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3. “So,” saith the God of grace,

My gospel shall descend,
"Almighty to effect
“ The purpose I intend.

“ Millions of souls
“Shall feel its pow'r,
« And bear it down
“ To millions more."

HYMN 188. S. M. 1. TO God, the only wise,

Our Saviour and our King, Let all the saints below the skies

Their humble praises bring. 2. 'Tis his almighty love,

His counsel and his care, Preserves us safe from sin and death,

And ev'ry hurtful snare. 3. He will present our souls

Unblemish'd and complete, Before the glory of his face,

With joys divinely great. 4. Then all his faithful sons

Shall meet around the throne, Shall bless the conduct of his grace,

And make his wonders known. 5. To our Redeemer, God,

Wisdoin and pow'r belongs,
Immortal crowns of majesty,
And everlasting songs.

HYMN 189. c. M.
MY hope, my portion, and my God,
By all the judgments of thy rod,

And blessings of thy throne !
2. How cold and feeble is my love!

How negligent my fear!
How low my hope of joys above !
How few affections there!


3. Great God! thy gracious aid impart,

To give thy word success.
Write thy salvation in my heart,

That I may learn thy grace. 4. Shew my forgetful feet the way

That leads to joys on high. There knowledge grows without decay And love shall never die.

HYMN 190. C. M. 1. FOR ever blessed be the Lord,

My Saviour and my shield!
He sends his Spirit with his word,

To arm me for the field.
2. When all my foes their force unite,

He makes my soul his care;
Instructs me in the heav'nly fight,

And guards me thro' the war. 3. A friend and helper so divine

My fainting hope shall raise.
He makes the glorious vict'ry mine,
And his shall be the praise.

HYMN 191 C. M.
ARE not thy mercies sov?reign still,

a Wilt thou not grant me warmer zeal,

To run the heav'nly road? 2. I need the influence of thy grace,

To speed me in thy way ; Lest I should loiter in my race,

Or turn my feet astray. 3. Does not my heart thy precepts love,

And long to see thy face?
And yet how slow my spirits move,

Without enliv’ning grace!
4. Then shall I love thy gospel more,

And ne'er forget thy word, When I have felt its quick’ning pow'r,

To draw me near the Lord.


HYMN 192. P. M.
ETERNAL Spirit, source of light,

Enliv’ning, consecrating fire,
Descend, and with celestial heat,

Our dull, our frozen hearts inspire;
Our souls refine, our dross consume !

Come, condescending Spirit, come ! 2. In our cold breasts O strike a spark

Of that pure flame which seraphs feels
Nor let us wander in the dark,

Or lie benumb’d and stupid still.
Come, vivifying Spirit, come!

And make our hearts thy constant home, 3. Let pure devotion's fervours rise !

Let ev'ry pious passion glow!
O let the raptures of the skies

Kindle in our cold hearts below.
Come, purifying Spirit, come,
And make our souls thy constant home!

HYMN 193 1. Gow, who is just and

kind, Will those who err instruct, And to the paths of righteousness

Their wand’ring steps conduct. 2. The humble soul he guides,

Teaches the meek his way;
Kindness and truth he shows to all,

Who him in truth obey. 3. Give me the tender heart,

That mixes fear with love,
And lead me thro’ whatever path

Thy wisdom shall approve. 4. O ever keep my soul

Frɔm error, shame, and guilt: Nor suffer the fair hope to fail, Which on thy truth is built.

HYMN 194. L. M. 1. PRAISE to the Lord of boundless might,

With uncreated glories bright!

S. M.

His presence gilds the worlds above,

Th’unchanging source of life and love. 2.“ Let there be light,” Jehovah said;

And light o’er all the earth was spread.
Nature array'd in charms unknown,

Gay with its new-born lustre, shone. 3. He sees the mind, when lost it lies

In shades of ignorance and vice;
And darts from heav'n a vivid ray,

And changes midnight into day.
4. Shine, mighty God, with vigour shine

On this benighted heart of mine;
There be thy brighter beams reveald,

As in the Saviour's face beheld.
5. Thine image, on my soul impress'd,

In radiant lines shall stand confess'd;
While all my faculties unite
To praise the Lord who gives me light.

HYMN 195. L. M.
SURE the blest Comforter is nigh,

'Tis he sustains my fainting heart; Else would my hope for ever die,

And ev'ry cheering ray depart. 2. When some kind promise glads my soul,

Do I not find his healing voice The tempest of my fears control,

And bid my drooping pow'rs rejoice ? 3. What less than thine almighty word

Can raise my heart from earth and dust, And bid me cleave to thee, my Lord,

My life, my treasure, and my trust? 4. And when my cheerful hope can say,

“ I love my God and taste his grace;" Lord, is it not thy blissful ray,

Which brings this dawn of sacred peace? 5. Let thy kind Spirit in my heart

For ever dwell, O God of love ;
And light and heav'nly peace impart,

Sweet earnest of the joys above.

HYMN 196. 1. M. 1. A MIDST a world of hopes and fears,

A world of cares, and toils, and tears, Where foes alarm, and dangers threat,

And pleasures kill, and glories cheat : 2. Send down, O Lord ! a heav'nly ray

To guide me in the doubtful way;
And o’er me hold thy shield of pow'r,

To guard me in the dang’rvas hour. 3. Teach me the flatt ring paths to shun,

In which the thoughtless many run,
Who for a shade the substance miss,

And grasp their ruin in their bliss.
4. May never pleasure, wealth, or pride,

Allure my wand’ring soul aside ;
But thro' this maze of mortal ill,
Safe lead me to thy heav'nly hill,

HYMN 197. L. M. 1.

way s That, to my life's remotest day, By thy unerring precepts led,

My feet thy heav'nly paths may tread. 2. Inform’d by thee, with sacred awe

My heart shall meditate thy law;
And, with celestial wisdom fillid,

To thee a pure obedience yield.
S. Give me to know thy will aright,

Thy will, my glory and delight;
That, rais'd above the world, iny

In thee its highest good may find.
4.0 turn from vanity mine eye }

To me thy quick’ning strength supply s
And with thy promisd mercy cheer
A heart devoted to thy fear.

HYMN 198. c. M.
1. that the Lord would guide my ways,

To keep his statutes still !
o that my God would grant me grace,

To know and do his will !

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