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Go wing thy flight from star to star,
From world to luminous world, as far
As the universe spreads its flaming walls;
Take all the pleasures of all the spheres
And multiply each through endless years,
One minute of heaven is worth them all.


Think of heaven with hearty purposes and peremptory designs to get thither.

JEREMY TAYLOR. The Power that call'd thee into life has skill to

make thee live, A place of refuge can provide, another being

give; Can clothe thy perishable form with beauty rich

and rare, And, “when He takes his jewels up,” grant thee

a station there. BISHOP RICHARD MANT.

A soul inspired with the warmest aspirations after celestial beatitude keeps its powers atten

Dr. I. Watts.


“ For love is heaven, and heaven is love."


History is the complement of Poetry.

SIR J. STEVENS. History is a mighty drama, enacted upon the theater of time, with suns for lamps, and Eternity for a background.

CARLYLE. All literature writes the character of the wise man.

“What is history,” said Napoleon, “but a fable agreed upon ?”

The Doric temple preserves the semblance of the wooden cabin in which the Dorian dwelt. The Chinese pagoda is plainly a Tartar tent.



Home's not merely four square walls,

Though with pictures hung and gilded ; Home is where Affection calls, —

Filled with shrines the heart hath builded ! Home! go watch the faithful dove,

Sailing 'neath the heaven above us; Home is where there's one to love ! Home is where there's one to love us !



The ornaments of a home are the friends who frequent it.

EMERSON. The strength of a nation, especially of a republican nation, is in the intelligent and wellordered homes of the people.

MRS. SIGOURNEY. Home is the resort Of love, of joy, of peace and plenty, where Supported and supporting, polished friends And dear relations mingle into bliss.

THOMPSON. By the fireside still the light is shining, The children's arms round the parents twining. From love so sweet, О who would roam ? Be it ever so homely, home is home.

D. M. MULOCK. Home is the sacred refuge of our life.

“ Home, ye may be high or lowly,
Hearts alone can make you holy.
Be the dwelling e'er so small,

Having love it boasteth all.” The sweetest words ear ever heard are mother, home, and heaven.


Honesty coupled to beauty is to have honey a sauce to sugar.

SHAKESPEARE. An honest death is better than a dishonest life.

SOCRATES.. What is becoming is honest, and whatever is honest must always be becoming. CICERO. Heaven that made me honest, made me more Than ever king did when he made a lord.


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The more honesty a man has, the less he affects the air of a saint.

LAVATER. There is no sound basis of power but honesty.

J. G. HOLLAND. Ay, sir ; to be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man pick'd out of two thousand.

SHAKESPEARE. An honest man is the noblest work of God.

POPE. Lands mortgaged may return and more es

teemed ; But honesty once pawned is ne'er redeemed.



An idle youth - a needy age.
Idleness is the mother of all mischief.

Old Proverb. An idle brain is the Devil's work-shop.

Absence of occupation is not rest,
A mind quite vacant is a mind distressed.

CowPER. An idler is a watch that wants both hands; As useless if it goes as if it stands.

COWPER. If you have but an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?



Lives spent in indolence, and therefore sad.

COWPER. Who conquers indolence will conquer all the rest.

ZIMMERMAN. I look upon indolence as a sort of suicide ; for the man is effectually destroyed, though the appetite of the brute may survive.


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