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Warrington aforesaid, to the toll. Cap. 17. For enlarging the term and bars in Wallgate, in Wigan afore powers granted by two acts of parsaid.

liament, for laying a duty of two Cap. 9. For repairing the high road pennies Scots upon every pint of ale

leading from the north end of the and beer brewed and vended within Cow Cawley, near the town of New the town of Dundee, and the libercastle upon Tyne, to the town of Bel ties and suburbs thereof, for the ford, and from thence to Buckton purposes in the said acts and this Burn, in the county of Northum present act mentioned. berland.

Cap. 18. For the better prefervation granting to his Majesty se- and improvement of theriver Wear,

veral rates and duties upon coaches, and port and haven of Sunderland, and other carriages therein men in the county of Durham. tioned; and for raising the sum of Cap. 19. For the better adjusting and one million, by way of lottery, to more easy recovery of the wages of be charged upon the said rates and certain servants; and for the better duties,

regulations of such servants, and of Cap. II. For punishing mutiny and certain apprentices.

defertion; and for the better pay Cap. 20. For relief of such of his ment of the army and their quar Majesty's loyal subjects, in that part ters.

of Great Britain called Scotland, Cap. 12. For repairing the high road whose title deeds and writings were

leading from the city of Durham, destroyed or carried off by the rein the county of Durham, to Tyne bels, in the late rebellion. Bridge in the said county.

Cap. 21. For holding the summer Cap. 13. For repairing the road from assizes, and sessions of the peace,

Sunderland near the Sea, to the city for the county of Norfolk, in the of Durham, in the county of Dur city and county of Norwich, until a

new hire house can be built for Cap. 14. For opening, cleansing, re the said county of Norfolk ; and for

pairing, and improving the haven building a new shire house on the of Southwould in the county of castle hill in the same county; and Suffolk. :

for raising money on the said counCap. 15. For repairing, improving, ty for that purpose.

and maintaining the publick con Cap. 22. For building a bridge cross duits, and other water-works, be the river Thames, from the parish of longing to the town of Southamp Walton upon Thames in the county ton.

of Surrey, to Shepperton in the counCap. 16. For enlarging the term and ty of Middlesex.

powers granted by several acts of Cap. 23. For repairing the road lead. parliament passed for repairing the ing from Cirencester in the county of highways between Wymondham and Gloucester, to Birdlip's Hill in the Attleborcugh, and from Wymondham said county. to Hetherset, and from the mouth Cap. 24. For the better securing the of Wigmore Lane to Hall Walk Gate payment of shares of prizes taken in Atileborough, in the county of from the enemy, to the royal hof. Norfolk ; and for amending the pital at Greenwich; and for preother roads adjoining to the high venting the embezzlement of goods ways directed to be repaired by the and stores belonging to the faid said former acts, and making the hospital. faid acts more effectual.

Cap. 25. For repairing the high road




r other purposes therein

leading from the town of Stockton of Saint Salvator and Saint Leonard, upon Tees, to Darlington, and from in the university of Saint Andrews, thence through Winston to Barnard pursuant to an agreement for that Castle, in the same county.

purpose. Cap.26. For reviving and continuing Cap. 33. To enable the parishioners

an act paffed in the sixth year of the of the parish of Saint Andrew Holreign of his late majesty King George born, in the city of London and counthe First, intituled, An act for lay- ty of Middlesex, to purchase a coning a duty of two penny Scors, or one venient piece of ground, for an adfixth part of a penny Sterling, upon ditional burying-ground, for the ever Scots pint of beer or ale vended use of the said parish; and to enor fold within the town of Brunt able the said parishioners to raise island, and liberties thereof, for in such sum and sums of money, as creasing the publick revenue of the said shall be necessary for that purpose. town, and for other purposes therein. Cap. 34. To enable his Majeity to al

low to the residuary legatees of Sir Cap. 27. For founding and building Jofeph Jekyll knight, late master of

a chapel in Wednesfield, in the pa the rolls, deceased, part of the lerish of Wolverhampton, in the coun gacy given by his will to the use of ty of Stafford.

the Sinking fund. Cap. 28. For repairing the road lead- Cap. 35. To indemnify persons who

ing from Catherick Bridge, in the have omitted to register their letters county of York, to rarm in the said of attorney, appointing them agents county; and from thence to Stock for prizes, within the time limited ton in the county of Durham; and by law; and for allowing further from thence through Sedgefield, in time for that purpose. the said county of Durham, to the Cap. 36. For granting to his Majesty city of Durham.

a certain sum of money out of the Cap.29. To confirm an agreement Sinking fund, for the service of the

made by the rector and vestry-men year one thousand seven hundred of the parish of Saint James, with and forty seven; and also for enin the liberty of Westminster, for en abling his Majesty to raise a further larging the charchyard of the said sum of money for the uses and purparish; and for o:her purposes poles therein mentioned ; and for therein mentioned.

the further appropriating the fupCap. 30. For allowing persons im plies granted in this session of para

peached of high treason, whereby liament; and for applying a cerany corruption of blood may be tain sum of money, for defraying made, or' for misprision of such the charge of the allowances to see treason, to make their full defence veral officers and private gentlemen by council.

of the two troops of horse guards, Cap. 31. For continuing the term, and three regiments of horse, lately

and enlarging the powers granted reduced, for the year one thousand by an act passed in the twelfth year seven hundred and forty seven; and of his late Majesty's reign, intituled, for continuing the bounties on the An all for repairing and widening the exportation of British and Irishcoarse roads from the city of Gloucester to linens. the city of Hereford; and for re- Cap. 37. For the ease of sheriffs with pairing other roads in the county regard to the return of process, of Gloucester.

Cap. 38. For the relief and support Cap. 32. For uniting the two colleges of maimed and disabled seamen,

a 2

and and the widows and children of of his present Majesty's reign, insuch as shall be killed, Nain, or tituled, An act for naturalizing such

drowned, in the merchants service. foreign protestants, and others therein Cap. 39. For granting a duty to his mentioned, as are settled, or mall settle

Majesty to be paid by distillers, up in any of his Majesty's colonies in on licences taken out by them for America, to other foreign proteretailing spirituous liquors.

stants who conscientiousy scruple Cap. 40. To revive, continue, and the taking of an oath.

amend an act made in the ninth Cap. 45. To continue several laws year of the reign of his late maje relating to the manufactures of failfty King George the First, intituléd, cloth and filk; to give further time An act for clearing, depthening, re for the payment of duties omitted pairing, extending, maintaining, and to be paid for the indentures or improving the haven and piers of contracts of clerks and apprentices, Great Yarmouth; and for depthen and for better securing the paying and making more navigable the se ment of the said duties; and deveral rivers emptying themselves at the claring that prize thips lawfully faid town; and also for preserving condemned shall be deemed British ships wintering in the said haven, built ships; and for allowing prize from accidents by fire.

goods to be landed and secured in Cap. 41. For vesting in his Majesty proper ware-houses, without pay

the estates of certain traitors, and ment of any duty, until it can be defor more effectually discovering the termined whether they are fit for exsame, and applying the produce portation or home consumption. thereof to the use of his Majesty, Cap. 46. To prevent the return of and for ascertaining and satisfying such rebels and traitors concerned the lawful debts and claims there in the late rebellion, as have been, upon.

or shall be pardoned on condition Cap. 42. To enforce the execution of transportation; and also to hin

of an act of this session of parlia - der their going into the enemies ment, for granting to his Majesty country. several rates and duties upon houses, Cap. 47.' To continue several laws windows, or lights.

for prohibiting the importation of Cap.43. For taking away and abo books reprinted abroad, and first

Jishing the heretable jurisdictions in composed or written and printed in that part of Great Britain called Great Britain; for preventing exScotland; and for making satisfac actions of the occupiers of locks tion to the proprietors thereof; and and wears upon the river of Thames for restoring such jurisdictions to westward, and for ascertaining the the crown; and for making more rates of water carriage upon the said effectual provision for the admini river ; and for better securing the stration of justice throughout that lawful trade of his Majesty's sube part of the united kingdom, by the jects to and from the East Indies; King's courts and judges there; and for the more effectual preventand for obliging all persons acting ing all his Majesty's subjects, tradas procurators, writers, or agents in ing thither under foreign commisthe law in Scotland to take the oaths; sions; and relating to rice, to frauds and for rendering the union of the in the customs, to the clandestine

two kingdoms more complete. running of goods, and to copper Cap. 44. To extend the provisions of ore of the British plantations; and neal and indico; and for punish- and no other, pursuant to the will ment of persons destroying turn- of Christopher Emmott, esquire, depikes, or locks or other works erec- ceased.

an act made in the thirteenth year for the free importation of cochi


ted by authority of parliament. 2. An act for sale of part of the settled Cap. 48. To indemnify persons who estate of Harry earl of Stamford, in

have omitted to qualify themselves. order to discharge several incumfor offices and promotions within brances affecting the same. the time limited by law, and for 3. An act for settling the estates of allowing further time for that pur- . Thomas earl of Leicester, and Edward pore.

Coke esquire, commonly called lord Cap.49. For declaring valid such acts Coke, his only son, in the county

as have been done by Thomas Pau of Norfolk, on the marriage of the lin, as one of the principal land faid Edward lord Coke with the lady coal-meters of the city and liberty Mary Campbell, one of the daughters of Westminster, between the twenty of fohn late duke of Argyll, deninth day of September last and the cealed. ..

eighth day of November following. 4. An act for settling the estates of Cap. 50. For taking away the tenure William lord Byron and Elizabeth

of ward holding in Scotland, and Shaw spinster, an infant, on their for converting the same into blanch intermarriage. and feu holdings; and for regu- 5. An act to enable Sir Thomas Parlating the casualty of non-entry in kyns baronet, and Jane Parkyns certain cases; and for taking away (with the consent of their guardithe casualties of single and life-rent ans and trustees to make a conescheats, incurrred there by horn veyance by way of settlement, on ing and denunciation for civil · their intermarriage, notwithstandcauses'; and for giving to heirs and ing their minority. successors there a summary process 6. An act for raising money by leasing against superiors; and for discharg or sale of the estates late of Thomas ing the attendance of vassals at head Taylor esquire the father, and Thocourts there; and for ascertaining mas Taylor esquire the son, deceased, the services of tenants there; and to discharge the debts and incumfor allowing heirs of tailzie there brances affecting the same, and for to sell lands to the crown for erect making a partition of such estates, or ing buildings, and making settle- so much thereof as shall not be sold ments in the highlands.

for the purposes aforesaid. Cap. 51. To enlarge the time limit- 7. An act to enable Lillie Smith, and

ed by an act of the last session of his heirs by Valentina his wife (forparliament for restraining the use merly Valentina Aynscombe) to take of the highland dress, and to enable and use the surname of Aynscombe, heirs of tailzie, guardians, tutors, pursuant to the will of Thomas Ay?curators, and trustees in Scotland to scombe esquire, deceased. sell lands to the crown.

8. An act to enable Edmund Garforth, Cap. 52. For the King's most graci- formerly called Edmund Dring, and ous, general, and free pardon. his heirs, to take, use, and bear the

surname and arms of Garforth. Private Afts.

9. An act to confirm a decree of the Anno 20 Georgii II.

court of the dutchy of Lancaster, 1. An act to enable Richard Wayn concerning certain marsh lands,

house, and his heirs male, to take called Sutton Marsh, in the county and use the surname of Emmott, of Lincoln, and a conveyance, from

a 3


Lastells Metcalfeesquire, of the fame, and near Birmingham, in the coun. to the corporation of the president ty of Warwick. and governors of the hospital found. 17. An act to enable the guardian of · ed at the fole.costs and charges of Elizabeth Sambrooke and Diana SamThomas Guy esquire.

brooke, infants, to join with Mary 10. An act for the sale of the rectory Sambrooke their filter in making

of Saint Botolph without Aldgate, building leases of divers houses and London, the estate of Thomas Kynaston tenements in the county of Middleclerk, comprized in his marriage sex. settlement, and for purchasing ano- 18. An act to impower the guardians ther estate, to be settled to the uses of William Mitchell, and other in

fants, to make leases of their estates 21. An act for vesting the estates of in the several counties of Hunting

doctor Simon Burton deceased, in don, Surrey, Middlesex, Cambridge, the counties of Wilts and South- Leicester, Kent, Somerset, and Norampton, in trustees, to raise money folk, during their minorities. for the payment of several debts 19. An act for making a settlement and incumbrances, and for other of the real and personal estate of purposes therein mentioned.

Thomas Garrard esquire, deceased, 12. An act for confirming and esta pursuant to his intention declared

blishing certain articles of agree in his life-time, and at the desire, ment between the heirs at law and and with the consent of bis six devisees of Foceline late earl of Lei sons. cefter, deceased, for the settlement 20. An act for vesting feveral estates and disposition of the real estate of of Thomas Rolt esquire, in trustees, the said earl, and for rendering the to be sold for raising money, to disa said agreement more effectual for charge incumbrances affecting the

the purposes thereby intended. fame, and other debts; and for se13. An act for raising money out of curing an equivalent, in respect of

the settled estates of Richard Oakeley the settled part of such estates, for esquire, in the counties of Salop and the benefit of his wife and infant Oxford, for the payment of several fon; and for the providing portions

debts and incumbrances, and for for his daughters, and for other · providing a recompence for the purposes.

same, in such manner as is therein 21. An act for sale of the real estate mentioned.

of Richard Powys esquire, deceased, 14. An act for vesting part of the for payment of his debts and daugh

settled estate of Henry Talbot esquire, ters portions, and for other purin the county of Warwick, in him, poses therein expressed. in fee simple, discharged of the uses 22. An act for sale of certain estates of his marriage settlement, upon in Tewin and Datchworth in the

county of Hertford, belonging to value, to the same uses.**

Fane, Anne, Mary, and Sufanna 15. An act for sale of the estates of Awdrey, Kemeys, infants, pursuant : William Moore esquire, in the coun- to an agreement entered into by

ties of Sussex, Surrey, and Stafford, their trustees for that purpose.

for payment of debts and legacies. 23. An act for sale of the settled and 16. An act to impower Anne Colemore other estate of John Curtis, in the

widow, and her assigns, during the county of Norfolk, and applying life of Thomas Colemore merchant, part of the money arising thereby to make building leases of lands in in payment of legacies and debts,


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