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5. When shall th' untutor'd heathen tribes,

A dark bewilder'd race,
Sit down at our Immanuel's feet,

And learn and feel his grace? 6. Haste, soy'reign mercy, and transform.

Their cruelty to love; Soften the tiger to a lamb,

The vulture to a dove.
7. Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt

To spread the gospel's rays;
And build on sin's demolish'd throne,
The temples of thy praise.

HYMN 181. S. M. 1. REAT God ! arise and shine,

With beams of heav'nly light;
From this dark world of sin dispel

The long and doleful night. 2. No more may idols share

The honours due to thee :
May ev'ry nation know thy name,

And thy salvation see.
3. No more may malice dare

To lift her iron rod;
No longer shed the blood of saints,

And plead a zeal for God. 4. With its own native light,

Lord, may thy gospel shine:
May error fly like noxious mists

Before this light divine.
5. Whilst truth her charms reveals,

May love each breast inspire ;
Nor one base passion ever mix,
To quench this sacred fire.

HYMN 182. P. M.

1. Zion, tune thy voice,

And raise thy hands on high ;
Tell all the earth thy joys,

And boast salvation nigh.

Cheerful in God,
Arise and shine,
While rays divine

Stream all abroad.
2. He gilds thy mourning face

With beams that cannot fade;
His all-resplendent grace
He sheds upon thy head.

The nations round
Thy form shall view,
With lustre new

Divinely crown'd. 3. In honour to his name,

Reflect that sacred light;
And loud that grace proclaim,
Which makes thy darkness brigtit.

Pursue his praise,
Till sov’reign love
In worlds above

The glory raise.
4. There on his holy hill,

A brighter sun shall rise,
And with his radiance fill
Those fairer, purer skies ;

While round his throne
Ten thousand stars
In nobler spheres

His influence own.
HYMN 183. P. M.

ISAIAH xli. 18, 19.
AMAZING, beauteous change!
Our thoughts with transport range,
The lovely scene to view.

In all we trace,
Father divine,
The work is thine;

Be thine the praise !
2. See crystal fountains play
Amidst the burning sands!


The river's winding way
Shines through the thirsty lands !

New grass is seen,
And o'er the meads
Its carpet spreads

Of living green.
3. Where pointed brambles grew,

Entwin'd with horrid thorn,
Gay flow’rs, for ever new,
T'h' enamell’d fields adorn.

The blushing rose,
And lily there
In union fair

Their sweets disclose. 4. Whert the bleak mountain stood,

All bare and disarray'd,
See the wide-branching wood,
Diffuse its grateful shade!

Tall cedars nod,
And oaks and pines,
And elms and vines

Confess the God.
5. The tyrants of the plain

Their savage chase give o'er;
No more they rend the slain,
And thirst for blood no more;

But infant hands
Fierce tigers stroke,
And lions yoke

In flow'ry bands.
6. O when, almighty Lord,

Shall these glad scenes arise,
To verify thy word,
And bless our wond'ring eyes ?

That earth may raise,
With all her tongues,
United songs

Of ardent praise.



HYMN 184. L. M. 1. COME; pacious Spirit, heav'nly dove,

light and . Be thou our guardian, thou our guide;

O’er ev'ry thought and step preside. 2. Conduct us safe, conduct us far

From ev'ry sin and hurtful snare;
Lead to thy word that rules must give,

And teach us lessons how to live. 3. The light of truth to us display,

That we may know and love thy way;
Plant holy fear in ev'ry heart,

That we from thee may ne'er depart. 4. Lead us to righteousness, the road

That we must take, to dwell with God;
Lead us to heav'n, the seat of bliss,
Where pleasure in perfection is.

HYMN 185. C. M.
1. COME, boly Spirit, hear’nly dove,

With all thy quick’ning pow'rs;
Kindle a flame of sacred love

In these cold hearts of ours.
2. See, how we grovel here below,

Fond of these earthly toys!
Our souls, how heavily they go,

To reach eternal joys!
3. Dear Lord ! and shall we always live

At this poor, dying rate ?
Our love so cold, so faint to thee,

And thine to us so great ?
4. Come, holy Spirit, heav'nly dove,

With all thy quick’ning pow'rs.,
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love,

And that shall kindle our's,

HYMN 186. S. M. 1. THINE influence, Lord! is felt

l'brough nature's ample round. In heav'n, on earth, thro' air and skies,

Thine energy is found. 2. Let others, swell’d with pride,

Of wisdom make their boasts : Our wisdom and our strength must come

From thee, the Lord of hosts. 3. Father ! thy Spirit grant,

To guide our doubtful way.
Thy truth shall scatter ev'ry cloud,

And make a glorious day, 4. Supported by thy grace,

We'll do and bear thy will. That grace shall make each burden light,

And ev'ry murmur still.
5. Cheer'd by thy smiles, we'll tread

The gloomy path of death ;
And, with the hope of endless bliss,
Resign to thee our breath,

HYMN 187. P. M.
1. MARK the soft-falling snow

And the descending rain :
To heav'n, from whence it fell,
It turns not back again ;

But waters earth
Through ev'ry pore,
And calls forth all

Her secret store.
2. Array'd in beauteous green,

The hills and valleys shine
And man and beast are fed
By providence divine.

The harvest bows
Its golden ears,
The copious seed

Of future years.

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