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May ev'ry painful stroke fulfil

The purposes of faithful love! 4. O may this weak, this fainting mind

A Father's hand adoring see;
Confess thee just, and wise, and kind,
And trust thy word, and cleave to thee!

HYMN 323. s. M.
THEN overwhelm'd with grief,

My heart within me dies ;
Helpless, and far from all relief,

To heav'n I lift mine eyes. 2. O lead me to the rock

That's high above my head ; And make the covert of thy wings,

My shelter and my shade. 3. Within thy presence, Lord!

For ever I'll abide:
Thou art the tow'r of my defence,

The refuge where I hide. 4. Thou givest me the lot

Of those that fear thy name. If endless life be their reward, I chall possess the same.

HYMN 324. L. M. 1. COURAGE, my soul! while God is near,

What enemy hast thou to fear? How canst thou want a sure defence,

Whose refuge is omnipotence ?
2. Tho' thickest dangers crowd my way,

My God can chase my fears away :
My steadfast heart on him relies,

And all those dangers still defies. 3. Tho' billows after billows roll,

To overwhelm my sinking soul;
Firm as a rock my faith shall stand,

Upheld by God's almighty hand. 4. In life, his presence is my aid ;

In death, 'twill guide me thro' the shade ;
Chase all my rising fears away,
And turn my darkness into day.


HYMN 325. s. M. 1. · IMPOSTURE shrinks from light,

eye: But christian truths the test invite,

They bid us search and try. 2. A meek inquiring mind,

Lord, help us to maintain :
That growing knowledge we may find,

And growing virtue gain. 3. With understanding bless'd,

Created to be free,
Our faith on man we dare not rest,

Subject to none but thee. 4. Lord, give the light we need

With soundest knowledge fill;
From noxious error guard our creed,

From prejudice our will. 5. The truth thou shalt impart,

May we with firmness own;
Abhorring each evasive art,
And fearing thee alone.

HYMN 326. L. M.
WAKE, my soul ! rouse ev'ry pow'r;

Thy christian dignity display:
Let lust and passion reign no more; -

No longer own their lawless sway. 2. Thy temper meek and humble be,

Content and pleas'd with ev'ry state;
From dire revenge and envy free,

And wild ambition to be great. 3. Confine thy roving appetites;

From this vain world withdraw thine eyes; Fix them on those divine delights,

Which angels taste above the skies.

1. A

4. With eager zeal pursue the prize ;

Each feeting hour of life improve: This course will speak thee truly wise, And raise thee to the world above.

HYMN 327. L. M. 1. Thou, whose scales the mountains weigh!

Whose will the raging seas obey! Thou, who canst boist’rous winds control!

Subdue the tumults of my soul. 2. May I with equal mind sustain

My lot of pleasure and of pain ;
May joys and sorrows gently flow,

Nor rise too high, nor sink too low.' 3. Do thou my passions, Lord, restrain,

And in my soul unrivall'd reign.
Then, with whatever loads oppress'd,

Centred in thee, my soul shall rest. 4.0 when shall my still wav'ring mind

This sweetest self-possession find!
Fountain of joy! I long to see
In thee my peace, my heav'n in thee!

HYMN 328. C. M.
'tis a lovely thing to see

A man of prudent heart,
Whose thoughts and lips and life agree

To act an useful part.
2. When envy, strife, and war begin

In little angry souls;
Mark, how the sons of peace come in

And quench the kindling coals.
3. Their minds are humble, mild, and meek;

No furious passions rise;
Nor malice moves their lips to speak,

Nor pride exalts their eyes.
4. Their lives are prudence mix'd with love;

Good works employ their day;
They join the serpent with the dove,
But cast the sting away.


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5. Such was the Saviour of mankind;

Such pleasures he pursu'd ;
His manners gentle and refin’d.
His soul divinely good.

HYMN 329. L. M.
TARK! when tempestuous winds arise,

The wild confusion and uproar;
All ocean mixing with the skies,

And wrecks are dash'd upon the shore. 2. Not less confusion racks the mind,

By its own fierce ideas tost;
Calm reason is to rage resign'd,

And in the whirl of passion lost. 3. O self-tormenting child of pride,

Anger, bred up in hate and strife
Ten thousand ills, by thee supply'd,

Mingle the cup of bitter life,
4. Happy the meek, whose gentle breast,

Clear as the summer's ev’ning lay,
Calm as the regions of the blest,

Enjoys on earth celestial day! 5. No friendships broke their bosom's sting,

No jars their peaceful tent invade;
Secure beneath th' almighty wing,

And, foes to none, of none afraid. 6. Spirit of grace, all meek and mild !

Inspire our hearts, our souls possess ;
Repel each passion rude and wild,
And bless us as we aim to bless.

HYMN 330. P, M. 1. IF solid happiness we prize,

Within our breasts this jewel lies ; And they are fools who roam. The world has little to bestow : From our own selves our joys must flow;

Our bliss begins at home. 2. We'll therefore relish with content Whate'er kind providence has sent,

Nor aim beyond our pow'r:

And if our store of wealth be small,
With thankful heart improve it all,

Nor waste the present hour.
3. To be resign'd, when ills betide,
Patient, when favours are denied,

And pleas'd with favours giv'n: This is the wise, the virtuous part; This is that incense of the heart,

Whose fragrance reaches heav'n. 4. Thus thro' life's changing scenes we'll go ; Its chequer'd paths of joy and wo

With cautious steps we'll tread; Quit its vain scenes without a tear, Without a trouble or a fear,

And mingle with the dead :
5. While conscience, like a faithful friend,
Shall thro' the gloomy vale attend,

And cheer our dying breath ;
Shall, when all other comforts cease,
Like a kind angel, whisper peace,
And smooth the bed of death.

HYMN 331. C. M.
MY gracious God, accept my prayor

If e'er thy love divine
Should prosper my well-meaning care

And wealth should e'er be inine: 2. May humble worth without a fear

Approach my open door;
Nor may I ever view a tear,

Regardless, from the poor.
3. O bless me with an honest mind,

Above all selfish ends; Humanely warm to all mankind,

And cordial to my friends.
4. Thee in remembrance may I bear,

To thee my tribute raise;
Conclude each day with fervent pray'r,

And wake each morn with praise. 5. Thus through my life may I approve

The gratitude I owe;

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