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And share at length thy bliss above,
Whose laws I keep below!

HYMN 332. L. M. 1. WHEREFORE should man, frail child of clay,

Who, from the cradle to the shroud, Lives but the insect of a day,

O why should mortal man be proud ? 2. His brightest visions just appear,

Then vanish, and no more are found: The stateliest pile his pride can rear,

A breath may level with the ground. 3. By doubts perplex'd in error lost,

With trembling step he seeks his way : How vain of wisdom's gift the boast !

Of reason's lamp how faint the ray! 4. Follies and crimes, a countless sum,

Are crowded in life's little span: How ill, alas, does pride become

That erring, guilty creature, man! 5. God of my life ! Father divine !

Give me a meek and lowly mind; In modest worth O let me shine, And peace in humble virtue find.

HYMN 333. L. M. 1. OFT have I turn’d my eye within,

And brought to light some latent sin ; But pride, the vice I most detest,

Still lurks securely in my breast.
2. She hides my follies from mine eyes,

And lifts my virtues to the skies ;
And, while the specious tale she tells,

Her own deformity conceals.
3. Rend, O my God! the veil away ;
Bring forth the monster to the day ;
Expose her hideous form to view,

And all her restless pow'r subdue. 4. So shall humility divine

Again possess this heart of mine;

And form a temple for my God,
Which he will make his lov'd abode.

HYMN 334. L. M. 1. THE man, whose firm and equal mind

To solid glory is inclin'd, Determin'd will his path pursue,

And keep the godlike prize in view. 2. His calm, undaunted, manly breast,

Of virtue, honour, truth possest,
Will stem the torrent of the age,

And fearless tread this mortal stage. 3. Amidst th' assailing ills of life,

Pride, passion, malice, envy, strife,
He'll act his part without disguise,

Intrepid, gen?rous, just, and wise. 4. In conscious rectitude secure,

This man unshaken shall endure
Of human woes the num'rous train,

Oppressiou, bondage, sickness, pain. 5. And when, at last, th' eternal Pow'r

Shall fix th’ irrevocable hour,
That solemn hour which none can fly,

Since 'tis decreed that all 'must die : 6. Conscious of sov'reign merey near,

Its voice shall banish ev'ry fear;
While faith and hope in joys to come
Waft him to realms beyond the tomb.

HYMN 335. L. M. 1. My God! permit me not to be

A stranger to myself and thee;
Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove,

Forgetful of my highest love. 2. Why should my passions mix with earth,

And thus debase my heav'nly birth?
Why should I cleave to things below,

And let my God, my Father, go ?
3. Cail me away from flesh and sense ;

Thy gracious word can draw me thence.

I would obey the voice divine,

And all inferior joys resign.
4. Be earth, with all her cares, withdrawn;
Let noise and vanity be gone:
In secret silence of the mind,
My heav'n, and there my God, I find.

HYMN 336. L. M.
RETURN, my roving heart, return,

And chase these shadowy forms no more ; Seek out some solitude to mourn,

And thy forsaken God implore.
2. Wisdom and pleasure dwell at home;

Retir'd and silent seek them there :
This is the way to overcome,

The way to break the tempter's snare. 3. And thou, my God, whose piercing eye

Distinct surveys each deep recess, In these abstracted hours draw nigh,

And with thy presence fill the place. 4. Through all the mazes of my heart,

My search let heav'nly wisdom guide ; And still its radiant beams impart,

'Till all be search'd and purified. 5. Then with the visits of thy love

Vouchsafe my inmost soul to cheer; "Till ev'ry grace shall join to prove,

That God hath fix'd his dwelling there.



HYMN 337. L. M.
IF high or low our station be,

Of noble or ignoble name;
By uncorrupted honesty,
Thy blessings, Lord, we'll humbly claim.


2. Enrich'd with that, no want we'll fear,

Thy providence shall be our trust. Thou wilt supply our portion here,

Thou friend and guardian of the just! 3. Oh ! may we, with sincere delight,

To all the task of daty pay ; Tender of ev'ry social right,

Obedient to thy lawful sway! 4. Such virtue thou wilt not forget

In that blest world, where virtue shares A fit reward ; though not of debt But what thy boundless grace prepares.

HYMN 338. c. M. 1. COME let us search our ways and try ;

Have they been just and right? Is the great rule of equity

Our practice and delight ? 2. What we would have our neighbour dog

Have we still done the same? From others ne'er withheld the due,

Which we from others claim ?
3. Have we ne'er envied others' good,

Nor envied others' praise ;
In no man's path' malignant stood,

Nor us'd detraction's ways ?
4. Have we not, deaf to his request,

Turn'd from another's wo? The scorn, which rings the suff’rer's breast,

Have we abhorr'd to shew?
5. Then may we raise our modest pray'r

To God, the just and kind;
May humbly cast on him our care,

And hope his grace to find.
6. Religion's path they never trod,

Who equity contemn;
Nor ever are they just to God,
Who prove nnjust to men.

HYMN 339. L. M. 1.0

God, my Saviour, and my King,
Of al! I have or hope the spring!

Send down thy spirit from above,

And warm my heart with holy love. 2. May I from ev'ry act abstain,

That gives another grief or pain;
Still may I feel my heart inclin'd,

To be the friend of all mankind. 3. With pity let my breast o'erflow,

When I behold a brother's wo;
And bear a sympathising part,

Whene'er I meet a wounded heart. 4. And let my neighbour's prosp'rous state

A mutual joy in me create ;
His virtuous triumph let me join ;

His peace and happiness be mine. 5. Yea, though my neighbour's hate I prove,

Still let me vanquish hate with love; Slow to resent, though he would grieve,

But always ready to forgive.
6. Let love through all my conduct shine,

An image fair, though faint, of thine ;
Let me thy humble foll’wer prove,
Father of men, great God of love!

HYMN 340. C. M.
ET Pharisees of high esteem

Their faith and zeal declare :
All their religion is a dream,

If love be wanting there. 2. Love suffers long with patient eye,

Nor is provokid in haste; She lets the present inj’ry die,

And long forgets the past. 3. Malice and rage, those fires of hell,,

She quenches with her tongue ; Hopes and believes and thinks no ill,

Tho’she endures the wrong.
4. She ne'er desires, nor seeks to know

The scandals of the time;
Nor looks with pride on those below,

Nor envies those that climb.

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