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Britain, shall be heard and determined - by any two or more of the justices of the peace residing near to the place where such forfeitures shall be made, or offence committed; and if the party finds himself aggrieved by the judgment given by two or more justices, he shall and may appeal to the justices of the peaee at the next quarter sessions, who are hereby authorized and impowered to hear and determine the same, whose judgement. therein shall be final; which said commillioners for appeals, and commissionregulating this duty, and the said commissioners of excise, and ers, &c. upon all justices of the peace aforesaid respectively, are hereby autho-complaint, to

summon the rized, and strictly enjoined and required, upon complaint or information upon oath, exhibited and brought of any forfeiture made, or offences committed, contrary to this act, to summon the party accused, and upon his appearance, or contempt, to proceed to the examination of the matter of fact, and upon due proof made thereof, either by the voluntary confession of the party, or by the oath of one or more credible witness or witnesses (which oath they, or any two or more of them, have hereby power to administer) to give judgement or sentence thereupon, and wide and to award and issue out warrants under their hands, for the judgement. levying of such forfeitures and penalties as are by this act im- &c. poled, for any fuch offence committed, upon the goods and chattels of the offender, and to cause sale to be made of the said goods and chattels, if they shall not be redeemed within four- and for want teen days, rendering to the party the overplus, if any be; and of diftress, to for want of sufficient distress, to imprison the party offending commit the till satisfaction be made.

"S offender. XIV. And it is hereby further enacted, That all forfeitures Forfeiture and penalties mentioned in this act (all necessary charges for the how to be disrecovery thereof being first deducted) Mall be employed, one posed, &c. moiety thereof to and for the use of his Majeity, and the other moiety thereof to the discoverer or informer of the same.

XV. Provided always, and be it enacted by the authority a- None to be foresaid, That in every case where the duty or duties required by profecuted, this act to be paid, by any person chargeable with the same, shall here the au.

ties are paid, be paid, and entry made as aforesaid, before any information &c. before Jaid of such entry or payment not having been made, although information not strictly within the time for that purpose mentioned, no per- given. son having made such payment and entry, mall be afterwards prosecuted for not having made such payment or entry within the time limited by this act.

XVI. Provided always, and be it further enacted by the au- Succeffors of thority aforesaid, That if any person having made due entry and deceased per. payment of the duty for any coach or coaches, or other car- fons, who riage or carriages mentioned in this act, according to the true have paid the

duties, not to intent and meaning thereof, shall die before the end of the year be charged for for which such entry and payment shall be made; in every such the relidue of case, it shall be lawful for every person claiming title to any such the year. coach or coaches, carriage or carriages aforesaid, by, from, or under such deceased person, to make use of such coach or coaches, carriage or carriages, for or in respect whereof such entry and




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duty shall have been made and paid as aforesaid, during the refidue of the year for which such payment thall have been made, in like manner, as such deceased person might have done, if

living. Books to be XVII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, kept for enter. That there shall be provided and kept in the office of the audiing the mo. tor of the said receipt of exchequer at Westminster, a book or mes coming books, in which all the monies hereby appointed to be paid into in.

the said receipt, (hall be entered separate and apart from all other monies paid or payable there to his Majesty, his heirs or succeffors, upon any account whatsoever ; and the said money fo appointed to be paid into the said receipt of exchequer as aforesaid, thall be the yearly fund for the uses and purposes herein

afier mentioned. Appropri. XVIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid,

That all and every the annuities which by this act Mall be grantduties.

ed and made payable, in respect of the principal sum of one million, to be raised towards the supply, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred and forty seven, in such manner and forın as herein after is directed, until redemption thereof by parliament, shall be charged and chargeable upon, and payable out of the said rates and duties by this act granted to his Majesty; and the said rates and duties shall be, and are hereby

appropriated for that purpose accordingly. 001. to XIX. And whereas it is intended, That the said sum of one milbe raised by lion shall be raised by way of a lottery, for the purchase of annuities, Jottery, for after the rate of four pounds per centum per annum, in manner purchase of annuities at

of hereafier mentioned; be it therefore enacted by the authority a4 l. per cent.

foresaid, That the annuities becoming due and payable to the contributors to the lottery herein after mentioned, their executors, administrators, and afligns, at the rate of four pounds per centum per annum, in respect of the said principal sum of one million, in manner hereafter in this act expressed, until redemp

tion thereof by parliament, according to the proviso herein after to be charged contained in that behalf, thall be charged upon the said rates and ÞÁ the rates. duties, from the feast day of the nativity of Saint John the Bap

tist, which shall be in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty seven, and shall, from time to time, be paid half yearly, at the fealts of the birth of our Lord Christ, and the nativity of Saint John the Baptist, by even and equal portions, the first payment thereof to be due and payable for the half-year ending at the feast of the birth of our Lord Christ, one thou

fand seven hundred and forty seven. Any person XX. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, may advance That for or towards raising the said sum of one million, it shall 101. or more.

and may be lawful for any person or persons, natives or foreigners, bodies politick or corporate, to contribute by paying at or before the respective times by this act limited in that behalf, to any receiver or receivers to be appointed for that purpose, as is herein after mentioned, the sum of ten pounds, or divers entire sums of ten pounds upon this act; and that every such contri,

þutor butor or adventurer for every such sum of ten pounds, which he, The, or they shall lo advance, shall be interested in such lot or share of and in the joint stock of annuities, established by this act, as is herein after mentioned and appointed in that behalf; and the fame entire sums of ten pounds each, are hereby appointed to be paid unto such receiver or receivers, at such time or times, and in such proportions at a time, as are herein after mentioned in that behalf; that is to say, one fourth part there- Times of ad. of, upon such day as shall be appointed by the commillioners of vancing the the treasury, or any three or more of them now being, or the fums. high treasurer, or any three or more of the commissioners of the treasury for the time being; one other fourth part thereof, on or before the twenty third day of June, one thousand seven hundred and forty feven; one other fourth part thereof, on or before the twentieth day of Auguft then next ensuing; and the remaining fourth part thereof, on or before the sixteenth day of October, then next following. Managers to be appointed by the treasury. There shall be printed 50,000 tickets. Where any ticket shall be a prize, the ticket of the like number fhall be a prize of like value. Treasury to appoint receivers, and take security. Managers to examine the books of tickets, and deliver them to the receivers. Receivers shall deliver tickets to the contributors; of which 7,150 thall be fortunate ; and shall be written upon in manner following, ciz. upon two, 10,000l. upon three, soool. upon five, 2000l. upon fifteen, 1000 l. upon thirty one, god l. upon one hundred and fifty one, 100 l, upon three hundred and ninety eight, sol. upon fix thousand five hyn. dred and forty five, 20 l. which sums, with sool. to the first drawn ticket, and 1000l. to the last drawn, will amount to 242,900 l. which being added to 257,100 l. on the remaining 42,850 blank tickets, at 61. Pach, amount together to -500,000 1. which with the like sum payable in respect of the 50,000 corresponding tickets, amount together to 1,000,000 I. to be converted into annuities. Manner of drawing the lottery. Prizes to be entered in a book. A list of the prizes to be printed. Counterteiting of tickets, certificates, or the numbers of them, felony. Guardians may ad. venture infants money in the lottery; fo as such infants names be in the receipts and rickets. Limitation of sale of chances, &c. Persons selling Thares in tickets of which they are not possessed, to forfeit sool. The tickets to be exchanged for certificates. EXP.

XL. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Accomptant That the said accomptant general of the bank of England for general to give the time being, to whom the said certificates are to be directed credit for the

u sums named as aforesaid, Thall, upon receiving and taking in the said certi- in the certifi. ficates, or any of them, give credit to the persons named there. cates; in, in a book or books, to be by him provided and kept for that purpose, for the principal sums contained in every such certificate ; and the persons to whose credit such principal sums fhall be entered in the said book or books, his, her, or their executors and administrators shall and may have power to aflign which and transfer the same, or any part, share, or proportion thereof, transferred, to any other perfon or persons, bodies politick or corporate and carry 4 whatsoever, in other books, to be prepared and kept by the said per cent. in. accomptant general for that purpose ; and the principal sums so ter afsigned and transferred, shall carry the said annuity of four

D 4


pounds per centum per annum, and shall be taken and deemed to be stock transferrable by this act, according to the powers and

authority herein after mentioned, until the redemption thereof Certificates to as aforesaid; and the said accomptant general of the bank of be cancelled, England for the time being, is hereby authorized and directed and rotes

to cancel and file the certificates, as they shall from time to time given in lieu thereof.

4 be received and taken in by him, and to give the persons bring

ing in the fame a note under his hand, testifying the principal money for which they shall have credit in the laid book or books, by reason or means of the certificates so received, taken in, and cancelled as aforesaid, and of the annuities attending the same.

XLI. And for the more easy and sure payment of the several and respective annuities, amounting in the whole to one million,

by this act authorized to be purchased as aforesaid; it is hereby cahier further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the faid goverand accompt. nor and company of the bank of England, and their successors, a:it general to shall from time to time, until the said several and respective anbe appointed. nuities, after the rate of four pounds per centum per annum, shall

be redeemed according to this act, appoint and employ one fufficient person or persons within their office in the city of London, to be their chief or first cashier or cashiers, and one other sufficient person, within the same office, to be their accomptant general; and that so much of the monies, from time to time arising into the receipt of the exchequer, for the said several rates and duties by this act appropriated for this purpose, as shall be sufficient, from time to time, to answer the said several annuities, and other payments directed to be paid or discharged out of the same, mall, by order of the commissioners of his Majesty's treasury, or any three or more of them now being, or the high treasurer, or commillioners of the treasury of his Majesty, his heirs or successors for the time being, without any further or other warrant to be sued for, had, or obtained in that behalf, from time to time, at the respective half yearly feast days or days

of payment, in this act before appointed for payment thereof, Monies for be issued and paid at the said receipt of exchequer, to the said first payment of or chief cashier or cashiers of the said governor and company of the annuities to be iflued the bank of England, and their successors for the time being, by from the ex. way of inprest, and upon account for the payment of the said chequer by several annuities to be purchased upon this act, at such times, and way of im- in such manner and form, as are by this act prescribed in that preft, &c.

behalf; and that all and every such cashier and cashiers, to Cashiers to

whom the said monies Mallfrom time to time be issued, shall from make pay time to time, without delay, apply and pay the same accordingly, mients.

and render his account thereof according to the due course of the exchequer; any thing therein contained to the contrary notwith

Accomptant XLII. And it is hereby also enacted, That the said accomptgeneral to in- ant general for the time being, shall from time to time, inspect

at the car, and examine all receipts and payments of the said cashier or thiers receipts.

vent any fraud, negligence, or delay; and that all and every person and persons whatsoever, who shall be intitled to any of


the faid several and respective annuities, after the rate of four Annuities to pounds per centum per annum, and all persons lawfully claiming be a personal under them, thall be poliessed thereof as of a personal estate,

eftate, &c. and the same shall not be descendible to the heir, and shall not. be liable to any foreign attachment by the custom of London, or otherwise ; any law, statute, or custom to the contrary notwithftanding.

XLIII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, The monies That all monies to be advanced or contributed, or to which any contributed to person or persons shall become entitled upon this act, for or to- be a joint wards the said sum not exceeding one million, shall be deemed, reputed, and taken to be one capital or joint stock, on which the said several and respective annuities, after the rate of four pounds per centum per annum, shall be attending; and that all and every person and persons, and corporations whatsoever, in proportion to the money by him, her, or them advanced, or to which they shall become intitled as aforesaid, upon this act, shall have, and be deemed to have a proportional interest and share in the said stock, and in the annuity attending the fame, at the · rate aforesaid ; and that the said whole capital or joint stock, or any share or interest therein, and the proportional annuity attending the fame, shall be aflignable and transferrable as this act transferrable. directs, and not otherwise ; and that there shall constantly be kept at all seasonable times, in the office of the said accomptant Book to be general for the time being, within the city of London, a book kept for transor books, wherein all assignments or transfers of the said whole ters. capital or joint stock, or any part thereof, and the proportional. annuity attending the same, at the rate aforesaid, shall be entered and registered; which entries shall be conceived in proper Entries to be words for that purpose, and shall be signed by the parties mak- signed by the ing such assignments or transfers; or if such parties be absent, parties transby his, her, or their attorney or attornies thereunto lawfully au. ferring and thorized, by writing under his, her, or their hands and seals,

To accepting to be attested by two or more credible witnesses; and that the person or persons, to whom such transfer shall be made, do underwrite his, her, or their acceptance thereof; and that no other method of assigning or transferring the said stock, and the annuities attending the saine, or any part thereof, or any interest therein, shall be good or available in law.

XLIV. Provided always, That any person or persons poffef- Annuities de fed of such stock, with the annuity or annuities attending the viseable, &c. fame, or any estate or interest therein, may devise the same by will, in writing, attested by two or more credible witnesses; but that such devisee shall receive no payment thereupon, till so much of the said will, as relates to the said stock or annuity, be entered in the said office; and in default of such transfer or devise, In default of the said stock and annuities attending the same, shall go to the devise, &c. to executors or administrators; and that no stamp duties whatsoever executors shall be charged on the said transfers, or any of them; any other law or statute to the contrary notwithstanding. XLV. Provided always, and it is hereby enacted by the au


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