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Loud, still louder swell the strain :

Peace on earth! good-will to men! 2. Breezes! whisp'ring soft and low,

Gently murmur as ye blow,
Now, when war and discord cease,

Praises to the God of peace. 3. Ocean's billows ! far and wide,

Rolling in majestic pride!
Loud, still louder swell the strain :

Peace on earth! good-will to men! 4. Vocal songsters of the grove!

Sweetly chant in notes of love,
Now, when war and discord cease,

Praises to the God of peace.
5. Mortals who these blessings feel!

Christians who before him kneel!
Loud, still louder swell the strain :
Peace on earth! good-will to men!

1. A


HYMN 428. L. M.
On opening a new place of worship.
ND will the great eternal God

On earth establish his abode ?
And will he from his radiant throne

Regard our temples as his own ?
2. We bring the tribute of our praise:

And sing that condescending grace,
Which to our notes will lend an ear,

And call us sinful mortals near.
3. Our Father's watchful care we bless,

Which guards our house of pray’r in peace,
That no tumultuous foes invade,

To fill the worshippers with dread. 4. These walls we to thy honour raise :

Long may they echo with thy praise;
And thou, descending, fill the place
With choicest tokens of thy grace.

5. And in the great decisive day,

When God the nations shall survey,
May it before the world appear,
That crowds were born to glory here!

'HYMN 429. P. M. 1. IN sweet exalted strains

The King of glory praise :
O'er heav'n and earth he reigns,

Through everlasting days.
He with a nod the world controls,

Sustains cr sinks the distant poles. 2. To earth he bends his throne,

His throne of grace divine ; Wide is his bounty known,

And wide his glories shine. Fair Salem, still his chosen rest,

Is with his smiles and presence blest. 3. Then King of glory! come;

And with thy favour crown
This temple as thy dome,

This people as thy own.
Within this house 0 deign to show,

How God can dwell with men below. 4. Here'may thine ears attend

Our interceding cries,
And grateful praise ascend

All fragrant to the skies.
Here may thy word melodious sound,

And spread the joys of heav'n around. 5. Here may th' attentive throng

Imbibe thy truth and love;
And converts join the song

Of Seraphim above;
And willing crowds surround thy board,

With sacred joy and sweet accord. 6. In peace, here may our sons

And daughters sound thy praise :
And shine like polish'd stones,

Through long succeeding days.
Here, Lord ! display thy saving pow'r,
Wbile churches stand and saints adore,

HYMN 430. L. M. At the ordination or settlement of a Minister. 1.

CHUS spake the Saviour, when he sent

His ministers to preach his word;
They through the world obedient went,

And spread the gospel of their Lord. 2. “ Go forth, ye heralds, in my name ;

Bid the whole earth my grace receive ;
The gospel Jubilee proclaim,

And call them to repent and live. 3." The joyful news to all impart,

And teach them where salvation lies;
Bind up the broken bleeding heart,

And wipe the tear from weeping eyes. 4.“ Be wise as serpents where you go,

But harmless as the peaceful dove; And let your heav'n-taught conduct show,

· That you're commission'd from above. 5.“ Freely from me ye have receiv'd;

Freely in love to others give:
Thus shall your doctrines be believ’d,

And by your labour sinners live.” 6. Happy those servants of the Lord,

Who thus their Master's will obey !
How rich, how full is their reward,
Reserv'd until the final day!

HYMN 481. I.. M.
REAT Lord of angels! we adore

The grace that builds thy courts below;
And ’midst ten thousand sons of light,

Stoops to regard whạt mortals do! 2. Amidst the wastes of time and death,

Successive pastors thou dost raise,
Thy kingdom and thy truth to spread,

And form a people for thy praise.
3. At length, dismiss'd from feeble clay,

Thy servants join th' angelic band,
With them through distant worlds they fly,

With them before thy presence stand.

1. G

4. O blest employment! glorious hope !

Sweet lenitive of grief and care!
When shall we reach those radiant courts,

And all their joys and honours share ?
5. Yet while these labours we pursue,

Tho' distant from thy heav'nly throne,
Give us a zeal and love like theirs,
And half their heav'n shall here be known.

HYMN 432. L. M.
On the dangerous sickness of a Minister.
1. Thou, before whose gracious throne,

Thou know'st the anxious cares we feel,

And all our trembling lips would tell.
2. Avert thy desolating stroke,

Nor smite the shepherd of the flock;
Restore him, sinking to the grave;

Stretch out thine arm, make haste to save.
3. But if our supplications fail,

And pray’rs and tears cannot prevail :
Be thou his strength, be thou his stay ;

Support him through the gloomy way.
4. Around him may thy angels stand,

Waiting the signal of thy hand,
To bid his happy spirit rise,
And bear him to their native skies.

HYMN 438. c. M. For a vacant congregation on the death of its Ministe 1. Now.let our drooping hearts revive,

And let our tears be dry:
Why should those eyes be drown'd in grief,

Which view a Saviour nigh?
2. Though earthly shepherds dwell in dust,

The aged the young;
The watchful eye in darkness clos',

And mute th’ instructive tongue :
3. Th’eternal shepherd still survives,

New comfort to impart.

His hand still guides us, and his voice

Still animates our heart.
4. The pow'rs of nature, Lord ! are thine,
And thine the aids of

Thine arm has borne thy churches up,

Through ev'ry rising race.
5. Exert thy sacred influ’nce here;

Thy mourning servants bless.
O change to strains of cheerful praise

Their accents of distress.


HYMN 434. c. M.
CONSIDER all my sorrows, Lord!

And thy deliv'rance send.
My soul for thy saļvation faints;

When will my troubles end ?
2. Yet I have found, 'tis good for me

To bear my Father's rod :
Afflictions make me learn thy law,

And live upon my God.
3. This is the comfort I enjoy,

When new distress begins ;
I read thy word, I run thy ways,

And hate my former sins.
4. Had not thy word been my delight,

When earthly joys were fled ;
My soul oppress’d with sorrow's weight,

Had sunk amongst the dead.
5. I know, thy judgments, Lord! are right,

Though they may seem severe.
The sharpest suff'rings I endure
Flow from thy faithful care.

HYMN 435. s. M.
1. PEACE, my complaining heart !

Ye husy cares, be still !
Adore the just, the sov’reign Lord,
Nor marmur at his will.

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