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and applying other part of such take and use the surname and arms money in the purchase of other of Fettiplace. estates, to be settled to the like uses, 31. An act for naturalizing Mark and for other purposes therein men- Liotard, Henry Uhthoff, and John tioned.

David Ziegell. 24. An act for vesting the capital 32. An act for naturalizing Albert

messuage, called Great Frogmore, Vandenvelde merchant.
with the lands and grounds there-
unto belonging, devised by the will
of Mary, late dutchess of Northum-

Anno 21 Georgii II. berland, in trustees, to be sold for Cap. 1. For continuing the duties •

the purposes therein mentioned. upon malt, mum, cyder, and per25. An act for sale of certain estates ry, in that part of Great Britain

in the counties of Hereford, Mon called England, and for granting to mouth, and Gloucester, of Robert his Majesty certain duties upon Gwillym esquire, and Robert Gwil malt, mum, cyder, and perry, in lym his son, for discharging incum that part of Great Britain called brances affecting the same, and for Scotland, for the service of the year settling, in lieu thereof, other lands. one thousand seven hundred and and ljereditaments in the county · forty eight of Lancaster, and for other purposes Cap. 2. For granting to his Majesty a therein mentioned. ,

subsidy of poundage upon all goods 26. An act for vesting a farm and and merchandizes to be imported

lands in Cullumpton, in the county into this kingdom; and for raising of Devon, late the estate of Robert a certain sum of money by annui. Drew gentleman, deceased, in truf ties and a lottery, to be charged on tees, in order to convey the same the said subsidy; and for repealing to Henry Gruwys gentleman, pur so much of an act made in the fuant to an agreement with Mary twentieth year of his present MajeDrew widow, and for discharging sty's reign, as enacts, That prize goods a mortgage on the said estate.

and merchandize may be exported 27. An act for sale of the estate of without paying any duty of custom or

Edward Masters deceased, for pay excise for the same. ment of his debts, and for other Cap. 3. To revive and make perpepurposes therein mentioned.

tual two acts of parliament; one 28. An act to dissolve the marriage made in the twelfth year of the

of Corbyn Morris esquire, with Eli reign of his late majesty King George zabeth Fanshawe his now wife, and the First, intituled, An act to prevent to enable him to marry again, and frivolous and vexatious arrests; and for other purposes therein men the other made in the fifth year of tioned.

his present Majesty's reign, to ex29. An act to impower Mary Stilling plain, amend, and render more ef

ton widow, to execute a power vest fectual the said act. ed in yoseph Stillington esquire, her Cap. 4. To prohibit assurance on late husband, deceased, for raising ships belonging to France, and money to complete the inclosure of on merchandizes or effects laden the common fields and common thereon, during the present war with grounds in the manor of Kelfield, in France. the county of York.

Cap. 5. For repairing the high road 30. An act to enable Thomas Buell from the town of Bowes in the

esquire, and his descendants, to county of York, to Barnard Cafile in

Cer act to in mention for

a 4


the county of Durham, and from ed, loft, or taken ; and for contithence through Staindrop to New nuing to them their · wages upon gate in Bishop Auckland, and from certain conditions. Newgate along Gibb Chair to Guand- Cap. 12. For holding the summer alless Bridge, and from thence by sizes for the county of Buckingham Melderston Gill, otherwise Coundon ' at the county town of Buckingham. Gill, to the turnpike road near Sun- Cap. 13. To rectify a mistake in an derland Bridge, in the county of act made this session of parliament, Durham.

intituled, An act for punishing mutiny Cap 6. To punish mutiny and de and desertion ; and for the better pay

sertion; and for the better pay ment of the army and their quarters. ment of the army and their quar- Cap. 14. For permitting tea to be exters.

ported to Ireland, and his Majesty's Cap. 7. For granting an aid to his plantations in America, without

Majesty by a land tax to be raised in paying the inland duties chargGreat Britain, for the service of the ed thereupon by an act of the year one thousand seven hundred eighteenth year of his present Maand forty eight.

jetty's reign; and for enlarging the Cap. 8. For impowering George Mont time for some of the payments to

gomerie, and Thomas Byrd, esquires, be made on the subscription of fix and Ezra Patching, to complete an millions three hundred thousand undertaking, for furnishing the in pounds, by virtue of an act of this habitants of the several parishes and session of parliament. places of Stratford, Westham, Bow, Cap. 15. For enlarging the term and Bromley, Mile-end, Stepney, and other powers granted by an act passed parishes and places adjacent, with in the cighth year of the reign of water; and for better securing their his present Majesty, for repairing

property in such undertaking. the roads from the town of ManCap. 9. To indemnify persons who chester, leading through Newton,

have omitted to qualify themselves Failsworth, and Oldham, in the for offices and employments, with county palatine of Lancaster, to in the time limited by law, and for Austerlands, in the parish of Saddleallowing further time for that pur worth, in the county of York; and pose.

for making the same more effecCap. 10. For explaining, amending, tual.'

and further enforcing the execution Cap. 16. For enlarging the term and of an act passed in the last session of powers granted by an act passed in parliament, intituled, An act for re the tenth year of the reign of his pealing the several rates and duties present Majesty, For repairing the upon houses, windows, and lights; road from Hertford Bridge Hill, to and for granting to his Majesty other the town of Basingstoke; and also rates and duties upon houses, windows, the road from Hertford-Bridge Hill or lights; and for raising the sum of aforesaid, to the town of Odiham, four millions four hundred thousand in the county of Southampton; and pounds by annuities, to be charged on for making the said act more effecthe said rates or duties. .

tual. Cap. 11. For further regulating the Cap. 17. To render more effectual

proceedings upon courts-martial in an act made in the twentieth year the sea service; and for extending of his Majesty's reign, intituled, the discipline of the navy to the An act for relief of such of his Majecrews of his Majesty's ships, wreck- Ay's loyal subjects in that part of Great


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parunbam, Wichial place Ely and

Britain called Scotland, whose title Bromsgrove to the town of Dudley, deeds and writings were destroyed or in the county of Worcester ; and carried off by the rebels in the late re from the faid town of Bromsgrove to:

the town of Birmingham, in the Cap. 18. For draining and preserving county of Warwick ; fo far as the

certain fen lands in the several said act relates to repairing the parishes of Maney, Upwell, Welney, roads leading from the town of Downham, Witcham, and in a cer Birmingham to the town of Bromstain extraparochial place in Byal grove, in the county of Worcester ; Fen, within the isle of Ely and and for making the same more efcounty of Cambridge.

fectual. Cap. 19. For the more effectual trial Cap. 23. For granting to his Majesty

and punishment of high treason and · the sum of one million out of the misprision of high treason, in the sinking fund, for the service of the highlands of Scotland; and for ab year one thousand seven hundred rogating the practice of taking down and forty eight; and for applying the evidence in writing in certain a sum of money remaining in the criminal prosecutions; and for exchequer, arisen by the rates and making some further regulations duties on houses which determined relating to sheriffs depute and stew at Lady-day, one thousand seven arts depute, and their substitutes ; hundred and forty seven; and for and for other purposes therein men the further appropriating the suptioned.

lies granted in this session of parCap.20. For enlarging the term and ·liament, and for applying a certain · powers granted by an act passed in sum of money for defraying the

the thirteenth year of the reign of charge of the allowances for the his late majesty King George the year one thousand seven hundred First, for repairing the several roads and forty eight, to several officers leading from Birmingham, through and private gentlemen of the two the town of Wednesbury, to a place troops of horse guards, and three called High Bullen, and to Great regiments of horse lately reduced. Bridge ; and from thence to the Cap. 24. For building a church in the end of Gibbet Lane, next adjoining town of Liverpool, in the county to the township of Bilson; and from palatine of Lancaster, and for enGreat Bridge, through Dudley to lightening and cleansing the streets King-Swinford, and to the further of the said town, and for keeping end of Brittel Lane, in the counties and maintaining a nightly watch

of Warwick, Stafford, and Worcester. there. Cap. 21. For ereeting workhouses, Cap. 25. For repairing the roads lead.

for the better employing and main- ing from Sutton Colefield common taining the poor within the burgh to the town of Walfall and from of Bury Saint Edmunds, in the coun Sneals Green to Walsall, and from ty of Suffolk; and for the better re Walsall to Park Brook, which dipairing and paving the streets and vides the parishes of Wolverhampton highways there.

and Walsall, and from Gibbet Lane Cap. 22. For enlarging the term and to Wolverhampton, and from Comppowers granted by an act passed in ton to the end of the county of the thirteenth year of the reign of Stafford, and from Wolverhampton his late majesty King George the to the Wergs, and from thence to First, intituled, An act for repairing Shiffnall, and from the Wergs to the roads leading from the town of Hāles Heath, and from Wolver

hampton hampton to Cannock Wood in the road present Majesty's reign, to prevent to Litchfield.

the spreading of the distemper a. Cap. 26. For explaining, amending, mongst the horned cattle.

and enforcing an act made in the Cap. 34. To amend and enforce so eighteenth year of the reign of his much of an act made in the ninepresent Majesty, intituled, An act teenth year of his Majesty's reign, for prohibiting the wearing and im as relates to the more effectual disportation of cambricks and French arming the highlands in Scotland, lawns.

and restraining the use of the highCap. 24. For repairing the high road land dress; and to masters and

from Piersbridge to Kirkmerrington teachers of private schools and chapin the county of Durham, and from lains; and to explain a clause in thence to the turnpike road at Tud another act made in the same year,

hoe Lane end in the said county. relating to letters of orders of episCap. 28. To explain and ainend an copal ininisters in Scotland; and to

act passed in the fourteenth year of oblige persons allowed to carry his Majesty's reign, intituléd, An arms, and the directors of the banks act for the preservation of the publick there, and certain persons belong. roads in that part of Great Britain ing to, or practising in the courts of called England; and so much of an session and justiciary, to take the act passed in the third year of the oaths; and to repeal some clauses reign of King William and Queen in an act made in the first year of Mary, intituled, An act for the bet the reign of his late majesty King ter repairing and amending the high George the First, whereby certain ways, and for settling the rates of the encouragements are given to landcarriage of goods, as relates to the lords and tenants in Scotland, who settling the rates of the carriage of should continue in their duty and goods.

loyalty to his faid late Majesty ; Cap. 29. For the further relief of the and for other purposes therein men

orphans and other creditors of the tioned.
city of London; and for other pur-
poses therein mentioned.

. : Private AEts. Cap. 30. For encouraging the making

Anno 21 Georgii II. of indico in the Britis plantations 1. An act for naturalizing Cæfar de in America.

Milly and Charles de Milly. Cap. 31. For relief of insolvent deb. 2. An act for vesting the settled estate tors.

of the right honourable Francis earl Cap. 32. For the relief of the annui- Brooke, in the county of Southamp

tants of the wardens and commo ton, in trustees, to be sold, and for nalty of the mystery of Mercers of Jaying out the money arising therethe city of London.

by, in the purchase of other hereCap. 33. To continue and amend se ditaments of equal or greater va

veral laws for the relief of debtors lue, to be settled in lieu thereof, with respect to the imprisonment and for other purposes therein menof their persons; and to rectify a tioned. mistake in an act passed in the last 3. An act for impowering Granville session of parliament for continuing Levefon Gower, commonly called several laws therein mentioned; lord Trentham, to raise portions for and to continue two acts, the one younger children; and also to expassed in the nineteenth year, the plain and amend certain powers for other in the twentieth year of his making jointures in the settlement


made on his marriage with Eliza. tue of a decree of the court of betb his late wife.

Chancery. 4. An act to enable James Stanley es- 12. An act for the sale of certain

quire, commonly called lord lands in the parishes of Barking and Strange, eldest son and heir appa Dagenham, in the county of Essex, rent of Edward earl of Derby, and part of the estate of the late Sir his issue by Lucy his wife (late Lucy Orlando Humfreys baronet, deceafSmith) to take and use the sirname ed, for the purposes therein menof Smith, and bear the arms of tioned. Smith and Heriz.

13. An act for vesting divers manors, 5. An act for vesting the settled estate lands and hereditaments in the

late of the honourable Robert Bynge county of Suffolk, late the estate of efquire, deceased, and Elizabeth his Thomas Carthew esquire, deceased, wife, in the county of Hertford, in in his executors, to enable them to trustees, to be fold; and for apply. convey the same, pursuant to artiing the money arising by such sale, cles entered into for the purchase for the purposes therein menti thereof. oned.

14. An act for sale of the estate late 6. An act for inrolling the will of of Henry Fleetwood esquire, deceas.

George late viscount Lanesborough in ed, in the county of Lancaster, for the kingdom of Ireland, and mak raising money to discharge the ining the exemplification thereof evi cumbrances affecting the same, and dence in all courts in Great Britain for laying out the surplus of the and Ireland.

money arising by such fale, in the 7. An act to confirm and establish an purchase of other lands and heredi

agreement for inclosing and divid taments, to be settled to the uses ing certain common fields in the of a former settlement. hamlet of Badbury in the county of 15. An act for vesting certain estates Wilts.

of Thomas Lloyd esquire, and Anne 8. An act to enable Robert Burton, his wife, in trustees, to be sold for

lately called Robert Lingen, and the discharging incumbrances affecting heirs male of his body, to take and the same, and for settling other euse the surname of Burton only, states to the uses of their marriage pursuant to the will of Thomas Bure settlement. ton esquire, deceased.

16. An act for vesting the equity of 9. An act to enable his Majesty to redemption of divers messuages,

grant the inheritance of the ma lands, and hereditaments in Kingnors of Wooking, Chabham, and Bag Ron upon Hull, and the county of

bott, and other lands and heredita York, late the estate of George Dawments in the county of Surrey, to fon esquire, deceased, in Roper Daw

Abel Walter, esquire, and his heirs. Ton, his eldest son and heir, upon 10. An act for naturalizing Anthony his undertaking to discharge the

Andre, David Andre, and others. several incumbrances affecting the 11. An act for vesting a moiety of the fame, and to make a provision for

late Sir George Strodi's estates, in the his brothers and sisters.
counties of Dorset and Somerset, in 17. An act for confirming an agree-
the right honourable Francis earl ment between James Fox and John
Brooke, as the fame is now held and Bridges esquires, for exchanging
enjoyed by him, pursuant to Sir certain lands in the parish of Coba
George Strode's will, and the parti. ham, in the county of Surry, and
tion of the said estates made by vir- , for rendering the said agreement


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