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5. She lays her own advantage by,

To seek her neighbours' good.
So God's own Son came down to die,

And save us by his blood.
6. Love is the grace that keeps her pow'r

In all the realms above ; There faith and hope are known no more, But saints for ever love.

HYMN 841. L. M. 1. BLEST is the

man, whose heart is kind And melts with pity to the poor; Who with a sympathising mind,

Feels what his fellow-men endure. 2. His heart contrives for their relief

More good than his own hands can do: He in the time of gen’ral grief

Shall find, the Lord hath pity too. 3. This man shall live secure on earth,

With secret blessings on his head; Though sword, or pestilence, or dearth,

Around him multiply their dead. 4. Or, if with mortal suff'rings try'd,

Suff'rings shall all his soul refine ;
Sweet hope his refuge shall provide,
And minister a bliss divine.

HYMN 342. P. M.
ATHER of our feeble race,

Wise, beneficent, and kind!
Spread o'er nature's ample face,

Flows thy goodness unconfin'd. Musing in the silent grove,

Or the busy walks of men, Still we trace thy wondrous love,

Claiming large returns again. 2. Lord, what off’ring shall we bring,

At thine altars when we bow? Hearts, the pure unsullied spring,

Whence the kind affections flow

1. F4

Soft compassion's feeling soul,

By the melting eye express'd;
Sympathy, at whose control

Sorrow leaves the tortur'd breast; 3. Willing hands to lead the blind,

Bind the wound, or feed the poor;
Love, embracing all our kind;

Charity, with lib'ral store.
Teach us, 0 thou heav'nly King,

Thus to show our grateful mind;
Thus th’accepted oftpring bring,
Love to thee and all mankind.

IIYMN 343. c. M. 1. BRIGHT source of everlasting love !

To thee our souls we raise ; And to thy matchless bounty rear

A monument of praise. 2. Thy merey gilds the path of life

With ev'ry cheering ray ; Kindly restrains the rising tear,

Or wipes that tear away. 3. When, sunk in guilt, our race approach'd

The borders of despair; Thy grace through Jesus' blood proclaim'd

Å free salvation near.
4. What shall we render, bounteous Lord,

For all the grace we see?
Alas! the goodness worms can yield

Extendeth not to thee.
5. To tents of wo, to beds of pain,

Our cheerful feet repair;
And, with the gifts thy hand bestows,

Relieve the mourners there.
6. The widow's heart shall sing for joy ;

The orphan shall be glad ;
And hung ring souls we'll gladly point

To Christ the living bread.
7. Thus, passing through this vale of tears,
Our useful light shall shine ;

And others learn to glorify
Our Father's name divine.

HYMN 344. L. M. 1.0

what stupendous mercy shines

Around the majesty of heav'n! Rebels he deigns to call his sons,

Their souls renew'd, their sins forgiv'n. 2. Go, imitate the grace divine,

The grace that blazes like a sun ; Hold forth your fair, though feeble light,

Through all your lives let mercy run. 3. Upon your bounty's willing wings,

Swift let the needed blessings fly; The hungry feed, the naked clothe,

To pain and sickness help apply. 4. Pity the weeping widow's wo,

And be her counsellor and stay, Adopt the fatherless, and smooth

To useful, happy life his way. 5. Let age with want and weakness bow'd

Your mercy and compassion move ;
Let e’en your enemies be bless'd,
Their hatred recompens'd with love.

HYMN 345. L. M.
REAT God! whilst I thy love admire,

Grant me to catch the sacred fire: Thus shall my heav'nly birth be known, - And as thy child thou wilt me own. 2. Father, I see thy sun arise,

To cheer thy friends and enemies :
And when from heav'n thy rain descends,

Thy bounty both alike befriends.
3. Enlarge my soul with love like thine;

My mortal pow'rs by grace refine:
So shall I feel another's wo,

And freely feed a hungry foe.
4. I hope for pardon, through thy Son,

For all the crimes which I have donc;


Then may the grace, that pardons me,
Constrain me to forgive like thee.

HYMN 346. S. M.
1. BEHOLD, where, breathing love,

Our dying Master stands?
His weeping foll’wers, gath’ring round,

Receive his last commands. 2. From that mild Saviour's lips

What tender accents fell!
The gentle precept, which he gave,

Became its author well.
3. Blest is the man, whose heart

Feels all another's pain;
To whom the supplicating eye

Was never rais'd in vain ;
4. Whose breast expands with warmth,

A stranger's wo to feel,
And bleeds in pity o'er the wound

He wants the pow'r to heal. 5. To offices of love

His feet are never slow :
He views through mercy's melting eye

A brother in a foe.
6. Peace from his Father God,

My peace to him I give;
And, when he kneels before the throne,

His trembling soul shall live. 7. To him shall grace be shewn;

And mercy from above
Descend on those, who thus fulfil
The perfect law of love.

HYMN 847. c. M. 1. DAUGHTERS of pity, tune the lay ;

To mourners joy belongs ;
While he, that wipes al tears away,

Accepts our thankful songs.
2. No altars smokę, no off rings bleed,

No guiltless lives expire ;

To help a brother in his need,

Is all our rites require.
3. Our off'ring is a willing mind

To comfort the distrest;
In others' good our own we find,

In others' blessing blest. 4. Go to the pillow of disease,

Where night gives no repose, And on the cheek, where sickness preys,

Bid health to plant a rose.
5. Go where the friendless stranger lies;

To perish is his doom :
Snatch from the grave his closing eyes,

And bring his člessing home.
6. Thus, what our heav'nly Father gave,

Shall we as freely give:
Thus copy him, who liv'd to save,
And died that we might live.

HYMN 348. C. M.

Charity or Sunday school. 1. BLEST is the man whose heart expands

At melting pity's call,
And the rich blessings of whose hands -

Like heav'nly manna fall.
2. Be ours the bliss in wisdom's way

To guide untutor'l youth,
And lead the mind that went astray,

To virtue and to truth.
5. Children our kind protection claim ;

And God will well approve,
When infants learn to lisp his name,

And their Creator love.
3. Delightful work, young souls to win,

And turn the rising race
From the deceitful paths of sin,

To seek redeeming grace!
5. Almighty God ! thy influence shed,

To aid this good design:
The honours of thy name be spread,

And all the glory thine.

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