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6. Thee let the fathers own,

And thee the sons adore;
Join'd to the Lord by solemn vows,
To be forgot no more!

HYMN 234. S. M.
1. THE man is ever blest,

Who shuns the sinner's ways;
Amongst their councils never stands,

Nor takes the scorner's place;
2. But makes the law of God

His study and delight,
Amidst the labours of the day,

And watches of the night.
3. He like a tree shall thrive,

With waters near the root;
Fresh as the leaf his name shall live;

His works are heav'nly fruit.
4. Not so th' ungodly race,

They no such blessings find ;
Their hopes shall flee like empty chaff

Before the driving wind.
5. How will they bear to stand

Before that judgment-seat,
Where all the saints at Christ's right hand

In full assembly meet ?
6. He knows and he approves

The way the righteous go:
But sinners and their works shall meet
A dreadful overthrow.

HYMN 235. c. M.
1. OH! how my fears the dangers move,

That virtue's path inclose!
While I the wise pursuit approve,

Alas, what toils oppose !
2. For see ! ah see! while yet her ways

With doubtful step I tread,
A hostile world its terrors raise,

Its snares delusive spread.

3. Oh ! how shall I, with heart prepar'd,

Those terrors learn to meet;
How, from the thousand snares, to guard

And to restrain my feet?
4. But, why art thou cast down, my soul?

Say why, distrustful still,
Thy thoughts with vain impatience roll

O’er scenes of future ill!
5. Let faith suppress each rising fear,

Each anxious doubt exclude:
Thy Maker's will hath plac'd thee here,

T'hy Maker wise and good. 6. He to thy ev'ry trial knows

Its just restraints to give:
Attentive to behold thy woes,

And faithful to relieve. 7. Tho'griefs unnumber'd throng thee round,

Still in thy God confide;
Whose finger marks the seas their bound,
And curbs the rolling tide.

HYMN 236. L. M. 1. AWAKE, my soul ! lift


eyes ; See where thy foes against thee rise In long array, a num'rous host;

Awake, my soul ! or thou art lost.
2. Here giant danger threat'ning stands,

Must'ring his pale terrific bands ;
There pleasure's silken banners spread,

And willing souls are captive led. 3. See where rebellious passions rage,

And fierce desires and lusts engage;
The meanest foe of all the train

Has thousands and ten thousands slain. 4. Thou tread'st upon enchanted ground;

Perils and snares beset thee round:
Beware of all, guard ev'ry part,

But most, the traitor in thy heart. 5. Come then, my soul ! now learn to wield

The weight of thine immortal shield ;

Put on the armour from above

Of heav'nly truth and heav'nly love. 6. The terror and the charm repel,

And pow'rs of earth, and pow'rs of hell. Thy Lord and Captain triumph'd here: Why should his faithful foll'wers fear?

HYMN 237 C. M. 1. LORD; when iniquities abound,

And growing crimes appear; We view the deluge rising round,

With sorrow and with fear. 2. Yet, when its waves most fiercely beat,

And spread destruction wide; Thy spirit can a standard raise

To stem the roaring tide.
3. May thy triumphant arm awake,

Thy sacred cause to plead ;
And let the multitude confess,

That thou art God indeed.
4. O let thy grace dispose their hearts,

To bow before thy hand;
And let their stubborn necks be bent,

To own thy just command.
5. Our feeble souls do thou support;

In us thy pow'r display:
And multitudes shall strive in vain
To draw us from thy way.

HYMN 238. c. M.
HE Lord into his vineyard comes,

Our various fruit to see;
His eve, more piercing than the light,

Examines ev'ry tree.
2. Tremable ye sinners, at his frown,

If barren still ye stand;
And fear that keenly-v'ounding axe,

Which arms his awful hand. 3. Lord, we adore thy sparing love,

Thy long-expecting grace:

1. T

Else had we low in ruin fall’n,

And known no more our place.
4. Succeeding years thy patience waits;

Nor let it wait in vain :
But form in us abundant fruit,
And still this fruit maintain.

HYMN 239. L. M. 1. RAISE, thoughtless sinner, raise thine eye ;

There shall his justice be display'd,

And there thy hope and life be weigh’d. 2. See in one scale his perfect law;

Mark with what force its precepts draw:
Would'st thou the awful test sustain,

Thy works how light ! thy thoughts how yain! 3. Great God! exert thy pow'r to save;

Deep on the heart this truth engrave;
Disperse the mist from sinners' eyes,

And make the wretched triflers wise,
4. O let them seize the present day,

Nor risk salvation by delay;
And, while they tremble, let them flee,
And find their help, their life, in thee.


HYMN 240. L. M.
1. SHEW pity, Lord! 01.01d, forgive !

Let a repenting sinner live.
Are not thy mercies large and free?

May not the contrite trust in thee?
2. With shame my num’rous sins I trace

Against thy law, against thy grace;
And, though my pray’r thou shouldst not hear;
My doom is just, and thou art clear,

3. Yet save a penitent, O Lord!

Whose hope, still hov'ring round thy word, Seeks for some precious promise there,

Some sure support against despair. 4. My sins are great, but don't surpass

The riches of eternal grace.
Great God! thy nature hath no bound:

So let thy pard’ning love be found. 5. O wash my soul from ev'ry stain,

Nor let the guilt I mourn remain.
Give me to hear thy pard’ning voice,

And bid my bleeding heart rejoice.
6. Then shall thy love inspire my tongue;

Salvation shall be all my song;
And ev'ry pow'r shall join to bless
The Lord, my strength and righteousness.

HYMN 241. L. M.

thou that hear'st when sinners cry!

Though all my crimes before thee lie, Behold them not with angry look,

But blot their mem’ry from thy book. 2. Create my nature pure within,

And form my soul averse to sin:
Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart,

Nor hide thy presence from my heart. 3. I cannot live without thy light,

Cast out and banish'd from thy sight;
Thy holy joys, O God, restore,

And guard me that I fall no more. 4. A broken heart, my God, my King,

Is all the sacrifice I bring :
The God of grace will ne'er despise

A broken heart for sacrifice.
5. My soul lies humbled in the dust,

And owns thy dreadful sentence just:
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye,
And save the soul condemn'd to die.

HYMN 242. L. M. 1. OPERESS! With guilt, or grief, or care,

Great God! thy humble suppliants hear,

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