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2. Assist us, Lord, to act, to be,

What all thy sacred laws decree;
Worthy that intellectual flame,

Which from thy breathing spirit came. 3. No slaves to profit, shame, or fear,

O may our steadfast bosoms bear
The stamp of heav'n, an honest heart,

Above the mean disguise of art! 4. May our expanded souls disclaim

The narrow ew, the selfish aim;
But with a christian zeal embrace

Whate'er is friendly to our race.
5. O Father! grace and virtue grant;

No more we wish, no more we want.
To know, to serve thee, and to love,
Is peace below, is bliss above.

HYMN 280. L. M.
1. TH’uplifted eye, and bended knee,

Are but vain homage, Lord ! to thee, In vain our lips thy praise prolong,

The heart a stranger to the song.
2. Can rites, and forms, and flaming zeal

The breaches of thy precepts heal?
Or fasts and penance reconcile

Thy justice, and obtain thy smile?
3. The pure, the humble, contrite mind,

Sincere, and to thy will resign'd,
To thee a nobler offøring yields,

Than Sheba's groves, or Sharon's fields. 4. Love God and man:--this great command

Doth on eternal pillars stand.
This did thine ancient prophets teach,
This did the great Messiah preach.

HYMN 281. L. M. 1. HADI the tongues of Greeks and Jews,

And nobler speech than angels use;
If love be absent, I am found,
Like tinkling brass, an empty sound.

2. Were I inspir'd to preach and tell All that is done in heav'n and hell, Or could my faith the world remove,

Still I am nothing without love. 3. Should I distribute all my store,

To feed the bowels of the poor;
Or give my body to the flame,

To gain a martyr's glorious name: 4. If love to God, and love to men

Be absent, all my hopes are vain;
Nor tongues, nor gifts, nor fiery zeal
The work of love can e'er fulfil.

HYMN 282. c. M..
1. 'THOU art my portion, O my God!

way My heart makes haste t’ obey thy word,

And suffers no delay. 2. I choose the path of heav'nly truth,

And glory in my choice ; Not all the riches of the earth

Could make me so rejoice. 3. The testimonies of thy grace

I set before mine eyes;
Thence I derive my daily strength,

And there my comfort lies.
4. Whene'er I wander from thy path,

I think upon my ways;
Then turn my feet to thy commands,

And trust thy pard’ning grace. 5. Now I am thine, for ever thine :

O save thy servant, Lord !
T'hou art my shield, my hiding place ;

My hope is in thy word.
6. Thou hast inclin'd this heart of mine

Thy statutes to fulfil ;
And thus, 'till mortal life shall end,
Would I perform thy will.

HYMN 283. C. M.-
HILST sinners, who presume to bear
The Christian's sacred name,

1. W

Throw up the reins to ev'ry lust,

And glory in their shame :
2. Ye saints, preserv'd in Christ and call’d,

Detest their impious ways,
And on the basis of your faith

An heav'nly temple raise.
3. Upon the Spirit's promis'd aid

Depend from day to day;
And, whilst he breathes his quick’ning grace,

Adore, and praise, and pray.
4. Preserve unquench'd your love to God,

And let the flame arise,
And higher and still higher blaze,

"Till it ascends the skies.
5. With a transporting joy expect

The grace your Lord shall give,
When all his saints shall from his hands
Their crowns of life receive.

HYMN 284. C. M.
BLEST are the undefild in heart,

Whose ways are right and clean ;
Who never from thy law depart,

But fly from cv'ry sin.
2. Blest are the men that keep thy word,

And practise thy commands;
With their whole heart they seek the Lord,

And serve thce with their hands.
3. Great is their peace, who love thy law 3

How firm their souls abide !
Nor can a bold temptation draw

Their steady feet aside.
4. Then shall my heart have inward joy,

And keep my face from shame,
When all thy statutes I obey,
And honour all thy name.

HYMN 285. L. Mi
LESS'D are the humble souls, who see

1. :


Treasures of grace to them are giv'n,

And crowns of joy laid up in heav'n. 2. Bless'd are the men of broken heart,

Who mourn for sin with inward smart; For them divine compassion flows,


A healing balm for all their woes.
3. Bless'd are the meek, who stand afar

From rage and passion, noise and war:
God will secure their peaceful state,

And plead their cause against the great.
4. Bless'd are the souls, who thirst for grace,

Hunger and long for righteousness:
They shall be well supplied and fed

With living streams and living bread. 5. Bless'd are the men, whose hearts still more

And melt with sympathy and love;
They shall themselves from God obtain

Like sympathy and love again. 6. Bless'd are the pure, whose hearts are clean

From the defiling pow'r of sin:
With endless pleasure they shall see

A God of spotless purity.
7. Bless'd are the men of peaceful life,

Who quench the coals of growing strife:
They shall be call'd the heirs of bliss,

The sons of God, the God of peace.
8. Bless?d are the suff'rers who partake

Of pain and shame for Jesus' sake :
Their souls shall triumph in the Lord,
Glory and joy are their reward.

HYMN 286 L. M.
OST thou my worthless name record,

Free of thy holy city, Lord ?
Am I, a sinner, call’d to share

The precious privileges there?
2. Art thou my King, my Father styl’d ?

Am I thy servant and thy child ?"
Whilst wretehed millions draw their breath
In lands of ignorance and death.


3. Shall I receive this grace in vain ?

Shall I my great vocation stain?
Away, ye works in darkness wrought !

Away each sensual, wanton thought ! 4. My soul, I charge thee to excel

In thinking right and acting well.
Deep let thy searching pow’rs engage,

Unbiass'd in the sacred páge. 5. Strong, and more strong, thy passions rule,

Advancing still in virtue's school;
Contending still, with noble strife,
To imitate thy Saviour's life.,

HYMN 287. L. M.
· A!

H wretched souls, who strive in vain,

Slaves to the world, and slaves to sin ! A nobler toil may I sustain,

A nobler satisfaction win. 2. I would resolve with all my heart,

With all my pow'rs to serve the Lord; Nor from his precepts e’er depart,

Whose service is a rich reward. 3. O be his service all my joy!

Around let iny example shine ;
Till others love the blest employ,

And join in labours so divine. 4. Be this the purpose of my soul,

My solemn, my determin'd choice,
To yield to his supreme control.

And in his kind commands rejoice. · 5. O may I never faint nor tire,

Nor wander from thy sacred ways.
Great God ! accept my soul's desire,
And give me strength to live thy praise.

HYMN 288. L. M.
WAKE, our souls! away our fears !

gone. Awake, and run the heav'nly race,

And put a cheerful courage on.

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