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And days and hours with rapid flight Sweep cares and pleasures out of sight? 3. Arise, my thonghts ! my heart arise! Leave this vain world, and seek the skies: There joys for evermore shall last,

seasons, days, and hours are past. 4. Thy mercy, Lord, to me impart:

O raise my thoughtless, wand'ring heart
To pleasures perfect and sublime,

Unmeasurd by the wings of time.
5. Let those bright worlds of endless joy

My thoughts, my hopes, my cares employ.
No more, ye restless passions, roam :
God is my bliss, and heav'n my home.



HYMN 225. L. M. 1. MAN has a soul of vast desires ;

He burns within with restless fires.
Tost to and fro, his passions fly
From vanity to vanity.
2. In vain on earth we hope to find

Some solid good to fill the mind;
We try new pleasures, but we feel

The inward thirst and torment still. 3. So, when a raging fever burns,

We shift from side to side by turns;
And 'tis a poor relief we gain,

To change the place, but keep the pain, 4. Great God! subdue this vicious thirst,

This love to vanity and dust;
Cure the vile fever of the mind,
And feed our souls with joys refin’d,


HYMN 226. C. M. 1. WHEN in the light of faith divine

We look on things below; Honour, and gold, and sensual joy,

How vain and dangʻrous too! 2. Honour's a puff of noisy breath:

Yet men expose their blood, And venture everlasting death,

To gain that airy good, 3. Whilst others starve the nobler mind,

And feed on shining dust, They sacrifice eternal bliss

To mean and sordid lust. 4. The pleasures, which allure our sense,

Are dang’rous snares to souls: There's but a drop of flatt’ring sweet,

And dash'd with bitter bowls. 5. God is my all-sufficient good,

My portion and my choice;
In him my vast desires are fill’d,
And all my pow’rs rejoice.

HYMN 227. C. M.
1. SINNERS! the voice of God regard :

'Tis mercy speaks to-day ;
He calls you by his gracious word

From sin's destructive way.
2. Like the rough sea that cannot rest,

You live devoid of peace;
A thousand stings within your breast

Deprive your souls of ease.
3. Your way is dark, and learls to hell :

Why will you persevere?
Can you in frightful torments a well,

Shi up in black despair ?
4. Bow to the sceptre of his word,

Renouncing ev'ry sin ;
Submit to him your sov’reign Lord,

And learn his will divine.

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HYMN 228. L. M. 1. WHY will ye lavish out your years,

Amidst a thousand trifting cares ? While, in the various range of thought,

The one thing needful is forgot.
2. Why will ye chase the fleeting wind,

And famish an immortal mind;
While angels with regret look down,

To see you spurn a heav'nly crown? 3. Th' eternal God calls from above,

And Jesus pleads his dying love;
Awaken’d conscience gives you pain:

And shall they join their pleas in vain ? 4. Not so your dying eyes shall view

Those objects, which ye now pursue.
Not so shall heav'n and hell appear,

When the decisive hour is near.
5. Almighty God! thine aid impart,

To fix conviction on the heart.
Thy pow'r can clear the darkest eyes,
And make the haughtiest scorner wise.

HYMN 229. c. M. 1. How long shall dreams of creature-bliss.

Our flatt'ring hopes employ, And mock our fond deluded eyes

With visionary joy?
2. How wretched they, that leave the Lord

And from his word withdraw,
That lose his gospel from their sight

And wander from his law ! 3. O thou eternal'spring of good,

Whence living waters flow! Let not our thirsty erring souls

To broken cisterns go.
4. Like characters inscrib’d in dust,

Are sinners borne away ;
And all the treasures they can boast,

The portion of a day.


HYMN 230. c. M. 1.

shall against the Lord prevail ?

Or who presume to say, “ That righteous law, which God proclaims,

“ I dare to disobey ?” 2. Ten thousand actions ev'ry where

The impious language speak: Yet pow'r omnipotent stands by,

Nor do its thunders break.
3. But 0! the dreadful day draws near,

When God's avenging hand
Shall shew, if feeble mortals' breath,

Or God's uwn word shall stand.
. My soul, with rev’rence prostrate fall,

Before the voice divine;
And all thine intrest and thy pow'rs

To his commanı resign.
5. Let the vain sons of Belial boast,

Their tongues and thoughts are free:
My noblest liberty I own,
When subject most to thee.

HYMN 231. L. M. 1. A RISE, my tend’rest

thoughts, arise ; To torrents melt my streaming eyes 3 And thou, my heart, with anguish feel

Those evils which thou canst not heal. 2. See human nature sunk in shame;

See scandals pour'd on Jesus' name;
The Father wounded through the Son ;

The world abus'd, the soul undone. 3. My God! I feel the mournful scene;

My bowels yearn o’er dying men ;
And fain my pity would reclaim,

And snatch the firebrands from the flame, 4. But feeble my compassion proves,

And can but weep, where most it loves.
Thy own all-saving arm employ,.
And turn these drops of grief to joy.

HYMN 232. C. M. 1. INDULGENT God! witlı pitying eye

The sons of men survey.
Alas!' how thoughtless mortals sport,

In sin's destructive way!
2. Ten thousand dangers lurk around,

To bear them to the tomb: Each passing hour may place them where

Repentance cannot come. 3. Reclaim, O Lord ! their wand'ring minds,

Amus'd by airy dreams;
That heav'nly wisdom may dispel

Their visionary schemes.
4. Guide and direct them by thy word,

Their dang'rous state to see ;
That they may seek and find the path,
That leads to heav'n and thee.

HYMN 233. S, M. Evil effects of neglected education. 1. BEHOLD, O Israel's God!

From thine exalted throne,
And view the dang’rous state of those

Thou call'st to be thy own. 2. The children of thy flock,

By early cov’nant thine,
See, how they pour their bleeding souls,

On ev'ry idol's shrine ! 3. To indolence and pride

What piteous victims made !
Crush'd in their parent's fond embrace,

And by their love betray’d. 4. By pleasure's polish'd dart

What numbers here are slain !
What numbers there for slaughter bound

In Mame on's golden chain ! 5. O let thine arm awake

And dash the Idols down :
O call the captives of their pow'r,
Thy treasure and thy crown.

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