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3. Behold us, Lord ! oppress'd with wo,

As exil'd from thy care we go :
Rebuk'd for sin, chastis'd by thee,

Grant us again thy face to see.
4. O thou, the God whom we adore !

Our breaches heal, our peace restore.
Our hope, on man repos'd in vain,

O let thy strength, great God! sustain. 5. The objects of thy tend'rest love

O save, propitious from above !
Let us with them thy mercy share;
And hear, O hear our ceaseless pray’r.

HYMN 418. L. M.
1. feel thy 'awful chast’ning rod,

Thy sov?reign justice we adore;
Yet we approach thy feet, 1 God,

Thy boundless mercy to implore. 2. Teach us to mourn for all our guilt;

May reformation fill the land; No more may buman blood be spilt,

But love and joy each heart expand. 3. To thee, O Lord, to thee alone,

We look for help, while drown'd in tears. Send down salvation from thy throne;

Subdue our hearts, remove our fears; 4. Unite our souls to trust thy grace;

Portentous, angry clouds dispel;
Let party-feuds no more have place,

Nor tongues be “ set on fire of hell," 5. May the kind spirit of thy Son

Preside and rule in ev'ry soul :
That wars may cease, thy will be done,
And praise resound from pole to pole.

HYMN 419. C. M. Prayer for victory over invading foes. 1. O Lord, our fathers oft have told,

In our attentive ears,
Thy wonders in their days perform’d,

And in' more ancient years.

2. 'Twas not their courage, nor their sword

To them salvation gave; 'Twas not their number, nor their strength,

That did their country save. 3. But thy right hand, thy pow'rful arm;

Whose succour they implor'd; Thy providence protected those,

Who thy great name ador’d. 4. As thee, their God, our fathers own'd,

So thou art still our King. Otherefore, as thou did'st to them,

To us deliv'rance bring.
5. To thee, the glory we'll ascribe,

From whom salvation came;
In God our shield we will rejoice,
And ever bless thy name.

HYMN 420. L. M. 1. NOW may the God of grace and pow'r

Attend his people's humble cry; Defend them in the needful hour,

And send deliv'rance from on high. 2. In his salvation is our hope;

And in the name of Israel's God, Our troops shall lift their banners up,

Our navies spread their flags abroad. 3. Some trust in horses train’d for war,

And some of chariots make their boasts; Our surest expectations are

From thee, the Lord of heav'nly hosts. 4. Now save us, Lord, from slavish fear;

Now let our hope be firm and strong; 'Till thy salvation shall appear, And hymns of peace conclude our song.

HYMN 421. L. M.

Public Humiliation. 1. GREAT framer of unnumberd worlds,

And whom unnumber'd worlds adore ! Thy goodness all thy creatures share,

And nature trembles at thy pow'r.

2. While suppliant crowds implore thine aid,

To thee we raise the humble cry: Thine altar is the contrite heart;

Thine incense a repentant sigh. 3. Bat if injustice grind the poor,

Or av'rice stain the sordid hand, Or stern ambition thirst for blood,

Or rude oppression waste the land: 4. The God, who hears the orphan's cry,

The martyr's pray’r, and pris'ner's groan, Still listning to the poor opprest,

Would spurn th’oppressor from his throne. 5. Yet, though enormous crimes abound,

Should but a genuine sorrow rise; And as new troubles threaten round

'Midst wasting wars and angry skies. 6. Should, in her sober hour, our land

Confess thy hand and bless the rod:
Thou still wouldst love to be her friend,
Who lov'd to own thee as her God.

HYMN 422, c. M.
1. WHEN Abrah’m, full of sacred awe,

Before Jehovah stood,
And with an humble fervent pray’r,

For guilty Sodom sued :
2. With what success, what wondrous grace,

Was his petition crown'd!
The Lord would spare, if in this place

Ten righteous men were found. 3. And could a single pious soul

So rich a boon obtain ?
Good God! and shall a nation cry,

And plead with thee in vain ?
4. Are not the righteous dear to thee

Now, as in ancient times ;
Or does this sinful land exceed

Gomorrah in her crimes !
5. Still we are thine, we bear thy name;

Here yet is thine abode.

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Long has thy presence blest our land:

Forsake us not, O God!
6.0 may our people, rulers, priests,

Thy choicest blessings share;
And know thee by that glorious name,
“ The God who heareth pray’r!”

HYMN 423. c. M.
1. THY gracious favour, Lord : display,
And, for thy wondrous mercips sake,

Thy wonted aid afford.
2. God's answer patiently I'll wait ;

For he, with glad success,
If they no more to folly turn,

His mourning saints will bless. 3. To all, that fear his holy name,

His sure salvation's near;
And in its former happy state,

Our nation shall appear. 4. Truth from the earth shall spring, whilst heav'n

Shall streams of justice pour;
And God, from whom all blessings flow,
Shall endless plenty show'r.

HYMN 424. L. M.
Praise for deliverance and peace.
PRAISE to the Lord, who bows his ear

Propitious to his people's pray’r;
And, though deliv'rance long delay,

Answers in his well chosen day. 2. Salvation doth to God belong;

His pow'r and grace shall be our song:
The tribute of our love we bring
To thee our Saviour and our King.
3. Our temples, guarded from the flame,

Shall echo thy triumphant name;
And ev'ry peaceful private home

To thee a temple shall become. 4. Still be it our supreme delight,

To walk as in thy honour'd sight;

Still in thy precepts and thy fear,

'Till life's last hour, to persevere.
5. O when shall time the period bring,

When peace shall stretch her balmy wing
O’er ev'ry land and ev'ry shore,
And raging war shall waste no more!

HYMN 425. L. M. 1.

Had not the Lord maintain'd our side,
When men, to make our lives a prey,

Rose like the swelling of the tide;
2. The swelling tide had stopt our breath,

So fiercely did the billows roll :
We had been swallow'd up in death;

The waters had o'erwhelm'd our soul. 3. For ever blessed be the Lord,

Who broke the fowler's deadly snare;
Who sav'd us from the threat'ning sword,

And made our lives his watchful care. 4. Our help is in Jehovah's name,

Who form’d the earth and built the skies;
Who still upholds all nature's frame,
And guards his church with wakeful eyes.

HYMN 426. P. M.
row let our songs address the God of peace,

Who bids the tumult of the battle cease; The pointed spears to pruning hooks he bends, And the broad falchion in the ploughi-share ends. His pow’rful word unites contending nations

In kind embrace and friendly salutations.
2. While we beneath our vines and fig-trees sit,

Or thus within thy sacred temple meet,
Accept, great God! the tribute of our song,
And all the mercies of this day prolong.
Then spread thy peacefu! word thro' ev'ry nation,
That all the earth may bail thy great salvation.

HYMN 427. C. M.
1. PEACE! the welcome sound proclaim ;

Dwell with rapture on the theme.

1. NO

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