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I desired to impress, some hint in regard to a neglected duty, some gentle reproof for faults committed, or some word of encouragement to new effort.

Selecting for my purpose the noblest thoughts, clothed in the beautiful language of our best authors, I find that the lesson arouses none of the feeling of antagonism that a reproof otherwise administered might occasion; and the responsive glance from a pair of bright eyes has many a time told me of the success of my effort when no word has been spoken. That the seed thus sown bears fruit, I know from letters received from former pupils, who have taken occasion to express their thanks for the benefit they felt they had received.

The plan having come to the knowledge of some of my fellow-teachers, I have frequently been asked to name the book from which I obtained my quotations. This I was unable to do, for the selections had been made from various sources through years of miscellaneous reading, and without a thought of their being used by any one except myself. I was then urged to prepare a volume of the extracts for publication, as such


a work would be of great value to teachers, and would also prove a welcome gift to the many who best appreciate the shortest sermons.

Being anxious to do the little good I could, I have complied with the request, putting the quotations together in the simplest form, and giving credit to the authors whenever I have been able to do so.

Now, “Armed by faith, and winged by prayer,” I send the little volume forth, trusting that it may find a place, and be the means of doing some good in its day and generation.

CAROLINE L. HUNT. Girls' High School,

San Francisco, Cal.,July, 1891.


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