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2. Order my footsteps by thy word,

And make my heart sincere ; Let sin have no dominion, Lord,

But keep my conscience clear. 3. Assise my soul, too apt to stray,

A stricter watch to keep;
And, should I e'er forget thy way,

Restore thy wand’ring sheep.
4. Make me to walk in thy commands;

'Tis a delightful road: Nor let my head, or heart, or hands,

Offend against my God.


HYMN 199. s. M. 1. BEHOLDthe morning sun

Begins his glorious way:
His beams through all the nations run,

And life and light convey. 2. But where the gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light;
It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight. 3. How perfect is thy word !

And all thy judgments just!
For ever sure thy promise, Lord,

And men securely trust.
4. My gracious God! how plain

Are thy directions givin!
O may I never read in vain,
But find the path to heav'n!

HYMN 200. P. M. 1. T love the volumes of thy word:

What light and joy those leaves afford To souls benighted and distrest !

Thy precepts guide my doubtful way;
Thy fear forbids my feet to stray;

Thy promise leads my heart to rest.
2. From the discov’ries of thy law,
The perfect rules of life I draw;

These are my study and delight:
Not honey so invites the taste,
Nor gold that hath the furnace past

Appears so pleasing to the sight. 3. Thy threat’nings wake my slumb’ring eyes, And warn me where my danger lies ;

But 'tis thy blessed gospel, Lord, That makes my guilty conscience clean, Converts my soul, subdues my sin,

And gives a free, but large reward.
4. Who knows the errors of his thoughts?
My God ! forgive my secret faults,

And from presumptuous sins restrain.
Accept my poor attempts of praise,
That I have read thy book of grace
And book of nature not in vain.

HYMN 201. s. M. 1. BEHOLD! the lofty sky

Declares its Maker God; And all his starry works on high

Proclaim his pow'r abroad. 2. The darkness and the light

Still keep their course the same; While night to day and day to night,

Divinely teach his name. 3. Ye Christian lands rejoice;

Here he reveals his word :
We are not left to nature's voice,

To bid us know the Lord. 4. His statutes and commands

Are set before our eyes;
He puts his gospel in our hands,

Where our salvation lies. 5. His laws are just and pure,

His truth without deceit,

His promises for ever sure,

And his rewards are great. 6. While of thy works 1 sing,

Thy glory to proclaim;
Accept the praise, my God, my King,
In my Redeemer's nanie.

HYMN 202. c. M. 1. LET all the heathen writers join,

U To form one perfect book: Great God ! if once eompar'd with thine,

How mean their writings look! 2. Not the most perfeet rules they gave

Could shew one sin forgiv'n, Nor lead a step beyond the grave:

But thine conduct to heav'n, 3. Lord, I have made thy word my choice,

My lasting heritage ;
There shall my noblest pow'rs rejoice,

My warmest thoughts engage. 4. I'll read the hist'ries of thy love,

And keep thy laws in sight, While through thy promises I rove

With ever fresh delight.
5. 'Tis a broad land of wealth unknowo,

Where springs of life arise,
Seeds of immortal bliss are sown,
And hidden glory lies.

HYMN 203. c. M.
ET av'rice borne from shore to shore,

Her fav’rite god pursue :
Thy word, O Lord, we value more

Than India or Peru. 2. Here mines of knowledge, love, and joy,

Are open'd to our sight;
The purest gold without alloy,

And gems divinely bright.
2. The counsels of medeeming grace

These sacred leaves unfold :

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And here the Saviour's lovely face

Our rapturd eyes behold.
4. Here light descending from above,

Directs our doubtful feet;
Here promises of heav'nly love

Our ardent wishes meet. 5. Our num'rous griefs are here redrest,

And all our wants supplied : 1,
Nought we can ask to make us blest

Is in this book denied.
6. For these inestimable gains,

That so enrich the mind,
O may we search with eager pains,
Assur'd that we shall find !

HYMN 204. C. M.
ATHER of mercies, in thy word

What endless glory shines !
For ever be thy name ador'd

For these celestial lines. 2. Here may the wretched sons of want

Exhaustless riches find;
Riches, above what earth can grant,

And lasting as the mind. 3. Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,

And yields a free repast;
Sublimer sweets than nature knows

Invite the longing taste. 4. Here the Redeemer's welcome voice

Spreads heav'nly peace around;
And life and everlasting joys

Attend the blissful sound.
5. O may these heav'nly pages be

My ever dear delight;
And still new beauties may I see,

And still increasing light!
6. Divine Instructer, gracious Lord!

Be thou for ever near ;
Teach me to love thy sacred word,
And view my Saviour there.



HYMN 205. L. M.
AR hence, each superstition vain,

Wild offspring of the human brain !
The truths, that fill thy hallow'd page,

My happier choice, great God! engage. 2. O ever faithful to thy word,

Do thou thy vital strength afford;
Thy help impart, eternal Sire !

Nor let my hope in shame expire. 3. Sustain'd by thy almighty aid,

What danger shall my soul invade?
Nor error's cloud, nor arts of sin
My soul from thy obedience win.

HYMN 206. C. M.
1. HOW precious is the book divine,

By inspiration givin!
Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine,

To guide our souls to heav'n.
2. It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts

In this dark vale of tears;
Life, light, and joy, it still imparts,

And quells our rising fears. 3. This lamp, through all the tedious night

Of life, shall guide our way, "Till we behold a clearer light Of an eternal day.

HYMN 207. c. M. 1. WHAT glory gilds the sacred page,

Majestic like the sun !
It gives a light to ev'ry age;

It gives, but borrows none.
2. The hand, that gave it, still supplies

His gracious light and heat.
His truths upon the nations rise ;

They rise, but never set.
3. Let everlasting thanks be thine,

For such a bright display,

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