder. Burbury Taylor. Groom, Off. Ass.: Reed, Bread Street, Cheap& Co., Warwick and Leamington. July 7.

side. Winnington. John. Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester, Carter, John, Rumbridge, Eling, Southampton. Tannes

Druggist, Hackney Coach Proprietor, and Livery Thomson, Rolls Chambers: Brown, Lymington. Stable Keeper. Cuvelje, Southampton Buildings, Chan-1 Fisher, John, Manchester, Calico Printer aud Warehouse. cery Lane: Rowley & Co., Manchester. June 20.

man. Sale, Manchester : Messrs. Baxter, Lincoln's Inn Wilson, John, Manchester, Butcher. Hall & Co., Verulam . Fields.

Buildings. Gray's Inn: Aspinall, Ridgefield, Manches. Gough, John Wood, Dursley, Gloucester, Stationer. Pone. ter June 20.

Gray's Inn Square ; Bishop, Dursley. Walmsley, John, and William Walmsley, Heaton Norris, Irvine, George, New Shoreham, Sussex, Timber Merchant.

Manchester, Cotton Spinners. Milne & Co., Temple : Bennett, Brighton : Dai & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields. Sialer & Co., Manchester, June 23.

Jones. Richard, jun., Newton, Montgomery, Draper. Milne Weaver, Thomas, Birmingham, Builder. Milne & Co., & Co., Temple: Bent, Manchester. Temple : Beswick & Co., Birmingham June 27.

Lewis, Seth Phillips, Dark Gate, Carmarthen. Morris & Warren, Joseph, Melbourne, Derby, Grocer and Chandler. Cú., Carmarthen : Chilton, Chancery Lane.

Luke & Co., Basinghall Street: Moss, Derby. June 27. Porter. Sinckler, Chester, Attorney, Solicitor, and Money Wright, John, jun., stockport, Chester-Currier. Coppock, Scrivener. Higneti, Chester: Philpot & Co., South

Clevelaud Row, St. James: Coppock & Co., Stockpurt. ampton Street, Bloomsbury.
July 7.

Rose, William, Dover Street, Piccadilly, Hotel Keeper and Williains, John, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Cabinet Maker,

e Merchant. Groom, Off. Ass. i Sydney, New Lon. Upholsterer and Auctioneer. Price, Abergavenny: don Street, Fenchurch Street. Bridges, Red Lion Square. July II.

Schaap, John Michael, and John Michael Dankaerts, George

Street, Minories, Merchants. Turquand, Off. Ass.: For.

ter, Philpot Lane. Tabberer, Thomas, Birmingham, Cheesemonger. Sharpe &

Co., Bedford Row : Arnold, Vitoxeter, Stafford. [From London Gazette of Friday, July 14.]

Wagner, George, Southampton Street, Strand, Linen Dra

per. Belcher, Off. Ass. : Turner & Co., Basing Lane, MASTERS EXTRAORDINARY IN CHANCERY. Wood, Michael, Manchester, Boiler Maker. Johnson & Co.

Temple : Kershaw, Manchester. Langley, William Henry, Bristol. Lester, Alfred, Exeter, Martin, Horace, Battle, Sussex. DISSOLUTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL PARTNERSHIPS. THE EDITOR'S LETTER BOX. Scholefield, John, and William Hof, Horbury, York, At

torneys, Sulicitors, and Conveyancera. Jesse, Joseph Ablett, and Edward Worthington, Manches

The Thirteen Volumes of the Legal Observer ter, Attorneys, Solicitors and Conveyancers.

and the Two Volumes of the Monthly Record BANKKUPTS.

already published, form a complete History of Astuwsmith, Joseph, Birmingham, Japanner. Norton & Co. the Law for the last seven years. They con

Gray's Inn Square: Harrison, Birmingham.' Barber, George, Manchester, Baker and Provision Dealer. tain among many other things.-1. All the Adlington & Co., Bedford Row : Chew, Manchester.

important Acts of Parliament. 2. All the Beverly, Henry, Manchester, Horse Dealer. Townshend, Manchester : Hall & Co., Verulam Buildings, Gray's

| New Bills which have not passed into Law. 3. Inn.

The fullest information on the leading subjects Carver. William, Horsforth, and also of Idle, York, Grocer.

Draper, Flour Dealer and Shopkeeper. "Bignold & Co., relating to Law Reform; as Local Courts. Bridge Street, Blackfriars : Richardson, Leeds : Wood,

Leeds. Dickinson, William, and Thomas Throp, Blackburn, Lan Chancery and Bankruptcy Reform, &c. &c.

caster, Irontuunders and Machine Makers. Norris & Co., Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn: Haworth, Blackburn.

or bearing on the Law. 5. Reports of Com. Holland, Thomas, Birmingham, Iron Tube Manufacturer.

Fot, Ashbourne, Derbyshire: Abbott & Co., Charlotte
Street, Bedford Square.

Returns. 6. Legal Biography, including Me Hardman, John, Kearsley, Lancaster, Shopkeeper and Re moirs of all eminent Lawyers who have died

tailer of Beer. Barker, Gray's Inn Square: Woodhouse & Co., Bolton.

or retired in the last seven years, with many Haworth, George, Crawshaw Booth, Whalley, Lancaster; others. 7. All the late Rules and Orders of

and William Haworth, of Manchester, Calico Printers and Warehousemen. Messrs. Bazter, Lincoln's Inn

Court. 8. Dissertations and Cases connected Fields : Sale, Manchester. .

with Conveyancing and Property Law. 9. Minsbal. Thomas, Worthing, Sussex, Broker and Auc. tioneer. Edmunds, Worthing: Waugh & Co., Great

The Law of Attorneys. 10. Practical Points James Street, Bedford Row.

of General Interest. 11. Remarkable Trials, Morgan, David, jun., Machynlleth, Montgomery, Draper. Milne & Co., Temple : Bent, Manchester

ancient and modern. 12. The Laws of other Pilgrim, William, and Richard Pilgrim, Nottingham, Dra.

pers. Forsler, Lawrence Pountaey Place: Bradshaw, Nottingham.

by Barristers of the several Courts, &c. &c. Upward, Henry, Great Saint Helens, London, Wine Mer

chant. Belcher, Off Ass.: Owen & Co., Mark Lane. Waterfield, Elizabeth, Dunstable, Bedford, Dealer. Cannan, The Letters of W. F., on the Wills Aet,

off. Ass.: Williamson & Co., Luton : Taylor, Featherstone Buildings.

will probably appear next week.

The suggestions of “A Subscriber,” regard

ing the Analytical Digest, shall be attended [From London Gazette of Tuesday, July 18.]


As already observed, we think that the subBANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED.

ject of the Attendance at Attorneys' Offices, Emanuel, Joseph, Birmingham, Warwick, Jeweller. has been for the present sufficiently discussed. BANKRUPTS.

The suggestion of M. shall be considered: Barnsley, John, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Builder. Ro

the purport of the several acts, however, were binson, Wolverhawpton : Capes, Gray's Inn.

stated from time to time as they passed.

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The Legal Observer.


- “ Quod magis ad nos
Pertinet, et nescire malum est, agitamus.


MEMBERS OF THE PROFESSION Jervis, John......... Chester.

Law, C. E. (K. C.). Cambridge Univer.
Lushington, Stephen
(LL.D.) ..........

Tower Hamlets. The returns for England, Wales, and Scot. Maclean, Donald ... Oxford (City). land are now completed, so far as our pro. Pemberton, Thomas fession is concerned. Lawyers, as we have (K. C.)............ Ripon. already had occasion to remark, rarely at. *Phillpotts, John... Gloucester, tempt to represent a county. The boroughs, Pollock, Sir F.(K.C.) Huntingdon. as a general rule, send them “ up,” and Pryme, George...... Cambridge (Town). the present Parliament will not be an ex- | Poulter, John ....... Shaftesbury. ception. We believe that in no instance Rolfe, Sir R. M. on this occasion has a claim been made by (S. G.)............ Penryn & Falmouth. any member of the profession to the repre- | Scarlett, Hon. R. C. Norwich. sentation of a county. We shall now en- | *Stewart, James ... Honiton. deavour to furnish complete lists of the Talfourd, Serit. .... Reading. result of the present contest, so far as the Villiers, C. P. ...... Wolverhampton. profession is concerned; and we may say Wylde, Serjt. (K.S.) Newark. with sincerity, that, as we have no political | The second list, No. II., is a list of bias whatever, we sincerely rejoice with

members who have been connected with every man who has been successful, and as the Profession, but are not in actual pracsincerely condole with every man who has tice, and the places which they represent. this time been disappointed. The lawyers

No. II.
are, in our opinion, the plums of the
pudding; and the greater number that are

Abercromby, Right
Hon. J. ..........

Edinburgh. returned, the more we are pleased, and the

Bernal, R. ........... better we think of the Parliament. The


Buller, Charles ..... first list, No. I., is a list of members who |

Liskeard. are lawyers in actual practice, and the

Carter, J. B. .... .. Portsmouth. places which they represent. Those marked

Dundas, Hon. J. C. York. * are new members :

Grey, Sir G. ....... Devonport.

Harvey, D. W. .... Southwark.
No. I.

Parker, John ........ Sheffield.
Aglionby, H. A. ... Cockermouth.

Praed, J. M... ....... Aylesbury. Campbell, Sir John,

Strutt, Edward...... Derby. (A.G.)............ Edinburgh.

Sugden, Right Hon. *Cresswell,C.(K.C.) Liverpool.

E. B. ............. Ripon. *Duckworth, Saml. Leicester.

The third list, No. III., is a list of Legal *Erle, W. (K. C.). Oxford (City). Candidates who have not been successful Follett, Sir Wm.

this time. (K. C.) ........... Exeter.

No. III. Freshfield, J. W.... Penryn & Falmouth. Adams, Serjt. ...... Stroud. *Godson, Richard... Kidderminster. | Beckett, Right Hon. *Hayter, W. G. ... Wells.

Sir John ......... Leeds. VOL. XIV.--NO, 412,

[blocks in formation]

Goulburn, Serjt. ... Leicester.

| council respectively shall cause a copy of every Grainger, T. C. .... Durham.

such shedule to be deposited with the clerk of Horne, Sir Wm.... Marylebone.

the peace of such county, riding, division, disKelly,Fitzroy,(K.C.)

trict, or borough, and one other copy thereof Ipswich.

to be delivered to every coroner acting in and Knight, J. L. (K.C.) Cambridge (Town).

for such county, riding, (ivision, district, or Lennard, J. B.... Maldon.

borough as aforesaid ; and whenever any inRoebuck, J. A...... Bath.

quest shall be holden on any dead body the Spankie, Serjt.(K S.) Bury.

coroner holding the same shall immediately Tooke, Wm. ...... Truro.

after the termination of the proceedings ad. Wigram,Jas. (K.C.) Leominster.

vance and pay all expences reasonably incurred in and about the holding thereof, not exceeed

ing the sums set forth in the said schedule, and CHANGES IN THE LAW IN THE

which sums so advanced and paid shall be re

paid to the said coroner in manner hereinafter LAST SESSION OF PARLIAMENT,

mentioned : Provided that until such schedule 1837.

as aforesaid shall have been made the coroner No. IV.

shall advance and pay, at his discretion, all reasonable expences of holding every inquest

within the limits of his jurisdiction, and shall CORONERS' EXPenses. Vict. c. 68.

be repaid the amount thereof, in the same

manner as if the sums so paid had been inThis act passed on the 15 July, 1837, and is cluded in a schedule duly made according to intituled “ An Act to provide for payment of

the provisions of this act. (s. 1.)

Coroners to pay Medical Witnesses.—That so the expences of holding coroner's inquests."

| much of the said act passed in the last session It recites that the holding of coroners' inquests of parliament as directs the Coroner to make on dead bodies is attended with divers neces

out an order on the churchwardens and over

seers of the parish in which any death shall sary expences, for the payment whereof no have happened for payınent of the remunera. certain provision is made by law, and such ex. tion or fee payable under the provisions of that pences have usually been discharged without

act to any medical practitioner, and as directs

such churchwardens and overseers to pay the any lawful authority for that purpose out of same out of the funds collected for the relief the monies levied for the relief of the poor ; of the poor of such parisb, shall be and the and it is expedient to make adequate legal pro

same is hereby repealed, and in lieu thereof

the coroner shall, immediately after the termivision for the payment of such expences : It | nation of the proceedings at any inquest, adis therefore enacted as follows:

vance and pay such remuneration or fee to

every medical witness summoned under the Schedule to be made of Fees payable on hold- provisions of the said act, and the amount ing Inguests. - That the justices of the peace thereof shall be repaid to the said coroner in for every county, riding, division, or district | manner hereinafter mentioned. (s. 2.) in England and Wales, in general or quarter Coroners of Counties to lay their Accounts sessions assembled, shall, at the general or before the Sessions, and Coroners of Bornughs quarter sessions of the peace to be hölden next to lay them before the Town Council. The Coafter the passing of this act, or at some subse-roner to be repaid out of the County Rates or quent general or quarter sessions, and the town the Borough Fund.--That every coroner act. council of every borough having a coroner shall ling in and for any county, riding, division, or at the quarterly meeting of such council which I district shall, within four months after holding shall be holden next after the passing of this act, any inquest, cause a full and true account of or at some subsequent quarterly meeting there all sums paid by him under the provisions of of, make or cause to be made a schedule of this act, including all sums paid to any medithe several fees, allowances, and disbursements i cal witness as aforesaid, to be laid before the whicli, on the holding of any inquest on any l justices of the peace of such county, riding, dead isody within such county, rilling, division, I division, or district in general or quarter sesdistrict, or borough, may be lawfully paid and sions assembled, or at any adjournment thereof; made by the coroner holding such' inquest and every coroner of any borough shall, within (other than the fees payable to medical wit-| four months after holding any inquest, cause & nesses under and by virtue of 6 & 7 W. 4, c. full and true account of all sums paid hy hiin 89, jutituled An Aot to provide for the Alten- under the provisions of this act, including as dance and Remuneration of Medical Witnesses aforesaid, to be laid before the town council at Coroners' Inguests ; and it shall be lawful of such borough; and all such accounts shall for such justices in general or quarter sessions / be accompanied by such vouchers as under the assembled, and for such town council at any | circumstances may to such justices or council such quarterly meeting as aforesaid, from time respectively seem reasonable ; and such jus: to time to alter and vary such schedule as to | tices or council respectively may, if they shall such justices and town council respectively I think fit, examine the said coroner on oath as may seein fit; and the said justices and town to such account, and on being satisfied of the

Changes in the Law.The New Franking Act.


correctness thereof, such justices or council respectively shall make an order on the treasurer of the said county, riding, division, or district, or of the said borough (as the case may be), for payment to the said coroner not only of the sum due to him on such account, but also of a sum of six shillings and eight-pence for every inquest holden by him as aforesaid, over and above all other fees and allowances to which he is now by law entitled; and the treasurer of any county, riding, division, or district on whom any such order shall be made shall, out of the monies in his hands arising from the county rates, and the treasurer of any borough on whom any such order shall be made shall, out of the monies in his hands on account of the borough fund, pay to the said coroner the sum mentioned in such order, without any abatement or deduction whatever ; and every such treasurer shall, on passing his accounts, be allowed all sums which he shall pay in pursuance of any such order as aforesaid. (s. 3.)

Act applicable to London.—That this act and the several provisions herein contained shall extend and be applicable to the city of London and the town and borough of Southwark. (8. 4.)

Act may be altered. That this act may be altered or repealed by any act in this present session of parliament. (s. 5.)


The Chief Clerk without Doors of the House of Commons (who receives the fees and pays the officers of the House).

CLASS 111. The Secretaries and Assistant Secretary

of the Treasury. The Postinaster General, the Secretary

and Assistant Secretary of the Postmaster General, in England.

CLASS IV The Lord High Chancellor of Great Bri

tuin The Speaker of the House of Commons. The Lord High Treasurer or First Lord

Commissioner of Her Majesty's Treasury of the United Kingdom of Great

Britain and Ireland. The Cominissioners of the Treasury. Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of

State, and their Under Secretaries. The Chancellor of Her Majesty's Ex

chequer. The President and Vice President of the

Committee of Council appointed for the consideration of matters relating to

trade and foreign plantations. The Clerks of Her Majesty's Most Hon.

ourable Privy Council. The First Commissioner of Woods and

Forests. The President of the Board of Commis.

sioners for the affairs of India. The Secretaries to the Board of Commis

sioners for the affairs of India. The Judge Advocate General. The Secretary of the Postmaster General

in Ireland. The Surveyors of the Post Office in En

gland. The Secretary of the Postmaster General

in Scotland. The Surveyors of the Post Office in Scot

land. The Commander in Chief of her Majesty's

Forces in Great Britain. The Secretary to the Commander in Chief

of Her Majesty's Forces in Great Bri

tain. The Master General of the Board of

Ordnance. One of the Secretaries of the said Master

General of the Board of Ordnance. The Secretary to the Board of Ordnance. The Inspector General of Fortifications. The Quartermaster General of Her Ma

jesty's Forces in Great Rritain. The Adjutant General of her Majesty's

Forces in Great Britain. The Secretary at War. The Deputy Secretary at War.. Her Majesty's Paymaster General. The Lord High Admiral or First Lord

Commissioner of the Admiralty. The Commissioners of the Admiralty. The Secretaries of the Admiralty. Her Majesty's Lieutenant General or other Chief Governor or Governors of Ireland;

By the 1 Vict. c. 36, the privilege of franking letters is defined and declared. The privilege, so far as it relates to members of Parliament, commenced on Wednesday last ; the other classes are not affected by the sitting of parliament. We shall give such of the clauses as are of general interest at length.

1. The act is to come into operation on the same day as the 1 Vict. c. 32, (the General Post Office Act).

2. Her Majesty's letters are to be free.

3.Letters of certain officers free.-That the letters of the undermentioned classes of persons transmitted by post, either to or from them, shall, subject to the conditions herein. after stated, be exempt from postage :

Members of each House of Parliament.

Clerk of the Parliament.
The Clerk Assistant of the House of

Tbe Reading Clerk of the House of

The Clerk of the House of Commons.
The Two Clerks Assistant of the House

of Commons.



The New Franking Act. And his or their Chief Secretary, Under | liament or at the lobby of the house of parlia

Secretary, and Private Secretary res. Inent of which he shall be a member ; and all pectively.

printed votes and proceedings in parliament CLASS V.

and printed parliamentary papers shall be sent The Lord Chancellor of Ireland.

without covers, or in covers open at the sides, The Surveyors of the Post Office in Ire

and shall be signed by the privileged person

sending them, in the manner heretofore pracland. CLASS VI.

tised ; and all petitions shall be sent without

covers, or in covers open at the sides; and The respective Departments and Offices the power of receiving votes and proceedings mentioned in the First column of shall be restricted to the places within the schedule (A.), in respect of the official

United Kingdom of which the privileged percorrespondence of such departments

son shall have previously given notice to the and offices.

postmaster general, either at London or DubCLASS VII.

lin. Persons being at the head of the several

5 Extent and Conditions of Privilege of 2

Class.—That the privilege of the persons of departinents and offices mentioned in

the second class shall extend both to letters the first column of schedule (B.), in

and parliamentary proceedings and papers, and respect of their official correspondence.

shall be subject to the regulations and restricCLASS VIII.

tions to which that of the first class is subject, The persons mentioned in the third except as to the number of such letters, which

column of schedule (C.), in respect of shall be without limit, and except as to the their official correspondence.

weight of such letters, which shall not exceed

two ounces each. CLASS IX.

6. Extent unit Conditions of Privilege of 3d The several officers herein-after specified Class.-Tbat tbe privilege of the members of

belonging to the offices mentioned in the third class shall extend to the sending and
the first column of schedule (D.), in receiving all letters, without limit as to either
respect of the official correspondence number or weight; and with respect to lett
of such offices.

sent by them it shall be unnecessary to insert CLASS X.

in the superscription the name of the post

town, or the date of the day, month, or year Commissioners, whether for permanent

when sent, but nevertheless the whole superor temporary purposes, appointed by

scription shall be of the handwriting of the act of parliament or appointed by her

person sending the same. Majesty's letters patent, to which com

T 7. Extent of Privilege of 4th Class.—That missioners the privilege is granted by the privilege of the members of the fourth this or by any subsequent act, in res- I class shall extend to the sendive and receiviny pect of their corresponder ce relating I all letters, without limit as to either number to the business of their commission.

or weight. 4. Extent and Conditions of Privilege of 8. Èxtent of Privilege of 5th Class – That 1st Class.—That the privilege of the persons the privilege of the meinbers of the fifth class of the first class shall last nu longer than dur- shall extend to the sending and receiving of ing the session of parliament, and forty days all letters to and from places within Ireland, before a summons, or forty days after a proro- without limit as to either number or weight. gation; and the privilege sball extend to the 9. Conditions to be observed by the first five sending of ten letters every day, each not ex- Classes in regard to Letters sent by them.-That ceeding an ounce in weight, to places within all letters sent by privileged persons of the the United Kingdom; and to the receipt from foregoing five classes shall, except so far as places within the United Kingdom of fifteen has been excepted in reference to the members letters every day, each not exceeding the same of the third class, be subject to the following weight; and to the power of receiving and conditions :- The whole superscription shall sending printed votes and proceedings in par- be of the handwriting of the privileged person liainent froid and to places within the United sending the same, and shall contain the name Kingdom; and to receiving petitions addressed of such person, together with the name of the to either house of parliament, not exceeding post town from which the same is intended to six ounces in weight each; but in order to be sent, and the day, month, and year when exempt the above-mentioned letters and pa- the same shall be put into the post office, the pers from postage the following conditions day of the month to be in words at length, shall be observed :-Every letter sent shall be and the whole direction and superscription to subject to the same conditions as are of the handwriting of the privileged person ; after expressed with regard to the letters of and every such letter shall be put into the geall persons of the first five classes having the neral post office or other post office, or into a privilege of franking; and every letter received receiving house or place appointed by her shall be directed either to the place where the Majesty's postmaster general for the receipt of privileged person shall actually be at the time letters and packets to be forwarded by the post, of the delivery thereof, or at his usual place of on the day of the date written upon such letresidence in London, or at the house of par- ter; and the privileged person whose name

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