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By his incessant bounty fed,

By his unerring counsel led.
3. With grateful hearts the past we own ;

The future, all to us unknown,
We to thy guardian-care commit,

And peaceful, leave before thy feet. 4. In scenes exalted or depress'd,

Be thou our joy, and thou our rest :
Thy goodness all our hopes shall raise,

Ador'd through all our changing days. 5. When death shall interrupt our songs,

And seal in silence mortal tongues ;
Our helper, God, in whom we trust,
In better worlds our souls shall boast.

HYMN 410. L. M.
1. GOD of our lives! thy constant care

With blessings crowns each op'ning year. These lives, so frail, dost thou prolong,

And wake anew our annnal song. 2. How many precious souls are fled

To the dark regions of the dead,
Since from this day, the changing sun

Through his last yearly course has run! 3. We yet survive: but who can say,

Or through the year, or month, or day,
I shall retain my vital breath,

Thus far at least in league with death? 4. That breath is thine, eternal God !

Tis thine to fix the soul's abode.
We hold our lives from thee alone,

On earth, or in the world unknown. 5. To thee we all our pow'rs resign;

Make us and own us still as thine :
Then shall we smile, secure from fear,

Though death should blast the rising year. 6. Thy children, eager to be gone,

Bid time's impetuous tide roll on,
And land them on that blooming shore
Where years and death are known no more.

HYMN 411. c. M.
1. REMARK, my soul ! the narrow bounds

Of the revolving year.
How swift the weeks complete their rounds!

How short the months appear!
2. So fast eternity comes on,

And that important day,
When all that mortal life has done

God's judgment shall survey.
3. Yet like an idle tale we pass

The swift advancing year;
And study artful ways t’increase

The speed of its career.
4. Waken, O God! my trifling heart,

Its great concern to see ;
That I may act the christian part,

And give the year to thee.
5. Thus shall their course more grateful run,

If future years arise
And bear me swift as time can move,

To joy that never dies.

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HYMN 412. L. M.

PRAISE, happy land.! Jehovah's name ;

His goodness, and thy bliss proclaim.
For thee each blessing largely flows,

That freedom's lib’ral hand bestows.
2. Thy children are secure and blest;

Thy shores have peace, thy cities rest :
He feeds thy sons with finest wheat,

And adds his blessing to their meat.
3. Thy changing seasons he ordains,

Thine early and thy latter rains ;

Ilis flakes of snow like wool he sends,

And well the springing corn defends. 4. But he hath nobler works and ways,

To call his people to his praise :
To all our land his laws are shown;
His gospel's through the nation known.

HYMN 413 P. M.
1. How rich thy gifts, Almighty King!

From thee our varied comforts spring : Th' extended trade, the fruitful skies, The blessings liberty bestows, Th'eternal joys the gospel shows.

All from thy boundless goodness rise. 2. Here commerce spreads the wealthy store, That pours from ev'ry foreign shore;

Science and art their charms display:
Religion teaches us to raise
Our voices to our Maker's praise,

As truth and conscience point the way. 3. With grateful hearts, with joyful tongues, To God we raise united songs ;

His pow'r and mercy we proclaim: This land through ev'ry age shall own, Jehovah here has fix'd his throne,

And triumph in his mighty name. 4. Long as the moon her course shal! run, Or man behold the circling sun,

O still may God amidst us reign: Crown our just counsels with success, With peace and joy our borders bless, And all our sacred rights maintain.

HYMN 414. C. M.

National security from God. 1. IN vain opposing nations rage,

One word of his dissolves their strength,

And humbles all their pride.
2. His wisdom sees correction meet;
He gives the dread command,

And war its desolation spreads

Through ev'ry trembling land,
3. His purpose wrought, again he speaks,

And desolations cease;
War's loud alarms are heard no more,

And all the world is peace.
4. Mortals, adore his sov'reign pow'r,

Nor dare provoke his rod :
Through all your various tribes be still,
And know that he is God.

HYMN 415. L. M.

In time of war. 1. WHILE sounds of war are heard around,

And death and ruin strew the ground; To thee we look, on thee we call,

The Parent and the Lord of all.
%. Thou, who hast stamp'd on human kind

The image of a heav'n-born mind,
And in a Father's wide embrace
Hast cherish'd all the kindred race :
3.0 see, with what insatiate rage
Thy sons their impious battles wage ;
How spreads destruction like a flood,

And brothers shed their brothers' blood, 4. See guilty passions spring to birth

And deeds of hell deform the earth;
Whilst righteousness and justice mourn,

And love and pity droop forlorn. 5. Great God! whose powr'ful hand can bind

The raging waves, the furious wind :
O bid the human tempest cease,

And hush the madd’ning world to peace, 6. With rev'rence may each hostile land

Hear and obey that high command, Thy Son's blest errand from above :“My creatures, live in mutual love !"

HYMN 416. S. M. 1. GOD, to correct the world,

In wrath is slow to rise ;

But comes at length, in thunder cloth’d,

And darkness veils the skies. 2. His banners, lifted high,

The nations' God declare, And stain'd with blood, with terrors mark’d,

Spread wonder and despair. 3. All earthly pomp and pride

Are in his presence lost; Empires o’erturn'd, thrones, sceptres, crowns

In wild confusion tost.
4. While war and wo prevail,

And desolation wide;
In God, the sov'reign Lord of all,

The righteous still confide. 5. Mysterious is the course

Or his tremendous way:
His path is in the trackless winds,

And in the foaming sea.
6. Yet, though now wrapt in clouds,

And from our view conceal’d,
The righteous Judge will soon appear,

In majesty reveal'd !
.7. He'll curb the lawless pow'r,

The deadly wrath of man;
And all the windings will unfold

Of his own gracious plan. 8. The sons of tyranny

In ruin shall be hurl'd;
And light, and liberty, and bliss,
Embrace the new-born world.

HYMN 417. L. M. 1.

behold a scene of dread!

Behold a world with slaughter spread!
And know, 'tis God who bids each land

Thus feel the terrors of his hand. 2. 'Tis his again the earth to cheer,

To break the bow, to snap the spear,
To wrap in flames the glittring car,
And hush the tumult of the war.

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