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Answer to the Sompner's Prologue of Chaucer, in
Imitation of Chaucer's Style.

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Work for a Cooper.
The Equivocation.
A True Story of an Apparition.
The Mad Dog.
The Quidnuncki's, occafioned by the Death of the

Duke Regent of France.
Fables. Part I.
Introduction. The Shepherd and the Philosopher. 25
I. To his Highness William Duke of Cumber-

land. The Lion, the Tiger, and the

II. The Spaniel and the Camelion.
III. The Mother, the Nurse, and the Fairy
IV. The Eagle and the Assembly of Animals.

V. The Wild Boar and the Ram.
VI. The Miser and Plutus.
VII. T'he Lion, the Fox, and the Geese.

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VIII. The Lady and the Wasp.
IX. The Bull and the Mastiff.

X. The Elephant and the Bookseller.
XI. The Peacock, the Turkey, and the Goofe.
XII. Cupid, Hymen, and Plutus.
XIII. The Tame Stag.
XIV, The Monkey who had seen the World.
XV. The Philosopher and the Pheasants.
XVI The Pin and the Needle.
XVII. The Shepherd's Dog and the Wolf.
XVIII. The Painter who pleafed nobody and

every body.
XIX. The Lion and the Cub. -

XX. The old Hen and the Cock.
XXI. The Rat-catcher and Cats.
XXII. The Goat without a Beard. .
XXIII. The Old Woman and her Cats.
XXIV. The Butterfly and the Snail.

XXV. The Scold and the Parrot.
XXVI. 'The Cur and the Mastiff.
XXVII. The Sick Man and the Angel."
XXVIII. The Persian, the Sun, and the Cloud.
XXIX. The Fox at the Point of Death.

XXX. The Setting Dog and the Partridge.
XXXI. The Universal Apparition.
XXXII. The two Owls and the Sparrow.
XXXIII. The Courtier and Proteus,
XXXIV. The Mastiffs.
XXXV. The Barley-Mow and the Lungl.ill.
XXXVI. Pythagoras and the Countryman.



Aye and No. A Fable.
Duke upon Duke; an excellent new Ballad.
Dione ; a Pastoral Tragedy.




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