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Amendment of the Law of Copyright.

Jess and unskilled in the moving accidents judge conversant with the business and with of fortune--not seeking to triumph in the tem- the elegancies of life to a degree unusual with pest of the passions, but in the serenity which an eminent lawyer-by one who was the most lies above them whose works shall be scoffed successful advocate of his time, yet who was at-whose name made a by-word-and yet not more remarkable for his skill in dealing who shall persevere in his high and holy course, with facts, than for the grace with which he gradually impressing thoughtful minds with embellished them by Lord Abinger--that the the sense of truth, made visible in the severest assignee of foreign copyright, deriving title forms of beauty, until he shall create the taste from the author abroad to publish in this counby which he shall be appreciated infuence try, and creating that right within a reasonable the master spirits of his age--be felt pervading time, may claim the protection of our courts every part of the national literature, softening, against any infringement of his copy.a If this raising, and enriching it, and when, at last he is law, and I believe and trust it is, we shall shall find his confidence in his own aspirations make no sacrifice in so declaring it, and in justified, and the name which once was the setting an example which France, Prussia, scorn, admitted to be the glory of his age-he America, and Germany are prepared to follow. shall look forward to the close of his earthly Let us do justice to our law and to ourselves. career, as the event that shall consecrate his At present not only is the literary intercourse fame and deprive his children of the opening of countries, who should form one great family, harvest he is beginning to reap-as soon as his degraded into a low series of mutual piraciescopyright becomes valuable, it is gone! This not only are industry and talent deprived of is no imaginary case. I refer to one who “in their just reward—but our literature is debased this setting part of time" has opened a vein of in the eyes of the world, by the wretched me. the deepest sentiment and thought (unheeded dium through which they behold it. Pilfered, till then who has supplied the noblest anti- and disfigured in the pilfering, the noblest dote to the freezing effects of the scientific images are broken, wit falls pointless, and verso spirit of the age ;-who, while he has done is only felt in fragments of broken music ;-sad justice to the poetry of greatness, has cast a fate for an irritable race! "The great minds of glory around the lowliest conditions of hy- our times have now an audience to impress far manity, and traced out the sublle links by vaster than it entered into the minds of their which they are connected with the highest ;- predecessors to hope for an andience increasof one whose name will now find an echo noting as population thickens in the cities of Ame. only in the heart of the secluded student, but rica, and spreads itself out through its diin that of the busiest of those who are fevered minishing wilds, who speak our language, and by political controversy ;-of William Words, who look on our old poets as their own imworth. Ought we not to requite such a poet mortal ancestry; and if this our literature shall in some degree for the injustice of our boy- be theirs ; if its diffusion shall follow the efforts hood ? For these workshich are now insenof the stout heart and sturdy arm in the triumph sibly quoted by our most popular writers, over the obstacles of nature; if the woods, the spirit of which now mingles with our intel- stretching beyond their confines, shall be lectual atmosphere, he prohably has not re- haunted with visions of beauty which our poets ceived through the long life he has devoted to his have created, let those who are thys softening art, until lately, as much as the same labour, the ruggedness of young saciety have some prewith moderate talent, might justly produce in sent interest, about which affection may gather: a year of moderate industry. Shall the law, and at least let them be protected from those whose term has been amply sufficient to his who would exhibit them, mangled or corrupted, scorners which has protected them-now to their transatlantic disciples. I do not in truth afford him no protoction, because he has out- ask for literature favour; I do not ask for it lasted their scoffs ; because his fame has been charity; I do not even appeal to gratitude in fostered amidst the storms, and is now the its behalf; but I ask for it a portion, and but a m !" nshar mangidanation to I coarsest industry obtains for its natural rewara,

portion, of that common justice which the There is only ono other consideration to coarsest industry obtains for its natural rew which I will advert, as congected with this and which nothing but the very extent of its subject :-the expedience and justice of ac- claims, and the pobleness of the associations knowleding the rights of foreigners to copy- to which they are akin, have prevented it from right in this country, and of claiming it for receiving from our laws. ourselves in return. If at this time it werel The honourable and learned gentleman then clear that our law afforded no protection to moved for leave to bring in a bill “ to consolidate foreigners, first publishing in other countries, and amend the laws relating to property in the there would be great difficulty in dealing with nature of copyright in books, musical composithis question for ourselves, and we might feel tions, acted dramas, pictures, and engravings; bound to leave it to negotiation, to give and to to provide reinedies for the violation thereof, obtain reciprocal benefits. But if a recent do and to extend the term of its duration," and cision on the subject of musical copyright is to resumed his seat amid the loudest cheering be regarded as correct, the principle of inter- from all parts of the house. national copyright is already acknowledged The motion waş seconded by the Chanhere, and there is little for us to do in order cellor of the Ercheguer, in terms of high that we may be enabled to claim its recognition from foreign states. It has been decided hy as a D'Almgine y. Bussey, 1 Y. & C. 288.

[blocks in formation]


Michaelmas Term; 1837.
Clerks" Nume und Residence.

To whom articled, assigned, fc. Arrowsmith, Joseph, 6, Sidmouth Street, Henry Robert Eustatia Wright, Stocton-upon

Gray's Inn Road, and 25, Great Russell Tees.

Street, Bloomsbury.
Abbott, Charles, Uttuseter, Stafford.

Samuel Fisher, Queen Street, Cheapside; as:

signed to William Mason, New Millman

Street. Adams, William, 92, Chancery Lane, and 11, John Stratford Collins, Ross; assigned to Gray's Inn Square.

Charles Gwillim Jones, 11, Gray's Inn

Square. Blomley, John, Rochdale, and Preston, Lanca- Thomas Ferrand Dearden, Rochdale; assigned · shire.

to John Armstrong, Preston. Battye, Thomas Hudson, 8, Ely Place, Hol. John Battye, Huddersfield.

born, Huddersfield, York.
Boys, John Harvey, Margate, Kent; and 14, John Boys, Margate.

Heathcote Street, Mecklenburgh Square.
Baldwyn, John Lewis, 17, Gloucester Street; Francis M'Donnell, Usk; assigned to Thomas

and 28, Great Ormond Street, Queen Square Metcalfe, 5, New Square, Lincoln's Inn. Birt, Jacob, 10, Upper Islington Terrace. Thomas Clarke, Craven Street, Strand. Brooks, Charles William, 8, Pleasant Row, Charles Sabine, Oswestry; assigned to ThoIslington.

mas Cooper, John Street, Bedford. Row. Bell, James, Blackburn, Lancaster,

James Neville, Blackburn
Banister, Edward Charles, Shipston-on-Stour; Edward Banister, Shipstone-on-Stour.

Penton Street, Pentonville; Manchester

Street, Gray's Inn Road. Burges, Edward, City of Bristol.

John Slade, Yeovil ; assigned to Daniel Bur.

ges, city of Bristol. Brettel, James John, Camden Terrace, Cam- Robert Henry Sawyer, Staple Inn.

den Town. Berkeley, Comyns Rowland, 16, Everett Street, Henry Comyns Berkeley, and Charles Berken

Brunswick Square ; and Coopersale Hall, ley, Lincoln's Inn.

Essex. Batt, William Foster, Abergavenny, Mon. Thomas Davies, Abergavenny. . mouth,

James Gilbert George, Monmouth. Bollard, James Richard, Colne, Lancaster. Jobu Bollard, Colne; assigned to James Robe

ertshaw, Coloe ; assigned to Robert Ascroft,

Bourdillon, Stafford, 30, Great Winchester James Bourdillon, Great Winchester Street.

Clarke, John Callow, Upton-upon-Severn ; John Clarke, Upton-upon-Severn.

and 39, Clarence Garden, Regent's Park.
Clayton, Sykes, Loughborough, Leicester; 144, Beauvoir Brock, Loughborough.

Upper Stamford Street, Surrey; and at
Strand-on-the-Green, Middlesex.

- 70 Attorneys to be admitted. - List of New Publications.-Professional Lists. Clerks' Nime and Residence. .

To echom articlei, assigned, &c. Chanter, John Roberts, Barnstaple, Devon; Charles Roberts, Barstable,

and 35, Upper Stamfort Street, Surrey. Cook, George, 19, Walnut Tree Walk, Lambeth. Christopher, John Pike, 17, New Boswell

Court, and 43, Queen's Square, Bloomsbury. Cruso, Francis, Leek, Stafford.

John Cruso, Leek.
Corpe, George, 12, Cambridge Street, Edge. Robert Henry Sawyer, Staple Inn.

ware Road. Davison, Madgwick Spicer, 15, Gloucester Alfred Ester, city of Bristol ; assigned to

Street, Queen's Square ; Warnley, Parish William Ody Hare, city of Bristol ; assigned of Siston, Gloucester.

to Simon George Little, city of Bristol ; as,

signed to Robert Bicknell, Bloomsbury Sq. Dunning, Simon, Crickdale, near Hindon, Charles Millet, Crickdale.

Wilts, and 4. Henrietta St., Brunswick Sq. , Danby, John William, 2, New Boswell Court; Langley Brackenbury, Spilsby; assigned to and Spilsby.

Jackson Gunnis, Spilshy. Elgie, Charles William, 8, Devonshire Street, John Henry Howard, Cheltenham ; assigned to

Queen's Square; 13, Warwick Court, Gray's George Thomas Elgie, 10, Bucklersbury; asInn; and 14, Little Jaines Street, Bedford signed to Robert Medcalf, 20, Lincoln's Inn Row.

Fields. [To be continued.]

RE-ADMISSION OF ATTORNEYS, 1 A Treatise on the Law of Mortgages By Last day of Trinity Term, 1837.

R. H. Coote, Esq. Price 10s. 68. "2d edit.

Dr. Irving's Introduction to the Study of Blackburne, William, late of Wookey, Somer

Civil Law. Price Is. bds.

Martin's Introduction to Conveyancing. Vol. set, but now of 1, Finsbury Square.

2, Part 1. Price 12s. bds. Coryndon, George, Plymouth. Gunnery, Joseph, Liverpool.

MASTERS EXTRAORDINARY IN Mohon, George, Brighton, late of Dorking, Surrey, and Woodford Bridge, Essex.

CHANCERY. Mason, James, late of Harwich, now of 6. From April 25 to May 19, 1837, both inclusive, Wells Street, Gray's Inn Road.

irith dates when ginzelted. Pinkardardton, David, Great Crosby, near |

Plaskitt, William, Gainsborough, Lincoln. · Liverpool.

April 25.
Shepherd, Charles, Tenterden, Kent. April

25. LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. Launbert, William Trotman, Chalford, Glou

cester. April 28. Speech of Mr. Serieant Talfourd on the Law | Smith, John, Warwick. May 2. of Copyright, with an Introduction. Price ls. Beale, John, Birmingham. May 16.

Bingham's New Cases in the Court of Common Pleas. Vol. 3, Part 3. Price 12s.

DISSOLUTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL A Treatise on the Practice of the Court of

PARTNERSHIPS. Chancery, with an Appendix of Forins and From April 25 to May 19, 1837, both inclusive, Precedents of Costs, adapted to the last New

with dates when gazetled. Orders. . By John Sidney Smith. 2 Vols. 2d Tomkins, J. G. S., and William Russell, edit. Price 21. 4s. bds.

Leamington Priors, Warwick, Attorneys A Practical Treatise on the Law of Trusts and Solicitors. April 28. and Trustees. By Thomas Lewin, Esq. Price Newton, Joseph, and William Henry Dickson, ls. 8d. bds.

Furnival's Inn, Attorneys and Solicitors. Law Magazine. No. 36. Price 6s.

Blighs Appeal Cases. Vol. 9, Part 2. Price Wills, William, and Robert Henry Wills, New8s. 6.7.

ton Bushell, Devon, Attorneys and SoliciRussell and Mylne's Reports of Cases in tors. May 9. Chancery. Vol. 2, Part 3. Price 15s. Neville and Manning's Reports in the Court

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. of King's Bench. Vol. 6, Part 4. Price 78. 60. From April 25, to May 19, 1837, both inclusive, Deacon's Criminal Law, with Hindmarch's

with dates when gatetied. Supplement. 2 Vols. 8vo. Price ls. Id.

Greer, John Robert, Bristol, Provision Merchant and Porter

Dealer. April 25.

Holdsworth, Henry, Halifax, York, and Alfred Knight, Bench, Cominon Pleas, and Exchequer of

London Wall, Worsted Spinners and Manufacturers.

May 2."" Pleas, in Personal Actions and Ejectinent, con- Roberts, Wm., Newport, Monmouth, Shipwright. April 25. taining all the recent Statutes, Rules of Court, 1 ***MA: 12.,

| Stirling, John, Conduit Street, Bond Street, Silk Mercen. and Judicial Decisions relating thereto. By Wiles, Wm. jun., York

Wiles, Wm. jun., York Row, Kennington JRoad, Surrey, William Tidd, Esq. Price 17. ¡Os. bds.

Pawnbroker; and of St. Ncot's, Huntingdon, Çora
Dealer and Malster. May 9.

May 2.

Bankruptcies superseded.-Bankrupts.


Fryerale, Cornhill.. Alsager, On. Att Old Broad Stre


May 5.

hury, Berks. May 5.

Dearne inn sq.hire.

Cork, Worstein, Leeds, Maypoi, Mer


| Francis, Francis Gittins, Adam's 'Court, Old Broad Street,

Wine Merchant. Alsager, Off, Ass. : Myait, Birchin From April 25, to May 19, 1837, both inclusine, with dates when gazetted.

Fryer, James Parkin, St. Michael's Alley, Carnhill, Tavern

Keeper and Victuallei. Lackington, Off. Ass.: Duncan, Archibald, Joseph, Manchester, Tailor. Gibson, Manchester

Lincoln's Inn Fields. May 9. Chusholme & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields. April 28.

Fisher, John, Liverpool, Publican. Ward, Prescot: Olider. Arnould, Joseph, King William Street, Strand, Bookseller.

Cheapside. May 9. Bouder & Co., Aldermaubury: Acton, Elm Court,

Foster, John, Lincoln's Inn Fields, and Pitt's Head Mews,

Park Lane, Middlesex, Horse Dealer. Goldsmid, Off. Absalom, Charles. Newbury, Berks, Grocer. Pinninger,

Ass.: Christmas, Gray's Inn Square. May 12. Newbury: Laurence, Salisbury. May 5.

Greenhill, Wm. Wicklam, Cobham, Surrey, Cattle Dealer. Andrrw, Jozeph, Guildford Street East, Wilmington Square,

Lackington, Of. Ass. : Allen & Co., Queen Street, Victualler. Clarke, Off. Ass.: Martineau & Co., Carey

Cueapside. April 25. Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. May 12,

Gadsden, Robert, and Kaymond Percival, Upper St. Martin's Arnold, Robt., Nuneaton, Warwick, Draper. Messrs. Heron,

Lane. Printers and Publishers. Turynand, Of. Ass.: Manchester: Johuson & Co., Temple. May 12.

Laurance & Co., Bucklersbury. April 25. Addison, Jarnes William, Southampton, Provision Agent.

Green, John, Bushey, Hertford, Dealer in Cattle. Cannan, Gromm, Off. Ass.: Bartrinn & Co., Old Broad Street.

off Assi: Cowley & Co., Watford, Herts : Sanger, May 16.

Essex Court, Temple. April 25. Adams, Jonathan, Banbury, Oxford, Innkeeper. Golby &

Garfit. Francis, Swinton, Wath-upon-Dearne, York. Cast. Co., Banbury : Co, Lincoln's Inn Fields. May 19.

Iron Founder. Ridsdale & Co., Giay's Inn Square : Askew, Jolan, Liverpool, and of Egremont, Liscard, Chester,

Nichoison & Co., Wath, near Rotherham, Yorkshire. Hotel Keeper. Dean, Essex street: Peacock, Liver poul.

April 28. May 19.

Gough, Edward Hilditch, Dalsti.n Rise, Hackney, MiddleBrooks, William Foreman, Liverpool, Merchant. Higson &

sex. Dealer in Wood. Turquand, Ott. Ass. : Ashley. Co., Manchester: Johnson & Co., Temple. May 5.

Shoreditch. May 5. Barker, Daniel, Queen Street, Cheapside, Grocer and Oil.

| Goff, John, Liverpool, Grocer. Cross, Liverpool : Blackstock man. Green, Off. Ass. : Smith, King's Arms Yard.

& Co., Temple. May 5. May 9.

Golledge. John, jun., Frome Selwood, Somerset, Currier and Brown, John, and Wm. Henry Williams, Birmingham,

Leather Cutier. Perkins & Co., Gray's Inn Square : Paper Colourers and Stainers. Harrison, Birmingham:

Miller, Froine Selwoud. May 9. Nortor & Co., Gray's Inn Square. May 9.

| Goodall, Henry, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, UpholsBinney, Mordecai, Mancheste, Curn Dealer. Bower & Co.,

terer. Pennell, Off. Ass. Hepburn, Cuptball Court. Chancery Lane. Owen & Co., Manchester. May 12.

May 16. Betis, kobert, Alford, Lincoln, Wool Merchant. Scott,

Gough. Thomas, Minchinhampton, Gloucester, Cloth Lincoln's Inn Fields: Bourne & Co., Alford. May 12.

Dealer. Baylis, New Basinghall Street: W'interbotham Britton, John, and Joseph Westerman Briscoe, Darlington,

& Co., Tewkesbury. May 19. Durham, Linen and Carpet Manufacturers. Skinner, Glover, Benjamin, Liverpool, Drysalter. Grocott, Liverpool: Stockton, Durham: Tilsons & Co., Coleman Street. |

Holden, Liverpool : Walmsley & Co., Chancery Lane. April 25.

May 19. Burge, Wm., Wareham, Dorset, Tanner and Currier. Phin

Him. Charles, Salisbury Square, London, Hotel and Tavern pard, Wareham : Weller, Essex Street, Strand. April 25

Keeper. Groen, of'. Ass.: Clark & Co., Sessions House, Banka. Thos., Greta Mills, near Keswick, Cumberland, Va

Old Bailey. April 25. lentia Manufacturer. Stubbs, Staple Inn: Rudd, Cuck. Heap, Richard, and James Heap, Colne, and Trawden, Lanermouth. April 28.

caster. Cotton Manufacturers and Worsted Manufac. Brown, Wm., Leeds, York, Worsted Spinner. Strangwayes

turers. Weeks & Co., Cook's Court, Lincoln's Inn & Co., Barnard's Inn: Blackburn, Leeds. May 5.

Ficlds: Hartley, Colne. April 25. Buchanan, Benjamin, and David Laird, Liverpool, Mer

Hiske. Daniel, Wickwar, Gloucester, Innholder and Baker: clants. Taylor & Co., Bedford Row: Loadea & Co.,

Burker, Sudbury, Gloucester : Poole & Co., Gray's Inn Liverpool. May 5.

Square. issey, Robert, Lerds, York, Plasterer and Beer Retailer. Holden, John, and Thomas Makio Fisher, Manchester, and Barr & Co., Leeds: Fiddey, Serjeant's Inn, Fleet

Bacup, Lancaster, Cotton Spinners. Johnson & Co., Street. May 16.

Temple : Seddon & Co., Manchester. April 28. Crow, Wn.. Dann. Ecclesfield, York, Tanner. Alkinson &

| Haworth, John, Rawtenstall, Lancaster, Plumber, Glazier. Co.. Church Court, Lothbury. Smith & Co., Sheffield.

and Gr cer. Smith, Chance y Lane: Shuttleworth & April 25.

Co., Rochdale. May 2. Caswell, George, Kidderminster. Worcester, Buokseller and

Harrison, James, Manchester, Commission Agent and CotStationer. Blackstock & Co., Temple : Bycol, jun.,

ton Manufacturer. Eduards, OM. Ass.: Muller, Sussex Kidderininster. April 25.

Chambers, Duke Street, St. James's. May 5. Clive. David, Birmingham, Víctualler & Gun Barrel Borer.

Harrison, Wm., St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Gauty, Red I ion Square : Creswell, Birmingham. May 2.

Goldsmith and Jeweller. Gibson, Off Ass : Smith, Crampton, Joshua, Tong. Bristal, York, Scribbling Miller.

lohenbruse Yurd. May 5. Hardwick & Co., Lawrence Lane: Messrs. Lee, Leeds.

Horsfall. John, Leeds, York, Stuff Dyer and Merchant. May 9

Strunguayes & Co., Bernard's Inn : Blackburn, Leeds. Carlisle, John, Liverpool, Stone Mason and Builder. Norris

May 5. & Co., Bartlett's Buildings, Holburn : Toulmin, Liver

Heaword, Joseph, Stockport, Chester, Cotton Thread Manu

u. pool. May 16.

facturer Bower & Co., Chancery Lane : Harrop, StockCalvert, Charles, Manchester, Picture Dealer. Milne & Co.,

port. May 9. Temple : Bent, Manchester. May 16.

Hayley, Richard Henry, Manchester, Grocer and ShopDeneulain, John Juseph Domnique, Leicester Square,

keeper. Johnson & Co., Temple : Hitchcock, ManchesLodging House and Hotel Keeper. Jonnson, Off. Ass. :

ter May 9. • Allen & Co. Carlisle Street, Soho. May 5.

Hall. Samuel Carter, Elm Grove House, Kensington, MidDavies, Wm., Queen Street, Mayfair, Tailor. Gibson, Off.

dlesex, Bookseller. Edwards, Off, Ass.; Lythgoe die A>s.: Bell, Craven Street, Strand. May 5.

Co., Essex Street, Strand. May 12. Drury, Thur. Russell, Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, Printer.

Horsfall. Juhi, Criventry, Maltster and Victualler. Weeks Alsager, uff. Ass.: Willoughoy, Clifford's inn. May 12.

& Co., Cook's Court, Serle Street, Lincoln's lon: CarDunn, Arthur, George kow, City koad, Chemical Manufac

ter & Co., Coventry. May 12. turer. Johnson, off. Ass. : Bell & Co., Bow Church

Hardie. Herbert, Manchester, Merchant and Commission Yard. May 16.

Agent. Johnson & Co., Temple : Sedklon & Co., ManExley, John, kiches court, Lime Street, London, Corn

chester. May 12. tartor. Clarke, Uf. Ass.: Tulsons & Co., Coleman

Hudxctts, Wm., Birmingham. Boukseller. Battye & Co., Sirćet. April 25.

Chancery Lane : Webb & Civ., Birmingham. May 12. Elmer, Robert, Southampton, Provision Merchant. Walker,

ker, | Hiam. James, Temple Balsall, Warwick, Farmer, Coal Southatnpton Street. Bloomsbury Square: Leucon,

Dealer, and Builder. Parkes & Co., South Square, Southampton. April 28.

Gray's Inn. Harding, Birmingham, May 12 Evans, James Wright, Biriningbain, Japanner and Grocer.

Hughes, Richard, Addle Street, London, and late vf Lime Clarke & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fields: Colmore, Birming

Street, London, Victualier. Eduards, Or. Ass,: San. ham. April 28.

dell, Cheapside. May 16. Erans, Thomas, Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square, Apo

Harrison, James, Manchester, Money Scrivener, Cuvelje. thecary and Chemist. Gruhum, Off. Ass. i Hoggard,

Southampton Buildings : Rowley & Co., Manchester. New inn. May 12.

May 16. Emanuel, Joseph. Birmingham. Jeweller. Alesander & Co.

Hough, George, Bradford, York, Ironmonger, and VicLincoln's Inn Fields : Lefevre, Birmingham. Mav 12.

tualler. Woodhouse & Co., Temple: Stoti, Leeds. May Evatis ,John Richard, Carmarthen, Linen and Wollen Draper

19. Murkruson Co., Elm Couri, Temple : Atkinson & Co.,

Jones, William, Shrewsbury, Salop, Shoe Maker. BlackManchester. May 12.

stock & Co., Temple : Harper & Co., Whitchurch. Edmondson, William, Liverpool, Brush Maker. Chester,

April 28. Staple Inn: Fowler, Liverpool. May 12.

Jeffery. William. Little Chester Street, Belgrave Square, East, George, and George Phillips Vincent, Aston, near Rir.

Dealer in Horses. Belcher. Off. Ass.: Sanford, Adelphi mingham, Glass Makers. Addlington & Co., Bedford

Terrace. April 20. Row: Willis, Birmingham. May 12.

Kinsey, Simoni, Badwell Ash, Suffolk, innkeeper. Hawkins Fermor, Edward. Hastings, Sussex, Brewer. Pennell, Off. !

& Co., New Boswell Court : Goliting & Co., Walshain Ass.: Gregson, Angel Court, Throgmoston Street.

le Willows, Suffolk, May 2, May 2.

[blocks in formation]

Kenyon, Richard, Claughton, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. Roach, Thomas, Manchester, Linen Draper. Bover & Co..

Cornthwaite, Dean's Court, Doctors Commons: Bray, Chancery Lane : Orheen & to., Manchester. May 2. I reston, May 5.

Ramsbotham, Joseph, and Edward Ramsbotham, Che Kelly, John, Merthyr Tidvil, Glamorgan, and Tredegar, Mour, Lostock, Lancaster, Cotton Spinners. Mayher &

Monmouth, Grocer and shopkeeper. Harmar, Bristol : Co., Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn : Blackhurat & Co., Bicknell & Co., Lincolns lun Fields. May lti.

Haslingden. May 5. Lees, John, Bilston, Stafford, Draper and Shopkeeper. I Render, John, Knaresborough, York, Innkeeper and Flax

Ansten & Co., Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn : Hinch. Dresser. 'Hawkins & Co, New Boswell: Court: Gill or lifte & Co., 'Westbromwich: Brown,' Bilston, April Dewes, Knaresborough. May 5. 20.

Robinson, Joshua, Melbury Terrace, Dorset Square, Middle. Lumley, Matthew, Scriven-with-Tentergate, York, Flax sex, Painter and Glazier. Whitmore, Off. Ass. : Howell,

Dresser. Surangwayes & Co, Karnard s inn: Gill, or Hatton Garden May 9.
Dewes, Knaresberough. May 9.

Rudman, Joel, Bath, Fruiterer. Dax & Co., Lincoln's Inn Lambley, James Booth, Bristol, Wine and Spirit Dealer and Fields : Drake, Bath. May 9

Liquor Merchant. Hare & Co., or Gulare & Co., Bristol : Ross, Alexander Glenden ning, Bradford, York, Won! Mer. Bridges& Co., Red Lion Square. May 16.

chant. Haukins & Co., New Buswell Court, Lincoln's Lumley, George, and William Brown, Knaresborongh, inn: Wells, Bradford. May 19.

York, Flax Spinners. Battye & Co, Chancery Lane: Symons, Margaret, and Janet Symons, Brighton, Susset, Dera or Gill, Knaresborough. May 16.

Milliners and Dress Makers. Whitmore Of. Ass. : London, Edward, Manchesrer, Bookseiler and Stationer. Waugh & Co., Great James Street, Bedford Row: Lel. Milne & Co., Temple : Wood, Manchester. April 28.

ter, Brighton. April 28. Loose more, John, Tiverton, Devon, Scrivener. Hellings, Scott, William, Bristol, ('un Factor, Clarke & Co., Lin.

Tiverton: Beetham, Chatham Place, Bridge Street, coln's Inn Fields: Savery & Co., Bristol. April 28. Blackfriars. May 2.

Stamper, Willi m, Cockermouth, Cumberland, Tinplate Lees,' Abraham Hilton, Bilston, Stafford, Iron Master and Worker. Armstrong, Staple Inn: Beuson, Cockerinovih.

Tallow Chandler. Harrison, Birmingham: Newton & April 28.
Co , South Square, Gray's Inn. May 5.

Smallwood, Thomas, jun., Newport, Salop, Scrirener,
Lyon, James, Bristol, Merchant. White & Co., Bedford Westmacott, South Square, Gray's Inn. May 2.
How : Broan & Co., Bristol. May 19.

Sandell, Edwaid Charles, Oxford, Apothecary. Matthetes, Macdougall, John, late of Buenos Ayres, Merchant and Oxford, White & Co., Frederick's Place, Old Jewry.

Factor. Adlington & Co., Bedford kuw: Radcliffe & Co., May 2.
Liverpool. April 25.

Smith, William, Leatherhead, Surrey, Innkeeper. Joha. Milner, Joshua, and John Milner, Bradford, York, Tailors son, Off. Ass. : Pontifer, St. Andrew's Court, Holburn.

and Drapers. Battye & Co., Chancery Lane: Wagstaff May 5. & Co., Bradford. April 25.

Sanderson, Henry Smith, Tadcaster, York, Scrivener. M.Diarmid, James, King Street, New North Road, Isling Capes, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn : Marsden & Co.,

ton, Middlesex, Baker. Goldsmid, Off. Ass.: Messrs. Wakefield. May 9. Oldershar, Tokenhouse Yard. May 2.

Smith, John, Birmingham, Gilt Toy and Buckle Maker. Manning, John, Leamingtun Priors, Warwick, Builder. 1 Harrison, Birmingham: Norton & Co., Gray's Inn

Haynes & Co., Warwick : Parkes & Co., South Square, Square : Domks, Birmingham. May 9.
Gray's Inn, May 2.

Steains, Henry, Bunhill Riiw. Middlesex, Grocer and Tea Moss, John, Haslıngden, Whalley, Lancaster; William Dealer. Cannun, Off. Ars : Hindmarsh & Co. Jewin

Harrington, of kope, near Nantwich, Cheshire ; and Street, Cripplegate. May 12. Joseph Moss, of Wrenbury, near Nantwich, Cheshire, Sangrouber, Mark Logis, Gerrard Street, Soho, Tailor. Pencarrying on business at Haslingden, as Cotion Spinners nell, Off. Ass,: Richardson & Co, Golden Square. May and Manufacturers. Sale, Manchester: Messrs. Baxter,

16. Lincoln's Inn Fields. May 2.

Staton, John, Charing Cross, Boot Maker. Alsager, OG. Morgan, Hugh, Builıh, Brecon, Farmer. Innholder and Ass. : Burt, Alderinanbury. May 16.

and Butcher. Bicknell & Co., Lincoln's Inn Fielas. Sugden, William Henry, Leeds, York, Linen Draper. May 2. Vaughan & Co., Brecon. May 2.

Milne & Co., Temple : Bent, Manchester. May 9. Mills, William, Little Britain, London, Builder. Belcher, I Saunders, Josoph, Walford, Hereford, Butcher. Wnit more,

Uff. Ass. : Jordeson & Co., High Street, Southwark! Off. Ass.: Sanger, Essex Court, Temple : Couley & Co, May 9.

Watford. May 19. Martin, Thomas, Pavement, Moorfields, Victualler. Gold Tayler, John, Holborn, Carpet Dealer. Green, Off. Ass. :

smrd, Off. Ass. : Dimmock, Bond Court, Walbruuk. bogue & Co., John Street, Bedfoid Row : Smith, ToMay 9.

kenhouse Yard. May 5. Mitcheil, John, Exeter, Victualler. Rhodes & Co., Chancery Taylor, Edinund, Liverpool, Colour Manufacturer and DryLane: Drake, Exeter. May 9.

salter. Chester, Staple Inn: Davenport, Liverpool. Mickle, George, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Merchant. Meggi. May 19.

son & Co., King's Road, Bedford Row. Brockett & Co.. Turner, Thomas Otley, York, Currier and Leather Cutter. Newcastle upon Tyne. May 12.

Battye & Co., Chancery Lane: Raynar & Co., Leeds. Magnay, Daniel, Wakefield, York, Hotel Keeper. Adlington May 19.

& Co., Bedford Ruw: Taylor, Wakefield. May 12. Viney, William, Tiverton, Devon, Currier. Clarke & Co., Mallitt, Joseph, Abergavenny, Monmonth, Tailor. Clark, Lincoln's Inn Fields: Sacery & Co., Bristol. May 12.

Off. Ass,: Walker, Southampton Street, Bloomsbury Vale, Arthur Theophilus Kinsey, Bromyard, Hereford, Square. May 16.

Linen Draper and Hosier. Lackinglon, Off, Ass.: Warne, Neales. John Rentham, Plymouth, Devon, Hatter. Wooll Leadenhall Street. May 19.

combe & Co., Plymouth : Lane & Co., Guldsmiths' Hall. Vigers, Thomas, George Place, Acre Lane, Brixton, Surrey, London. May 9.

late of the Strand, Brass Founder and Gas Fitter. 7Noakes, Joseph Elias, Robertsbridge, Sussex, Innkeeper. quand, ff. Ass. : Fisher & Co., Aldersgate Street. May

Gibson, OX. Ass. Burfoot & Co. Temple: Scoones &
Co., Tonbridge May 12.

| Wilson, William, Mauchester, Smallware Manufacturer. Newton, James, Bilterne, South Stoneham, Hants, Builder. Foster, Manchester: Lake & Co., Basinghall Street. Walker, Southampton Street, Bloomsbury Square :

May 2. Deacon, Southampton. May ly.

Wray, Martin Osterfield, Holborn Hill, Chemist and DrugPryer, Anthony, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, Innkeeper, gist. Cannan, Off. Ass. : Phillips & Co, Size Lane.

Brewer, and Malsier. Wayman & Co., Bury St. Ed. May 5.

inunds: Walter & Co., Symond's inn. April 28. | Walker, Peter, Hindley, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. Norris Palmer, William Burton, Birmingham, Warwick, and also & Co., Bartlett's Buildings : Richton, Preston : Black.

of Northfield, Worcester, Draper, and Button and Mi. hurst & Co., Preston. May 5. litary Ornament Manufactuer. Harrison, Birmingham: Williams, John, Bangor, Carnarvon, Draper. Milne & Co., Norton & Co., Gray's Inn Square, May 2.

Temple : Bent, Manchester. May 9. Patzcker, Edward, Poole, Timber Merchant. Parr & Co.. Whitehead, Samuel, and Robert Kowe, Chorley, LancasPoole : Holme & Co., New Inn. May 2.

ter, Cotton Spinners and Cotton Manufacturers. Milne Poynter, John, Wilmington Square, Money Scrivener. & Co., Temple : Neville & Co., Blackburn. May 9.

Whitmore, Off. Ass.: Bird, Lincoln's Inn Fields. May9. Williams, John Pownall, East Stonehouse, Devon, Draper. Parker. Charles, Haughton-le-Skerne, and Darlington, Dur Ashurst & Co., Cheapside. May 16.

bam, and Rawcliffe, York, Flax Spinner. Tilsons & Co., Wilson, John, Lawrence Lane, Woollen Warehouseman. Culemen Street : Allison, Darlington. April 25

Goldsmid, Off. Ass.: Turner & Co., Basing Lane, Bread Paul, Jolin, Old Change, London, Commission Agent and Street. May 16.

Factor. Gibsun, Oir. Ass.: Baylis. Basinghall Street. Wright, James Thomas, and Nathan Hackney, Burslem, May 12

Stafford, Earthenware Manufacturers. Dyneley & Co., Park yn, James, Devonport, Devon, Linen Draper. Surr, Gray's Inn: Harding, Burslem. May 16. Lombard Street : Elworthy, Devenport. May 12.

White, Thomas, Manchester, Innkeeper. Adlington & Co., Perry, William, Bath, Viciualler. Duz & Co., Lincoln's Inn Bedford Row : Hari, Manchester. May 16. Fields: Drake, Buth. May 16.

Warwick, William Sidney, and Thomas William Claggett, Pearson, Samuel, Knaresbrough, York, Innkeeper Hoc. Billiter Square, London, Merchants. Whitmore, Off.

kins & Co., New Busswell Court : Gul or Dewes, Knares Ass. : Freshfield & Co., New Bank Buildings. May 19. borough. May 16.

Wood, Robert, Rochdale, Lancaster, Money Scrivener, and Pitts. Wm., Great and Little Hampton, near Evesham, Wor Cotton Spinner. Norris & Co., Bartlett's Buildings,

cester, Miller. Johnson & Co., Temple ; Seddon & Co., Holborn: Heaton, Rochdale. May 19. Manchester. May 19.

Woolison, John, Leamington Priors, Warwick, Plumber Riddick, David, Cirencester, Gloucester, Tea Dealer. Groom, and Glazier. Haynes & Co., Warwick : Taylor & Co., Off. Ass.: Bennett & Co., Scott Yard, Bush Lane, Can.

Bedford Row, May 19, non Strect. April 25,


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